At $5,000.....any thoughts?

This system needed to be new components only. Speakers will be located fairly close to the reasons I went with a sealed design. Also, at $5, off here and there, was a factor.

This system is for my wifes Doctor (female), my wife got me in to this little project. It's going in a med sized area....finished basement.

1. Sanyo PLV-Z5 projector

2. Carada 110" screen

3. Onkyo TX-SR805 7.1 receiver

4. OPPO DV-970HD DVD player

5. NHT Classic 3.... front speakers

6. NHT Classic 2....rear speakers

7. SHU Research VTF-2 MK-3 subwoofer

8 Energy 25" stands for front and rears.

Cables are not in budget, but will be budget brands. HD-DVD player will some point?

Looks really nice to me - I can't imagine the "client" being unhappy with how that system looks and sounds for $5K. You mention an HD DVD coming in the future, but you have the Oppo listed (and it's inexpensive). Also, are you foregoing a center channel or using a Classic 3 for that? I would think there would be a matching Classic center.

Typo on the Oppo, it should have read DV-980HD (this is a new Oppo model). HD-DVD can be added at any time...I would have went with it now, if it were my system...not a problem though (the Onkyo has three HDMI inputs). I went with another Classic 3 for center channel (I would have liked to use the Classic 3 as rears also (darn budget). $5,000 went puff!


Yes, I'll do the install for the projector (ceiling mount), and screen (fixed wall mount)...I got a free projector mount in the projector package. I'll also do the audio...pretty simple for an old wire slinger.


Thanks, doing this (a budget system) for someone else, with little or no input was tricky...more so than I'd have guessed. Trying to cover so many bases, without taking a huge quality hit somewhere turned into quite a fun game. I did come up with a good number of options at each component spot...these final choices won out though, as what I guessed this person would want in a system, and what I know will sound and look good in their room.

This system was ordered on line, with discounts. I needed to make sure all merchants had top quality all areas, in case of component problems...or just general return....lots of research here.

Too bad you were limited to *new* components, I could have put together a system at least twice as good using items puchased here on Agon. It always amazes me how silly (stupid) folks can be about such things...

Dave, sounds like your just a helpful friend not a dealer. Just remember
you are married to this setup. If something goes wrong or needs
reconfiguration , you are going to get the call. Not trying to be negative.
I had an audiofile friend who tried the same...lots of grief. Just be very
Drjoe grief needed. They are not friends, I've never met them before this, (my wifes Doctor)...not mine. I'm going to tell her that if she is not happy...take it out on my wife! (it was her idea anyway).

I'm not a dealer....just a nice old vintage person.

Dave, bad idea...don't take it out on your wife if it goes wrong. It is not
worth it. Tell your wife you don't want to get into the mix. Help find the
Doc a good dealer. I think your asking for trouble IMHO.
I feel for you, it's a lot of work that is never fully appreciated. What I mean is they usually have no idea what it took to get there. Been there, done that. Which is why my glass is 1/2 empty.
Hope it works ut for you.

I was just kidding about the wife....I think the DOC will be "MORE" than happy.

She is already happy about the price, the picture and sound will put her over the top!

Audioadvisor, Circut City, Hsu Research, ect...all easy for her to deal with, save your boxes....not my problem, (already pointed that out).

BTW...she doesn't treat my wife for free, my time is money to....she agrees.


