All New Pure Audio ONE Integrated Amp Reviewed!

This could be one of the finest Class A Integrated amps to come on the world market!

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The review mentions first watt which to me is nothing special at all.  We built a clone of a first watt which easily sounded much better.  100WPC class A is easy to make but difficult to sound great.  I don't see the inside so hard to tell how the ting is built but the reviewer says well built?  So the review to me is comparing this product to other products that IMO are not even average.  If you want a great sounding Class A amp go buy an old Luxkit and enjoy.

Happy Listening. 
I really dislike the mesh on the front and agree terrible use of the back panel those rca connectors are too close. But if it sounds good that's really all that matters.
I like the look of this amp, seems though I am in the minority. But the odd binding posts and RCA layout is odd given the build quality, curious about the conversation that led to those decisions. No balanced inputs is for me a serious oversight.
I think it looks fantastic!   Industrial looking.

Can’t find any information on price.
Having to push the source button every time you turn it on and the back panel don't work for me. I'm surprised they weren't able to do something about that??
It's not very attractive either. I'll pass. 
I’ll keep my Sugden A21SE signature single ended class A. I think its prettier and only costs $3500. IMO, and in the opinion of most reviews, it is the best class A integrated available at the price.
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 The same guy that  reviewed this Pure Audio One amp already reviewed the Sugden amp too and likes this Pure Audio amp a lot more!..
Here’s more feedback!

"This is a very special amp that you buy and keep for life" 

 Some of the very best gear money can buy...AT ANY PRICE!
You should buy one, that is if the company didn't already give you one for all of the free advertising.


All the discussions you have started concern newly launched audio components.

Are you a dealer, reviewer, distributor, importer, publicist, or advertising agency employee??

What tubes does it take? Is it auto bias? How easy is it to remove the cage? Does it have a high gain factor that decreases the life of the tubes? Can you use a variety of power tubes?  What's the warranty. Any info on these questions?

It’s a superb sounding amp. Done close to 400hrs. At the time of purchase the call was between Pureaudio one.2 integrated and Accuphase E 650 and I am very happy for my decision.

one word to describe its sound
 “ Emotional “
450 watts consumption during use OUCH

One of my concerns is what all that heat will eventually do to the preamp section

If you live in a cold climate it might replace a room heater

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They improved the sonics on this all new Pure Audio ONE.2 Integrated amp to sound even more like a Tube Amp! 
                                                                                                                          This could be one of the best Integrated amps that nobody has heard yet !

Could be my End-Game Amp to go with some new ProAc K3’s !