Advice on phono pre

Looking to upgrade my phono section, and seeking some guidance.
Have a VPI HW jr, TNT platter, SAMA, SDS, JMW 10 with a New Zepher 2 cartridge.
I'm considering the Parasound JC3+ and the LKV 2-SB, at the moment.
Any suggestions/guidance as to a preference and why?
Looking to get a VPI Prime very soon , if that would make a difference.
Currently using a Simaudio LP3.5.
You show an ARC LS-15 as your line stage. Why not get a full function preamp like an Aesthetix Janus and upgrade both components, instead of just 1?
In December, I got a Van Alstine phono preamp. It is both MM/MC, and it sounds great.
I posted a review of it over on Audiocircle, in the AVA section
I did a phono stage shoot out a few years ago. One of the units was the SimAudio Moon LP5.3. I found that the optional, outboard power supply made a HUGE difference with this model. Do you have or have you tried this? IMHO, it's mandatory to get the most out of LP5.3.
Check out Quicksilver Audio! I have the older model and I think it is outstanding ! IMO,nothing like tubes in a phono preamp.
I"m actually looking at phono pre's too. Not fond of the JC3+ in the systems I've heard them in compared to comparable or lower priced units. That's just me. I still think that you can't go wrong with Audio Research or Aesthetix right now. I haven't loved many of the hyped units out there for some reason. I have been wondering about Whest PS30 RDT if anyone has info. thanks
Need to upgrade my system info. Have a ref 3 preamp now. Would be interested in the sim power supply but can't get one to listen to as I'm rather far from a dealer.
Your system list shows that you have a high output cartridge. Are you planning on using a low output in the future, or are you going to stay with what you have?
SMc Audio upgrade to any existing McCormack phono capable product. What's great about this is, pay for what you can afford and if its enough - your done. If you get the itch later, SMc can continue to improve your sound for again, whatever you can afford. Steve knows audio and you will be very happy.
You will get as many different opinions as you do answers. So I will throw my hat in the ring with the K&K Audio Maxxed Out phono stage. I am a big fan of Kevin Carter's work and this phono preamp is a real stand out. There was a recent review in the press (positive feedback, IIRC) and lots of happy owners who have posted about it.

That is a tough question. I will probably try a MC in the future,
as I'm coming from a ZYX Yatra HO.For now, tho, the Sound-smith is what I'm going to use. It's new,still breaking in...
I've been using a Herron VTPH-2 for a while. I haven't heard anything as good, nothing better. Prior to the VTPH-2, I was using a VTPH-1mc. It was excellent, but not up to the VTPH-2. As I said, I haven't heard anything as good as a VTPH-2.

The VTPH-2 has an advantage of being "cartridge output neutral" since it has inputs for high output carts as well as low output carts.

Did I mention that I haven't heard any phono stage as good as a VTPH-2?

Herron Audio is very easy to work with and has an outstanding product line. Herron Audio would be on my very short list of manufacturers to use.

On the table side, have you listened to a Classic 2 or Classic 3? And I understand the 3D arm on the Classic 3 is a combination very hard to beat (though pricier than the Prime).

If a product sounds right, it doesn't have to be tubes, nor does it have to be SS. I listened to one of the best sounding systems I've ever heard today and it was all SS. I've had tubes as well as SS. It's all about making music.
Pbnaudio - you wouldn't have a conflict of interest with the B2B-1 would you?
Don't we all have conflicts? We all love what we love. I agree that audio pro's should let us know who they are, but if anyone asks what do you recommend, many will just post what they personally own even if they have' been out in the last few months to listen to a lot of products. I have no problem saying I like something that I don't own as do many others, but in the end it's all about listening for ourselves anyway.
The information provided indicated that PBN (Pbnaudio?) is the manufacturer of the B2B-1 unit.

There's no conflict of interest my post clearly indicates that I'm the maker of the Liberty B2B-1, the OP can then just check the links provided and make up his / her own mind.

Good listening

But you're promoting your own products. That is a clear conflict of interest. You should only be here to offer technical support advice like Jon Carr instead of hawking your products.

Shameful self-interest.

The OP was asking for advise on phono preamps - the ones he listed fit within the realm of the one, among many others, I make, the Liberty B2B -1, it is my job to make sure that folks like the OP is aware of my product offerings.

In addition I certainly do offer plenty of advise on many different topics not related to what I produce. So please get of your high horse, my post is clearly in line with the regulations on this and other web fora.

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As Pbnaudio openly disclosed his affiliation, the OP can surely make up his own mind. Harping about it adds nothing of value to the OP's quest.

No affiliation, don't even know him, etc.
" it is my job to make sure that folks like the OP is aware of my product offerings. "

That is what the buy/sell section of this site is for. Not so much the forums. Is it breatking the rules? Maybe not. Is it in poor taste? Probably.......