Thanks Jeff, It's a pretty simple system....I'm sure it will go fine. I've done a few before.

putting a system together for your wifes Doctor? Why? I wouldn't unless she was paying me, personally!
But still, in the fairness to the question, my technical answer is that there's not enough variables and system/room specifics from you here to accurately suggest equipment!!!!
Medium sized basement?--What specific size and ceiling height? How many seats in the setup? How far sitting from screen? What's the lifestyle here?--music and movies both, or just movies? Acoustic treatments in the room? Bare walls? Moving around the house/room listening to music? Listening preferences?
One thing I'd not recommend is ANY Onkyo receiver, pesonally! So many other better receicer option,IMO-if you have to go receiver, at least. Harmon Kardon, Denon, Arcam, upper tier Yamaha's, Outlaw.-yada, yada
Anywhoz, I'd like to know more about the room, setup, and lifestyle, personally
"She is already happy about the price,..." (Sogood51)

Eronious!!!! She's a Doctor!!!!! Charge here triple the price, and charge here for conslting!!!!!!!
Tell here she'll not get anything good for under $20k!!
If you do it right, She'll appreciate
telling here friends how much she paid for this great system, and how it's the best money can buy, and so forth!
Ya gotta think big here man! UPSELL THE BEJESUS OUT OF HERE!
Dave, a good deal for your wife's good DOC is fine. Have fun..
BTW I will bet the system will be fine! Good choices.
Why isn't selling your wife's Doc a 3-4x's more expensive system a good deal? Aren't there any deals to be had for $20k systems? I'm sure I could find one or two for millionare's.

Good Choices?
Ok here's where novices simply either ignore or don't understand all the relative variables pertinent in a setup, as well as the acoustics, and think that what"they think is good gear" is simply blanketly going to be a greater choice for anyone,regarless. Well so if they have a low ceiling in the basement, and/or sit relatively farther back from the speakers/screen, are then those NHT's still a good choice? I THINK NOT!!!!! You'll then be hearing too much reflected sound off the celing from the tweeter and midrange units, mixing with the direct signal from the speakers, and SMEARING THE IMAGING, DETAIL, SOUNDSTAGE, AND DYNAMICS!!! Basically, a softening your presentation, diffusing the soundstage upfront, and making for lower fidelity all around! Basically, in this scenario, those speakers would not be a good choice, at that point! So, it depends on what's going on in the room.
Remember, acoustics, system setup and engineering, and tweaking of a system, are EASILY 50% or more of the performance of the sound system!!!-and often times, more!
Another beef I have with this system recommendation is the relatively lowish power capability (receivers are already limited in current delivery) to drive such low sensitivity speakers (86db for 3's and, what, 85db for the 2's?!) For those speakers I'd want a minim of 200 watts of high current separates power amp to make em work even adequate! Infact, any 92db Klipsch speaker require only 25% of the relative power!!!! Which makes other more sensitive speaker designs much more dynamically nimble, likely dynamic, and responsive-especially at lower volume levels.
And yes, I wouldn't match an already thin sounding receiver with such reveiling and neutral sounding of a speaker as those Classic 3's. But that's my preference.
Also, 25" stands? What's the rest of the setup like? The screen placement? How high is the ceiling? (you may or may not end up with better sound placing the speakers higher, but depends. If lower ceiling (8ft), then 25" should work fine.
Still, in a nice setup, I would consider placing speakers on wall mounts, to clean up the look, and enlist some DSP or EQ correction. Another thought--at which point you could get rid of stands. Also, speakers on stands, in a room, looks very "gear'ish" or "hi-fi'ish"? So is a WOMAN going to be happy with that look? Likely not. So consider.
Also, Oppo DVD player? You're selling a Doctor older technology? Why not sell here a $299 (retail) HDDVD player that upscales DVD's as well?! I mean, for a tiny bit more money, she can take advantage of newer, better technology.
It's a thought.
But again, what's the system going to be used for? Music and movies? Only movies? Multiple seating? (how many?) Listening to music while moving around the room/house?
Lot's to consider TO DO IT RIGHT! Well meaning considerations for otherwise decent gear might just not be the best selection for ALL scenarios in my experiences

Thanks for the interesting....and long reply, I'll try to respond:

The room is drywall, including ceiling (14'x 25'x 8.5'). Screen viewing distance is around 17' with flexibility here...also, flexibility on screen size. The screen has not been ordered.

