did any of you listen to either of PS Audios new speakers at the show? What’d you think? 

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Was the 1st speaker I heard on Friday and was very disappointed in the 30 and 20. They sounded slow, tired and congested. In defense they seemed to open up a little when i heard them on Sunday afternoon.

@dayglow - Had the same experience with Wilsons at a 'Vegas T.H.E. show.

First day, sounded very dull. By third day (Peter McGrath at the controls), everything settled down and sounding super fine. An ear-opening experience.

I went into the room at least 4 times over the three days and heard both the FR20 and FR30 speakers.  I was expecting to like them, and had even considered buying them, but the simple fact is I did not think they sounded great.  Perhaps it was the electronics or the room but I had no emotional connection to the sound, but I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what it was that I didn't like.  

I hate to hear of the disappointment over these speakers, of course the only thing I have heard about them up to now has been Paul and others at PS Audio.  I seriously considered getting the FR30 to replace my Focal Sopra 2's but now I don't think so, I love those Sopra's.  I guess it is a good thing I could not swing the price of the upgrade even though they give you 30 days for an audition, I bet it would be a PITA to ship them back if you didn't like them.

@vandy357 might be worth your time to go to Bolder and hear them properly set up in a good room, then make a decision.

@rumblestrip I wish I could, I would love to go listen but that is just about impossible right now and probably any time in the future for a while.  What the heck, I can't afford the price of admission any time soon anyway.  Oh well, maybe some day.

Shows are often the worst place to listen to gear....  noise and rooms are half the problem.    I can't think of too many great electronics companies that make great speakers and vice versa.   MBL is one of the few that comes to mind .    


I have heard the FR30s twice at PS audio and they were just ok there too. Bass was lacking. Maybe it’s the room but I’m sure they put some effort into the set up. 

I see and hear a lot about the PS Audio speaker systems. Reading a couple true stories here is 10x better info than all the YouTube and magazine chatter combined. 
Thank you for all your responses. 

The speakers have changed much since the first design on display at axpona b4 covid. A case of function follows form?

I liked them. I would need to hear them in a quiet room to make any grand statement about them.

I heard them both at AXPONA. Stopped by all three days. As should be no surprise they both sounded their best on Sunday. Since PS Audio had a fixed playlist for most of the time each day, I got to hear a number of the same tunes on both speakers. I thought they both sounded quite good by Sunday (with the usual ‘under show conditions’ caveat), although I preferred the FR-20. To me it sounded a bit more linear. Could have been that the ‘30 was just too much for the way the whole thing was set up.

I purchased the FR-20s and upgraded my electronics.  New PS Audio DAC, airLens, and for the first time, a preamp. This is my final destination system. Amazing, emotionally involving system.  Tight bass, extraordinary midrange and top end, and great soundstage.

Show conditions for manufactures are very difficult. It is a great start, but the improvement of a system you heard at AXPONA when properly set up in your home is very different. 

Listened to the PS Audio system at AXPONA pre covid as well as the 2023 show. 

The first thing that came to mind was "These sound like a big bold Wurlitzer juke box" heard many times in the days in my younger days.  

Big, bold bassy, forgiving midrange and muted highs.  A fun pleasing sound but devoid of the detail many audiophiles prefer.