tube amps with El 34s your favorites ??

Just wondering, what EL34 based tube amps stick out in your mind as being musical, fun to listen to etc...any, old, doesn't matter...any thoughts ?
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I hold a special place in my heart for the Conrad Johnson CAV 50. Coupled with the Totem Model 1 signatures, it delivers a beautiful, organic, fast, wide soundstage and lush sound. Works wonders with acoustic material and voices. I understand it is out of production but still can be found second hand (audiogon).
Dynaco Mk4, Dynaco Stereo 70, Wolcott Presence 220 mono's, AirTight ATM-3, VTL MB125 to name a few.

The EL34 tube has been a favorite of audiophiles for about half a century. Many fine amp designs with this tube find their way into music lovers systems.
Conrad Johnson MV-55, this is one musical amp, wonderful midrange. I simply can't bring myself to sell it, so it continues to wander between the main system and bedroom systems.
I'm right now listening to a fantastic sounding EL34 based custom pushpull amp made by Deja Vu Audio. It's easily one of the best amps I've ever heard!
Warm, rich, lush, and oh yes, musical EL34's - Conrad Johnson

Never listened but those Canary big EL34 monoblocks looks sweet.
My VTL MB-125's are wonderful. They do everything I can ask for... Smooth and rich but detailed and defined. Great soundstaging and depth... then there's always the triode switch for the added evening relaxation mood. Completely reliable, stable (and easy) bias adjustment... Simply a pleasure to live with and a great value. A winner!
Eico HF-89 - although I am currently running my modded version with TS 6550s in triode mode. It did sound very good with the Mullard xf2s that came with the amp; but alas one of them gave up the ghost after one week of use and the EH EL34s that I had lying around sounded like crap in it.
While I had it in my system the Cary V12i was a nice sounding EL-34 based tube amp. You could also experiment with other output tubes as well.
I loved my Air Tight ATM1 and now have the ATM3s. Haven't found an amp, nor am I looking to change....

The CJ MV50 sticks out as an amp which had the traditional el34 sound.

I have also used my JC Verider AudioBloc with EL34 and been very happy.

I would like to try a Lectron LH30 and Jadis Ja30 as well.
Wolcott P220 Monos. Eight EL34's per side, 220 watts, and some of the best bass I have ever heard.
Just a small correction.
Lectron JH-50 uses EL-34 tubes.
JH-30 uses EL-84 tubes.
Grant Lumley, and TVA 10 were 2 British faves.Drove Quads,and VR 4,with more power than you would have imagined.
Second 711smilin on the Dodd's....I just got the Dodd 120's and they are really something special....
Another CJ MV-55 here.I was asked once to sell it but turned it down.Good sound indeed.It will stay in my room.
Dynaco ST-80, new release by PANOR with vintage Groove Tubes. The tubes may be worth as much as the amp and worth every penny! You won't get more detail out of an EL34 bases amp. Switchable triode/ultralinear makes it feel like 2 amps in one also.
Arthursmuck, put some mullard metal base in along with 2 tungsol 5687, and an e182cc amperex in middle. Thank me in the morning(even w/o the mullards, these driver tube arrangement=heaven
How exactly do the Dodd 120s measure up to your ss Cary monoblocks?? Looking for details here, TIA!
The Dodd's are just better by a bit in every category. The big differentiators being soundstage width, depth, placement and separation. They also have plenty of power and haven't run out of steam on anything yet, which was my main concern going from such high powered mono's. All that said, the Cary's are still wonderful and I would recommend them in a heartbeat for someone who wants to stay SS, but enjoys the tube type of signature sound.
I have an old pair of Trimax EL34s.These were Australian Broadcasting Commission monitoring amps from the 60s.The transformer quality in these is legendary.These are very modern sounding amps with fantastic bass.I believe they use one of the classic Mullard designs.Output is 23 watts.
I have compared these to a few SET amps and they sounded much better.

I second the Arpege, but I wouldn't buy one again. I used to own this amplifier. It is in my opinion in the top 2 or 3 of many that I have owned. HOWEVER the following reasons make me stay away from it. For one thing, dealers are almost non-existent, and those who are still left have some issues with the distributor. He does not let them offer any discounting whatsoever, not even a dollar ! Secondly, if you need service - good luck! I once waited a long long time to get a simple reply from the distributor (my dealer had dropped the line) because I wanted some ''premium priced'' ''Audiomat approved'' tubes (sure). I just put in tubes from Upscale Audio and it was just dandy. Overall, this amplifier IS nice, and I was a bargain five years ago. However, they are getting greedy on pricing and I feel you can do better for the price of the Arpege if you buy it new ( and do LOT better with other amps if the newer outrageously expensive Opera amplifier is considered). On the used market, the Arpege remains a good deal as resale market is usually pretty low (good for us, but bad for the original owner who bought it full retail- the only way to fly with Mutine). Well made, good-sound, no service. You decide. In all honesty, I did enjoy mine and it IS a good-sounding unit and a good looker too. I was wondering, is ANYONE paying FULL RETAIL for anything audio here as far as amps and preamps are concerned?
Just gotta chime in here. Canary Audio CA 160 is the best hands-down EL34 amp I've heard. Sweet like a VTL and with the same dynamic drive, but much more open and transparent, with tighter and deeper bass and airier highs.
Depends what speakers you're driving, as always... amp and speakers are a system, as Art Dudley memorably pointed out in Stereophile a few issues back.

That said, I really love my Radford STA-15, driving Quad ESLs.
Opera-Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks with some tube rolling will compete with amplifiers costing twice its original $4000 price tag.
It represents good value in today's very competitive market.
This amplifier has the refinement as well as muscle to drive almost any speakers you can imagine.

One of the best amps coming from the "East".
The Consonance M100 Plus. I used to own a CJ MV55 but didn't care for its dry sound. This little Consonance however, despite its humble beginnings, is totally amazing. I like it way better than the CJ in terms of detail, dynamics, and soundstaging. It is really an amazing little amp - and it sells for super cheap!

Eastern Electric M520, based on the Mullard design of 40-50 years ago....early freeware as it were. I've tried Mullard fx2's, but the Ei 6ca7 sounds best in it. YMMV