Acoustics, system setup....I'm hardly a newbee, I've been at this for over 35 years. That said, this lower price level is not an area I've visited for a long while...a $5,000 budget, including projector and screen, does require a good amount of thought and research.

The Onkyo: This Onkyo has a good power supply (more than enough for these speakers)...THX Ultra2 certification, Audyssey room correction, the very latest HDMI specs, Yada, yada, yada....a more advanced generation of receiver than most of the others you other words, most of them have some catching up to do.....I've also been impressed with past Onkyo receivers I've setup, used, and owned.

The Denon, I like Denon products, but....over priced in this, no real gain to be had for the extra $$$ spent. The Yamaha, I don't like the Yamaha thin "house sound". The Outlaw, it is under spec's for this system. The Arcam, it's a budget buster, behind the curve, underpowered. The Harmon Kardon, it's overpriced, "way" behind the curve, underpowered...ugly.

The speakers: Tuff mention of music came up, I took care of that anyway, IMHO. This new OPPO even passes DVD-Audio and SACD through it's HDMI output (or, at least they say it does)....something fairly rare?

Subwoofer: HSU...very good at this price point, there were others that may have been just as good.

DVD player: As I mentioned above...HD-DVD would have been "my" first choice....not a big deal anyway IMO, they are "good to go".... when ever they are ready, (they won't need me for this)...the Onkyo has three HDMI inputs.

In the end, changes could be made at little cost to the buyer (I'm sure I missed something)....the reason for my post.

The good Doctor: I see no reason to rob her pocket book, I've done my "people scan" on her, (and her husband)...they pass in every way....a fair days pay will be plenty.

"The good Doctor: I see no reason to rob her pocket book,"

Lol! "Robing her pocket book?" Well Sogood51, DO NOT go into sales, whatever you do! You'll have to forgive me, as that comment cracks me up! I'm sure there's an "issue" with you in there somewhere. It's all good though...
One of the first rules of sales is "never spend other peoples money for them!!!" But, if you have issue with "the Good Doc" budget ,and feel you're saving her wallet from the audio-burglers, well than that's noble. (Note to self: "all doctors, and other rich people, should be saved from high priced audio/video!!!'m just teasing)

Anywhooz, as for the Onkyo, I must admit I've not heard their highest-end models as of late. Sure hope they sound WAY BETTER than their past models, and entry pieces. Cause EVERYONE I know in the audiobusiness who's sold em over the years, including myself (all discerning audiophiles) EASILY dislike the Onky-donky's! The HK's ALWAYS beat up on em sonically. Infact, I just heard a demo of an older model Onkyo the other day at HSU Research's demo room, AND BELIEVE ME, IT SUCKED SONICALLY! Anyway, I personally reinforced what I've heard from the Onkyo's in the past. So, can't comment on the Flagship pieces. Dunno. Hope it's good.
Anywhooz, you didn't mention the ceiling height? At 17 feet back (that's a long way), with a 9' celing or lower, you'll most definitely have problems acoustically (unless you get acoustic treatments up there, coffering, etc) with the sound with those speakers, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT! I'd go with Dappolito's, Horns, Dipolars or something that will focus the sound more, and limit floor to ceiling reflections!! (Even THX designs). Otherwise, SMEARED SONIC NIGHTMARE!!!!
Good luck

Well......... you won't get any complaints from me about the said system you have listed above. But as one poster as stated, too bad the client was hell bent on buying new gear only. Because if used gear was put into the equation, then I can put together EVEN a better system for that same $5K your wife's doctor is spending on his/her system.

Throw in another $5K-to-$10K extra, and I'll promise you, when I am done, the Doc will not ever want to go to a cineplex ever again.

Other than that...... no complaints.


Thats funny!

I was in sales (1971/1972). Made good money...understood it, understand it....hated it!

But then, I hate doing anything thats not fun...turns into work. When I had a chance to retire at age 51, (6 years ago)....I did.

