METALLICA!!!! No one will disagree,will they? This band just never stops getting better.Load,Re-load all classics.The B.O.C.cover of Astronomy off of Garage for sure one of the meanest,heaviest songs EVER! Metallica RULES!!!
Metallica used to be good, at least their first three albums, but they are now in the 'sold out' and 'alienate the fans' categories with their MP3 lawsuit. I think the heaviest songs ever were made by the Melvins, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Venom, and Slayer. Just one man's opinion.
Woodmann said it all. If you've ever heard any interviews with Hetfield, he basically slags all of their early fans. While early Frost / Hellhammer were the "crunchiest" band of all time and worked tempo changes like no other, they too lost it at the end. Venom is the "original" but lacked consistency throughout their career. That leaves Slayer as the kings of REAL metal. Case in point: name a metal album that "flows" or jams more than Reign in Blood ???? Sean >
I can still remember the first time I heard a Metallica song...I was in college, meeting some friends in the cafeteria for lunch, and I was NOT into heavy metal at all. The cafeteria had the school's radio station on, and the DJ put on 'Master of Puppets'...I was blown felt like i didn't move for the duration of the song. The instrumental in the middle of the song hooked me. I just remember thinking "This is MUSIC!!!" Other bands have been harder, maybe had some songs that I preferred later down the road, but for consistency, and for bringing 'classical' style structure and Beethoven like power to metal, you've got to tip your hat to Metallica as the guys who really made metal accessable to average joe's, like me.
Metallica was "speed metal", and now they're just a glam band, full of hubris. Just one man's opinion, that's all...I like Spinal Tap's "Break Like the Wind". "Bitch School" is pretty good. I'm still trying to enroll some of mine there...makes 'em more eager to get turned out...I gots to get some mo money, for that solid titanium listening room I'm designing...
Acid Bath!!!!! Is the best heavy metal band of all time. If you haven't heard them----then check 'em out!!!!!
KKirkpa,Which Sabbath do you like the best? I agree they are great but I have had trouble with muddy sounding recordings on the vinyl I have heard.I had some older CDs of theirs that sounded bad too.
I'd rather scratch with a Herman's Hermit record. (ok, they all should of quit after B.S., but I had a bigger whole in my head (now and) then.
I bought the "Black Album" when it came out and thought it was OK. I went to see the live show, man what a bunch of dorks, I lost all respect and felt like a fool in the presense of all those hairshakers. I don't know if they qualify as metal, but Tool is one of the best in my opinion.
In regards to Alternica, the greatest fall from grace i have ever witnessed, they sound to me like a bunch of old tired men. As far as sabbath, I'll take ronnie james dio over ozzy any day, heaven and hell, can't beat it, I would really love o hear what kind of systems u heavy metal fans have, if u have the time, please email me and let me know what kind of gear u have., I loved korns first cd, thought it was riveting, every album since then as been junk, yet i am stuck with the email account name of korn, oh well.
Is it a faux pas to use proper grammar and syntax in response to this thread? "Alternica"...first time I've heard that and I'm still laughing over that one. I agree the early stuff including "Puppets" and "Justice" qualify. Perhaps my age is showing w/ my concurrence on Purple. I'd also agree on Tool, throw Megadeth in for honorable mention. But the short lived outfit Blue Murder was a serious contender as well. Anyone else remember them?
Is it a faux pas to use proper grammar and syntax in response to this thread? "Alternica"...first time I've heard that and I'm still laughing over that one. I agree the early stuff including "Puppets" and "Justice" qualify. Perhaps my age is showing w/ my concurrence on Purple. I'd also agree on Tool, throw Megadeth in for honorable mention. But the short lived outfit Blue Murder was a serious contender as well. Anyone else remember them?
I never saw Blue Murder, but I remember that they opened for Bon Jovi for a while. Skid Row opened for them when I saw Jovi. I wish I would have seen Quiet Riot back then. Night Ranger was a good band, and also Damn Yankees (with Shaw, Blades, Nugent). I saw Ted Nugent again a few weeks ago, he opened for KISS. He's crazy, guys...and almost funny. Now that was the loudest concert I've ever been to. Had my earplugs in for all but 3 songs! What godawful sound it was.....Def Leppard is my favorite band, and they're as good live as ANY I've seen, including the Stones (excepting all the extra stuff that goes along with the Stones).
I saw the Stones live at the Superdome in about 1979(give or take a year) A little known band that had just put out their first album opened and completely stole the show. These guys made Mick and the boys look old even then. This was before David Lee became a legend in his own mind but that night Van Halen was the show. Eddie was really something to see and hear in his prime. And like Carl I always liked Ted Nugent. For a man that claims to not do hard drugs that boy is way out there. The pairing with Tommy Shaw was a good one too.
