A good power conditionner with tube amps ?

I'm on the way for a good conditionner or regenerator for my system. At that time I tried 2 : Isotek (but not the Titan witch is said dedicated for amps) and PS audio PPP.
Both of them work fine for front gear but they erased dynamics of my ATM 3 tube mono amps (115 watt).

Do you think equi=tech can do a better job and maybe can eradicate ou minus my hum trouble on analog ?

Tahnk you

I get good results with a $200 Monster Power strip I've used for several years. Its an inexpensive option to try that makes a clear difference that can be heard. I have finicky ears when it comes to clean sound and I haven;t convinced myself I need anything more at this point.
Try a PowerVar. Mine has worked wonderfully with Atma-sphere M60 monoblocks. It was a noticeable sonic change over the older model API I was using.
I don't believe there's a power conditioner that won't diminish dynamics to some extent when used on amps. Not just my experience, read the threads, this has been gone over many times before. IMO, power conditioners are for everything BUT the amplifier.
I'm very happy with an Exact Power ep15a, no dynamic squash, power is kept at a steady voltage and tubes no longer drift...great product.
I have to agree with Sns......IMO If you want to do something for your amps consider D-Lines, good wall outlets and power cords. Many find dealing with the ac part of the system can be most rewarding. Happy Listening!
"Not just my experience, read the threads, this has been gone over many times before. IMO, power conditioners are for everything BUT the amplifier."

This is not intuitive to me.

How or why does it negatively affect the amplifier's sound?
Mapman, I did state all the PCs I've tried diminish dynamics to some extent. This is heard as a rounding of transients, often very subtle, the music loses just a bit of life. While it sounds smoother, I'm just a bit bored. Take the PC back out and I'm engaged.

As for why. I suspect the transformer based PCs lose through all the additional wire in the transformer windings (and capacitors on AC outlets). I suspect others lose through additional capacitors, resistors and other circuitry in AC path. All these additonal components also color the sound to some extent. I've played around quite extensively with different capacitors, they all have their own sound. My own BPT 3.5 Sig. now offers the option of V-Caps on AC outlets, I'm sure it changes the sound, something I plan on investigating very soon.

I've even found the the minimalist AC filtering of two caps in series on AC outlet to color tonality and restrict dynamics on various amps. In a perfect world there would be no need for AC conditioning, unfortunately, my AC is so dirty the plusses outweigh the minuses for my front end equipment.

Dynamic needs for front end equipment is much lower than for amps, ie. not as impacted in this regard (although I've heard some argue they hear front end components dynamically restricted by PCs) I like the BPT as it is the least colored I've tried.
Check out the the power strip which improves sound at
To my ears, it actually enhances the listening experience, even including perception of transient speed and dynamics on the tube amps with which it has been paired.
Like some of this company's other offerings, there is a fragile physical quality which necessitates taking a bit of care with this fine product.
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hi sns:

which conditioners have you found that softened the sound the most ?

my experience with the adept response is just the opposite, namely that it adds focus and makes the presentation somewhat analytical.
Tahnk you everybody for your answers.

Somebody for speaking about their own experiences with Equi=tech son of the Q 2. Do you think it would be good and enough for my system ?
I took my power amp off my power strip yesterday as an experiment.

I did not hear any improvement or really even a clearly noticeable difference.

Interestingly, my Musical Fidelity A3CR continued playing without distortion a good 10 seconds or more after I unplugged it, which was pretty interesting.

Made me think that maybe some amps are designed to buffer power and decouple from the power supply as much as possible which might reduce the benefit of conditioning perhaps.
No conditioners for my amps.
Tried quite a fee....did not like it. No benefits - non. YMMV.

Benefits of power conditioning with power amps may be debatable or even non-existent, but the benefits clearly exists with other low power level components IMHO.
Mrtennis, I've tried all the previous line of PS Audio products, Chang Lightspeed, BPT, all Shunyatas with exception of V Ray, Audience Adept, various Bybee, caps on AC outlets, may have forgotten a few.

I would say the Shunyata Hydra 4 impacted the dynamics the least. And yes, I found some conditioners colored in the way you described. The Hydra 8 was just the opposite, warm and somewhat soft focused, I suspect the FeSi.

The BPT is least colored PC I've heard in my system.

Barbapapa, I've heard good things about the Equi-tech, transformer based, same as BPT. I like the BPT products because of build quality and Plitron transformers, quite unique design in the 3.5 line. Still, in your price range the Son should be a good choice.

Mapman, yes, the better filtering power supply should benefit less from PC.
I'm happy with a few carefully placed Alan Maher Power Enhancers
....In MY system these made a big difference.
I had a look at BPT and it seems to best Shunyata Audience; RGPC, PS Audio...
I think I'll try one, but I'm still thinking about Acoustic Revive (not yet here in Europe with Shuko).
Did somebody made a comparison ?

tubes really respond to steady power and that's why I use an Exact Power 15A...they don't drift and this will extend my tube and equipment life
I sent 2 messages to BPT. No response yet. Do you think they don't sell to Europe ?
No one has mentioned RSA Haley or Jaco? You better add RSA on your list IMO.
BPT not always good on emails. Contact Wally at Underwood hifi, will give you all the info you need on BPT.
Thanks everybody for your help. I read great comments on Audio Magic, Acoustic Revive and CSE too (has anyone experienced with CSE ?)
At that time no one of these 3 is imported in Europe (I live in France).
Acoustic Revive is present here but has not the Shuko version of the RTP disponible yet.
Mapman- Your power amp will continue to produce sound until the power supply filter caps discharge fully. I've had excellent results with my Audio Magic Stealth XXX, Cary SLM-100s(tubed mains) and Hafler TransNova 9505(SS woofer amp).
I have established a contact with Jerry. I don't really understand the difference between the NEXUS and ECLIPSE 2. I understand the NEXUS has acrylic casing and the ECLIPSE 2 : filter matching. What about their respective performances and prices ?
I haven't yet chosen the model I want : does somebody has experience with ECLIPSE 2, NEXUS, TRANSCENDANCE or ORACLE here ?
In my final investigation, I heard of Lessloss Firewall and after chatting with Louis Motek and some customers who already have one, I decided to buy one. I have not received it yet.
I think I'll let you know in a few weeks (very long burning in) what it sounds like in my system.
Barbapapa, did they offer the review price? For 5k it should knock your socks off. I am surprised I have not seen a formal review here yet. It was great seeing all those nice reviews on there power cords. That helped me sell them without taking a lessloss.
No they didn't offer the "review price". I received it a week ago and it is still burning in, but it knock my socks a bit more each day.

I don`t have tubes but I highly recommend Running Springs Audio. Non coloring and non current limiting. I use the Duke and Danielle in my system with no problems.