Now...If I could just afford a bigger trailer. I have to move my Apogees every time I drop the Murphy bed.


"I was in sales (1971/1972). Made good money...understood it, understand it....hated it!"

LOL...One whole year in sales, ey?! Yeah that sounds about right. And you say you hated it?!! Ok, so that all equates to "YOUR DEFINITELY NOT A SALES GUY!!!" I totaly understand.
Anyway, hope you find a good balance of stuff for the Good Doc.
Mounted the projector yesterday, did a ruff audio setup (HSU sub, and some of the wires aren't in yet).

Good enough to enjoy a few movies, until the final tweaking... They are "MORE" than happy!

I'm spending over $5k on just the amp and subwoofer
Arcam 350 5.1
JL Audio sub

use speakers laying around the house
How about some pics? You started this, now we want to see the work in progress.

I'm pretty sorry with a camera, but I'll see what I can do...I do have a digital camera. The rest of the cables and sub should be in by the end of this week. I'm sure I can get some pic's...but, I'm not sure sure how to take a picture of the picture?...I've tried before at my house... with no luck?

System picked out...system purchased...system installed...
= no more need for this thread!
Um, ok. What's left to discuss for him? He already purchased the system, and installed it! What else is there to talk about? He's not changing anything, the Doc likes it, and obviously he's happy. So shall we talk about other options that he's not going to consider or utilize? Other equipment he could have used? Well that could go a million different "POINTLESS" directions. So, what's the next topic here?
Very sorry if you feel any further posting on this thread is "pointless". I thought it would be nice to see pics of the new set up and still do.
I didn't know there were specific rules when posting should stop and a thread is finished.
Spend some money on a universal remote and programming from a dealer (Pronto for projectors as the Logitech's still need too much work with projectors..)

This alone will save you on the after the sale calls....

Good luck.
Well I must say, based on the texture of this thread, initially, It was presumed on my part that this gentleman was asking for feedback on a system he was "PLANNING" on purchasing for someone. As it turns out, he had already sold someone on the system, and it was already A DONE DEAL! So, I appologize, but I felt a bit decieved with the agenda that was pressented.-I wanted to help, and offer suggestion, and it wasn't really needed!!!
Oh well. Engergy suck out!.....ssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhp!
You know, now that I think about it - looking at your choices, I think you might consider some B&W 602's all around, a Velodyne sub, a good Blueray/HD dvd combi player, and a good Denon Receiver. I think the Doc would go for this line of gear...
...OH WAIT! MEVER MIND - YOU ALREADY BOUGHT EVERYTHING!!- Too late - My Bad - I don't know what I was thinking! So, Scratch all that....

The intent of the thread was general, I had $5,000 to spend on a projector, fixed wall screen, dvd player, receiver, 5 speakers, speaker stands, subwoofer....wires not included.

The components listed were my picks...thus...the "any thoughts" part of my thread. Nothing was bought, or on order at that point.

I was also fishing for any components (before the buy) that may have slipped under my one mentioned any.

You did offer some "very general" thoughts, (other receiver brand names mostly?...anything but Onkyo?). I had already looked at those brands, and (did post) a "very general" reply to you as to why I passed them by, in this system. You also asked for exact "room size"...I gave you a reply that replaced... "med. sized area". I should have placed that info in the post and not "med side".

Component and speaker setup...I didn't need, or ask for help in that area for two reasons. 1. I've been at this a very long time, and this is a very simple system. 2. No one can setup a system from a far...not even me :)

("System picked out...system purchased...system installed...
= no more need for this thread")
Flrnlamb (Threads | Answers)

That was the intent of my follow up...good eye!


Thanks, very good idea. The HSU subwoofer is in....I'll be going back for the audio setup this weekend...I'll mention that idea. I will need to return for screen install, as soon as they decide on screen size, I could do the remote at that time if they like.