I'll ditto on Slayer. Also, all Scorpions up to Love Drive album (w/M.Schenker) and all Judas Priest through Hell Bent For Leather for older metal. I regularly request Dissident Aggressor by Priest on our local radio station, but always get the answer "Not a chance!" What a bunch of weenies... I consider Zep & Deep Purple more hard rock than metal, in my mind anyway, and could not do without Deep Purple. And then there is UFO, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Riot ... Oh hell, they are ALL the best!
In the 90's I vote for PANTARA & WHITE ZOMBIE. Other so called "heavy metal" bands fall way behind IMHO.
These should stand the test of time: Metallica (Ride the Lighning, Master of Potheads & And Justice for All), Megadeth (Rust in Peace, Countdown & Youthanasia), Pantera (Cowboys from Hell & Vulgar Display), Testament (New Order, Souls of Black & Ritual). I'm sure if I looked at all my CDs I could come up with some more, but I wanted to do it off the top of my head to see what stood out (always a good test for me).
Ground zero for "heavy" metal is Black Sabbath "Paranoid" and the even heavier "Master of Reality" Metallica 1st two albums and Slayer 1st album started American "speed metal" movement, nothing made since then has surpased them. "kill em all" makes "master of puppets" sound like crap. It is a close call but two greatest metal albums are 1) Metallica 1st album "Kill em All" 2) Slayer 1st album "Show No Mercy" It is a joke compare those hair spray wanna-bes groups to the above albums. If you want to hear where Metallica and Slayer got their inspiration for 1st albums listen to Venom "Black Metal"
Well Metallica's new stuff can't really be qualified as "Metal," but they're still among the best "Rock" bands of all time. AC/DC is among the elite as well. I would have to say the best Metal Band would be Metallica, however...nontheless. Come on folks, they're getting up in age. They've matured. They're just not the metal maniacs they used to be. I like their newer sh** better than their older stuff anyway!
Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Motorhead, Sabbath, Manowar, Cirith Ungol, Candlemass, etc.. You just can't beat "old school" metal. I never really got into Metallica to any great extent and now i'm glad of it. I have heard them slag their original fans MANY times over. Full tilt WANKERS in my book. I have to throw in an honourable mention for a local boy that "dun good" even though many people in the metal scene hate him: Paul Speckmann. He has been mentioned in dozens of metal mags as being one of the originators of "metal" as we know it today. Some of his bands are Master / Abomination / Death Strike / Speckmann Project / etc... There are cuts on the latest Master disc ( Faith is in Season ) that will absolutely punish your woofers with the most massive kick drums you've ever heard. I brought this disc with me to a few different shops. I was auditioning some speakers and wanted something to check out high volume bass definition and impact. The salesmen in both places absolutely freaked when they heard it at volume. One guy immediately pulled the disc and told me "this is the kind of stuff that breaks equipment" !!!! Nuff said ??? Sean >
I know it's been awhile since this thread was posted, but hey, who cares. My pick is TOOL. Metallica has sucked for the past 10 years. No one else even comes close to sounding like them. I also like Maynards side project- A Perfect Circle.
Grumpy, tool gets my vote for best MTV videos with the dolls in the dark prison cell, the meat in the pipes, and the sinister lanky black leatherette jailkeeper.....totally cool. My sympathies to anyone who thinks the crap Metallica makes now is metal, they are a sad joke of their former selves, IMO nothing has ever surpassed their 1st album "kill em all".......that album was all destroying, regards Sam.
I liked Black Sabath when I was a kid, but outgrown. Is all metal kids stuff, or is there anything out there that isnt just silly macho posturing? I like some cuts from Praxis(Buckethead kills) and Bad Brains, but they are not pure metal.Whats really worth hearing that is intelligent but realmetal? Is that an oxymoron?
Last Christmas I was visiting a friend--amazingly, he is head of personnel of a hi-profile consultancy agency in Boston--who is obsessed by "black metal." Eventually, the ceremonical exchange of CDs ("give the gift of music") took place. I gave him some obscuro hard-to-find free jazz recording that I would probably enjoy more than he. He gave me a CD from the Norwegian band KVIKKSBLUGUTTENE called Krieg (Voices of Wonder, 1997). The band members--two thirds of whom are dead by now, I think--have the following names: "Necro," "Zathan," "Det skat du drite i." Some song titles are "Torture" "Anger" "More Murder" "Shout" "Sluts" "Violent Death" "Fisted Sisters" and "In den Arsch gefickt." The cover shows a black "urban guerilla" terrorist or mass murderer with a dismantled human hand in his mouth brandishing an automatic machine gun. My friend's words to me as he gave me this CD was that it "made Metallica look like a bunch of frat boys."
And nobody mentions the guys that started it all and yeah I'm familiar with the above choices (someone forgot Poison and Twisted Sister but then again they are forgotton as the rest of the above will be) but come on who could say that anyone of them is better the the 1st and last in this genre and probably the BEST ROCK BAND EVER.............................................................................LED ZEPPLIN RULES
The first Black Sabbath album entitled "Black Sabbath" is a true classic. You can get it on import Lp from Sound Recordings with a bonus 45 RPM of Evil Woman/Wicked World. The sound is fantastic.
