3 Albums To Be Stranded With On A Desert Island

If you were limited to only 3 albums to listen to for a very long, long time ... like if you were stranded on a desert island with a solar powered or hand crank music player .... what would they be?  Only 3 selections please!

My 3 would be the following:
Keith Jarrett Trio - The Cure
Weather Report - 8:30
Steely Dan - A Decade of Steely Dan

What would yours be?

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Dude, so many to bring!

  This is a rough list, as moosehead is thinking for me now.

  Dark Angel- darkness descends
  robin trower - bridge if sighs
  the cure-disintegration

  Tomorrow, or sober it may be totally different, maybe.


 onslaught - the force
 venom- black metal
 Boston -s/t


  kreator - pleasure to kill
  Tesla- mechanical resonance
  Slayer - hell awaits

 I’m sorry, there’s waaaaay to many to choose three.

too many I love.

 This is a bogus question.
 Like jays, no one can listen to just 3
Schubert Symphonies 5 and 8.  Otto Klemperer.  Philharmonia Orchestra. On Angel.
David Bowie.  Ziggy Stardust.
Mahler.  Des Knaben Wunderhorn.  Felix Prohaska.  On Vanguard.

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Hall and Oates - War Babies
Squeeze - East Side Story
Stan Getz - Blue Skies

Of course that list of faves would change with my mood every day...
I think the real question is, will Gilligan ruin the cartridge?

my list for now, (subject to change in a few minutes)

Roger Waters-Radio KAOS
David and David-Boomtown
Renaissance-Live at Carnegie Hall

that should get me thru the first night
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Captain Beefheart:                                        Trout Mask Replica                                         Lick My Decals Off Baby                               Clear Spot                                                       
@theo , Gilligan will for sure damage the cart, so the question would be, is the Professor there to repair it with a coconut? Enjoy the music, three albums at a time.
As a fellow Steely Dan fan, i think your "Decade" disk dodges the hard question! Which Steely disc that's not a compilation would you choose? (I know, unkind.)
I would go with 3 different masterings/pressings of the same album in order that I could compare them to one another.

The specific album chosen would be immaterial.

"Kind of Blue" -- Miles Davis
"Hats" -- The Blue Nile
"Achtung Baby" -- U2

I'd choose that trio not because I believe that they are the greatest albums ever made -- though each, in its own individual way, surely is  pretty great -- but because I've listened to those records more than any others over these many years. My thinking: If I keep on reaching for them when I've got so many choices available, maybe I'd not get sick of them on the desert island.

If not those three, then a subscription to Qobuz.

-- Howard

Maybe that is how I should have framed the topic in the first place ...
what are the 3 albums you reach for the most.
When I first owned "Achtung Baby," I would generally play it first thing in the morning, most every day, and then again when I got home from work. And maybe another time if I was around. I did this literally for months. Eventually, of course, I put it on a shelf. But not for long. All these years later, I still love it, from start to finish. Spun the double vinyl just a couple of weeks back.

I've also played "Kind of Blue" and "Hats" more times than I could possibly count. Always, with each, as a complete album, from the start to the end.

-- Howard

I would pick 3 double albums. That way I would have twice as much music to listen to.
Joni Mitchell-Hejira
Rodrigo y  Gabriela-early stuff
Alison Krauss-Paper Airplane
Still, I'd like to trade it in for something else after a few years...

Hot Rats - FZ
Made In Japan - DP
The Doors - The Doors

(Trout Mask Replica - CB,  but it doesn't make the cut.)
Alice In Chains "MTV Unplugged"
Tragically Hip "Up To Here"
JJ Johnson "Concepts In Blue"



Joni Mitchell-Hejira +1
Great album.

My others would be:

Pat Martino - Starbright
The Youngbloods - Elephant Mountain 

Joni Mitchell, yes of course, but it would have to be "Blue", got me through my teenage angst years, more or less in one piece.

Blue Nile, but "I walk across the rooftops"

Puccini La Boheme, only if it's the Beecham Version with Jossi Bjorling and Vittoria De Los Angeles.

 When she enters in the first Act, it's really like an angel has entered the room.

If I could have just one more it would be Martin Simpson's "Solid Air"

Roxy54, Sorry, yes, of course John Martyn. Put it down to an elderly memory lapse.
Great question!

1. 100% agree with Ozzy62 on Alice in Chains Unplugged.
2. Pearl Jam - Vs.
3.  Radiohead - OKComputer