1000.00 speakers

  that you can listen to all day  and not get tired
Important info from OP's last $700 thread (slightly altered)...

"live in a house, 10 by 16 room listening  space, NAD pre and Crown amp class D, Music Hall 5.3 turntable, but things change and now looking up to 1000.00 "

There is a pair of Vandersteen 2CE Sigs on Audiocircle for $799 and that would be your best bet if you can give them a little breathing room in the rear. 
There is a pair of Alon II's listed here for $900, but shipping is $300.

Older model (maybe 20+ years), but a nice big open sound.

They are not difficult to place, though they do take some effort as the mid/high drivers are open @ the back (dipole).


After we hear about $1000 speakers, will we see posts for $1300, then $1600, ad infinitum? 

Is Omega still operating? Their website indicated all sold out and the email contact provided did not work.
yes hide45' but only if the wife  shells out a bit more again. thanks for all the info , speakers price  have went up a lot compared to when i bought  my last pair, and moneys tight  these days.  iam still on the hunt  goin to go look  thanks   again  
Depends on the listener. Fritz has won msny great reviews and pricing is very realistic
@mapman Omega very much alive and well - thriving, really, from what I understand.  Louis just moved the operation into a bigger, more updated facility.

The “sold out” stuff you saw on the site was probably from the in-stock selection Louis periodically posts as “buy now” units. Most Omega production is to order.

I can’t explain the lack of response to your email, I know Louis to be highly responsive. Maybe it is related to the recent move or he is overwhelmed with order volume at the moment.
It’s not that I did not get a response. The email address at the link provided on the site did not work. So I never even got a message through.
found a deal Martin Logan Motion® 20,350-00 off each speaker at crutchfield         thanks  for all the info        crash