I'm showing my age too....but Deep Purple was KILLER in their prime. The things Blackmore could do with a guitar. Their album Motorhead still rocks! I agree with most of the other metal bands listed and still like Metallica! While they may not be "heavy metal", RUSH was a great band too (notice I said "was"). Hey Carl, how about Tap's "Sex Farm Woman". Classic....
Guys, I think you are starting to miss the point here...Heavy Metal, to me anyhow, is a band that rarely, if ever, gets radio airplay. That would exclude all of Metallica's works from Justice on...but would include bands like CoC, Slayer... AS far as that goes, I'd have to limit it to bands from the early 80s...bands before 1982ish didn't rock as hard as Metallica and that whole Bay Area thing...Led Zeppelin is a hard rock band...not heavy metal. Same goes for Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc... My vote goes to Metallica, not so much for what they've done recently, although, their covers are a throwback to the early days (Garage Days 5.98 EP)...they were pretty much solely responsible for the widespread availability of heavy metal bands... Wait until Razvan2000 gets his opinion in here... G-Man PS-What ever happened to bands like GWAR, or Cryptic Death, Celtic Frost and others of the genre...that stuff REALLY ROCKED...Pantera cut their teeth on these bands... I also tip my hat to bands like MOD, SOD and especially Anthrax, who started the whole Rap n Roll genre...
Trey, regarding Spinal Tap, I like "Bitch School". A very loud and offensive song, the way it's supposed to be. Sure, they aren't a serious music band, just a hollywood paper cutout, but they were funny. I love Rush (even the most recent stuff), and Deep Purple is cool, too. Perhaps those bands aren't "metal", or perhaps they are. I thought the music of youth wasn't about putting labels and categories on music...And yet Rolling Stone (the magazine) readers seem to love to categorize their music.
I think a lot of the aformentioned bands had a unique style that helped define currnet"Heavy Metal". Back in the day, these bands pushed the envelope and were very much hated by our parents. I was lucky enough to catch Nirvana and Alice in Chains at some clubs LONG before they ever got airplay. I remember thinking Nirvana was never gonna make it - Two years later I was hooked on their sound. Carl, Spinal Tap had some great (funny) lyrics and a pretty cool sound - actually sounding better then some of the bands they were making fun of. Keep it at 11!!!
I guess I'll get me a pair of Cerwin Vegas and check out some of these awesome tunes. Such catchy song titles, too. I think the Buzzard of Oz really shows off my system. I just love to watch those woofers wiggle, don't you?
OK Mettalica is good, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Judas Priest--they seriously added a lot to the genre. I agree with all of the Sabbath votes. Although Zeppelin is probably the best rock band--I agree that they don't belong here in the metal category.
King's X. I especially like the two CDs titled "King's X" and "Gretchen goes to Nebraska".
Just to set the record straight Depp Purple Black Sabath were Hard Rock bands not Heavy Metal.I love Hard Rock Deep Purple LED ZEP Sabbath Uriha Heep,.Not a fan of Metal.
Piledriver just for the cover to Metal Inquisition. seriously the best heavymetal metal band to me has to be black sabbath but there are many many more that are great. finaly there are also a lot of newer great records coming out like from hammerfall, steel prophet, sacred steel to name a few and a lot of good comeback records. metal is by no means dead although in the mid 90's it was looking pretty bad.
Best modern metal has to come from Godsmack.Check out the first self titled album! Its KILLER!!! Just yesterday(Oct.31) they released their 2nd album.
How could early ac/dc not be mentioned as one of the best hard rock bands of all times, pull out those albums featuring Bon Scott and noone could disagree!!!
ok, i'm showing my age - led zeppelin. their noise was musical, at least... doug
WOW Sedond,are you really that ancient!!?? I saw a nice chrome plated bed pan on eBay!
Metal VS Hard Rock? They are differentiated by talent and IQ. Metal is characterized by simplicity (classic "3 chords") and shoots straight for your "Monkey Bone" (quoting Mr. Greenberg). Good as it is, this is why I call Black Sabath a "Heavy Metal" band. Zeppelin, on the other hand, comes from a place I'll never know (awsome talent) but can still feel. I wouldn't even put Zep in Hard Rock category because they (like Hendix, Beatles, Clapton when he's hot, Stravinsky) truly have no category except "Art". Another good (if not great) metal band (from 70's) is an east coast group called "Dust". Very powerful.
easy: Slayer. honorable mention to Black Sabbath and Metallica's work up to & including Justice. now they're just a bunch of top-40 hacks writing 3 minute made-for-radio songs based on one chord--listen to Orion, what a masterpiece with its complexity & flow; nothing like they're stuff now. Slayer is still kicking total ass after all these years. nothing compares to Reign in Blood!