Flrnlamb said:
"You know, now that I think about it - looking at your choices, I think you might consider some B&W 602's all around, a Velodyne sub, a good Blueray/HD dvd combi player, and a good Denon Receiver. I think the Doc would go for this line of gear"


To late for the good DOC, maybe one of her friends? She did mention (to my wife) that a couple of her friends would like to talk to me... If I don't mind.

BTW...whats the cost of your system?, under $5,000? You forgot the projector and screen?....can't have a home theater with out those figured in?

Um, I wasn't makikng any suggestions! I was being feceicious(not sure how to spell that) Infact, I likely wouldn't recommend what I said, blanketly. I was just throwing stuff out there as "fill". Like I said, we're already on to the next project. Any equipment suggestions/feedback (like you said, that's all you were after) are irrelevent at this point.
Good job, Dave! The good doctor was fortunate to have someone of your calibre honchoing (is that a word?) the deal! If possible, we'd all like to see some piccies. Perhaps you can get her to sign up here and post her system specs. and pics??

Thanks for being such a good-natured fellow, a couple of the posts were a bit "edgey", if you know what I mean...

Yep, great job Dave. I'm sure she's plenty happy with the system, and with your friendship. Let's indeed DO get here posting on the site, so we can see some pics and such, and maybe some insight from the good doc on what it sounds like, looks like, and such. Also, perhaps she can comment on the overall tonality of the system, the smoohtness of timber, the bass response, and so forth. That would be nice, indeed.
Hey Dave? What kinda movies does the Doc like? You don't happen to spend too much time over there do ya? That would be nice if you could share a movie experience with us- at the Doc's house for movie night, that is- so as to give a run down on how you feel everythings working in her system. I'm sure others here would agree.
Oh, yes, also does the Doc plan any future upgrades to HD? or a 1.3 system in the future? Just curious. Perhaps we can have her on to share her thoughts on the subject, ey?
That would be nice.
You know so much has yet to be written on the subject of "Audiophiles, and the medical profession", that I feel it would be nice to also post this thread on other high profile audio/video/ht websites, as well. Perhaps AVS and hometheaterspot would be a good extension thread site(s), and maybe we could get some more interest in the thread?! Maybe even see if we could stimulate a "shoot-out" of sorts with some Dentist's and Surgeon's systems? Whaddaya think?!
Ya know, I was watching a program the other night on the medical profession, and new testing equipment. I think this would be a timely posting, don't you?
Oh, another tought- have you considered acoustic treatment for the doc's system yet? I forgot. That might be another thread in itself here. I think we should not forget that one, yes? Cause I'm sure she'll need it in that basement place. Maybe even an HVAC "sticky thread" on Air conditioning basement systems for entry level systems or whatever. Hummmmm so much to consider here...
Well, we could go over other choices for speaker systems and equipment "swapouts", should budgets "go up" for the Doc.
Any suggestions on what equipment someone else might have used for their system in the basement, with maybe, say, double the budget? How about....
Commmmmmmon folks! Let's keep this thread going! It's so much fun. Really!
Can't we think of other options that might have been used here? More are coming to my mind every day - which is good. Cause there's not much there usually.
anyone else care to pipe in here and share some alternatives we might talk the Doc into? Maybe she'll ditch what she has and start over, yes?
Well, looks like I'm the only one still interested in this thread. I was hoping we could get the doc to throw out all here new audio equipment, and maybe try some some other things instead. Guess that's not going to happen, as everyones given up on the ideas here. What's up with that? Just don't get it.
10-06-07: Flrnlamb
Well, looks like I'm the only one still interested in this thread. I was hoping we could get the doc to throw out all here new audio equipment, and maybe try some some other things instead. Guess that's not going to happen...
I was under the impression that SoGood51 had already decided and ordered the gear.
yes, he did. Sorry to say, I don't think he'll be upgrading. I think the Doc is set with here audio perfection...
guess I'll have to get a life now.