Doug, there is no disclosure in this thread. The conflict of interest seems to be supported in this thread. If you are responsible for policing the threads, you can see for yourself the obvious and blatant conflict.
"03-23-15: Bpoletti
Doug, there is no disclosure in this thread."

"03-20-15: Pbnaudio
Liberty B2B-1Liberty B2B-1...

From its maker
Good Listening

"From its maker" is adequate disclosure for me.

I encourage you to read my entire post, there is full disclosure that I do make these, the 5 line down from the top of the only 7 line long post including sign off.

Good Listening

It appears more that you are saying the articles are from the maker, not that you're self-promoting. But you're still promoting your own products. That's completely unethical on a forum like this. I don't think I would ever do business with someone like you.

Why is it more "ethical" to use your own words for you to write glowingly about someone else product than for me to give information about one of the products that I make.

In this case you promote the Herron Phono Pre, which you have done on many many occasions, spreading countless superlatives within your text. As an excellent example of this read your original post above.

I'm sure it is an excellent product. However, if this forum is to be a place of information, and please note that the OP was directly asking about alternatives to the two he already have in consideration, then a post by me that unlike yours did not include any superlatives about the unit, rather links to more information and reviews about the unit, is in order. This way the OP has one more option to look at. Also please remember that just because you prefer one product does not constitute that all other products should be excluded form consideration.

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I don't have a financial interest in Herron Audio components. You have a FINANCIAL INTEREST. That's the difference. I can describe what I hear honestly and without FINANCIAL INTEREST in the business, just an enjoyment of music.

I can own any components I want. I choose Herron because I have not heard better. I have not excluded or attacked comments from others who own (but TTBOMK do not have a FINANCIAL INTEREST) other components. I listen and learn. I'm often motivated to listen to other components that people WITHOUT FINANCIAL INTEREST seem to like.

Can you honestly say that you don't promote your components?
FWIW my opinion is that I see nothing whatsoever wrong or unethical with Peter calling attention to his own products, in his invariably understated (as opposed to over-the-top) manner, and given that he invariably accompanies those mentions with a manufacturer disclosure. In fact, given that his mentions of his products can be presumed to often be useful information not only to the OPs but also to others who may read the threads, while also of course potentially being of some benefit to his business, I fail to see how these kinds of posts can be viewed as anything other than mutually beneficial "win-wins."

-- Al
Wow, the guy clearly stated who he was. No issue here. If he acted as if he had no affiliation with said product and then preceded to push it, well then you have a point. Clearly not what happened. I have never heard his phono and am not looking to replace my excisting unit. I find it informative to here from manufactures directly. Does not make me buy it. Interesting reading. Who knows what you may learn. Insight! ✌️
"03-23-15: Bpoletti
But you're promoting your own products. That is a clear conflict of interest. You should only be here to offer technical support advice like Jon Carr instead of hawking your products.

Shameful self-interest."

Since when is it unethical to promote your own product? As long as he complies with AG's rules I don't see why it would be a problem. It's no different than if he were to place an ad in Stereophile. You have to go after the business somehow.
"It's no different than if he were to place an ad in Stereophile."

Ah, excuse me. He does have to actually pay for the ad in $phile......

Leave Peter alone. He makes a very fine phono stage, I had one and decided I wanted tubes instead. Offering options is what this is about and there was no harm done. Leave it alone.

Theres a difference in our posts that seem to elude you, it is as you your self point out in your last post, yours include your opinion, mine do not include any opinion of my own.

Good Listening

Heck I promote my products all the time on this forum. But I get away with it for the simple reason that I am careful to also offer useful information and keep my mouth shut when I can't. I also happen to walk the talk that I give and I do feel that we make a pretty decent phono section. I like records a lot and even have my own LP mastering operation, so you could say I'm in for a penny in for a pound sort of thing.

I do try to avoid direct comparisons of our gear with that of competition. I think if a manufacturer is careful about that sort of thing then its no worries if he is active on the forum, as long as he is not actively trolling.
Well, there is no doubt whatever about the passion members of this forum have, that's for sure!..Think it's time we all took a "Time out" , as mom used to say to my brothers and I when things got a bit intense!!
I do appreciate he ideas put forward, and don't have a problem with the suggestion of Peter's phono stage. As a newer manufacturer I'm sure it's tough to get the word out , as there are so many offerings, so to me it's ok.
Everyone has an opinion on this , and I think it's been aired well.

There are so many people developing electronics now, and many no doubt do so extremely well, that I'd prefer to see them encouraged . Maybe the next "Ralph" is just around the corner!.
And we'd be denied the chance for him/her to get to market, as well as having their talent quashed by simply not being "found".

Anyway, the search continues...sometimes the hunt is the best part!.
Thanks , all.