Best One Country System?

If you were to build a system from products originating from one country, what would you have in your system? Being from Canada, I was amazed at what great companies we have to choose from. Not having heard any of these products (a bit too pricey for me...but we can all dream!), this would be my CANADIAN system:

Amp/Preamp: Classe Audio (Bryston would be my second choice)
Cd Source: EMM Labs
Speakers: Verity Audio (Sarastro; Parsafal, etc)
PC's/Interconnects: Virtual Dynamics Revelation(made in, of all places, Barrhead, backyard!)

I'm guessing this system would sound good, if not spectacular! I'm curious what other ONE COUNTRY systems others can come up with....

From the UK a complete Audio Note set-up from source to preamp to amp to speakers and all the required cabling as well. One country and a single manufacturer to boot!
Faith Hill, or Shania Twain would be a tough choice for Best One Country System?
Wilson WATT/Puppy 7
Audio Research VM 220 & SP 16
Cary CD 303/300
VPI Scoutmaster w/Benz Glider(sorry no US made carts)
All Purist Audio Design Venusta cables.

All MBL system

Klimax Kontrol
Fully Aktiv Komris with Klimax Solos or Artikulat 340As.
What about India? Surely the Audioputra loudspeakers, Banghi amplifier, and Khorana CD player are reference grade.

For mainstream products--
France: Verdier La Platine + arm (TT)/ Audio-aero OR Audiomecca (digital)/ Jadis OR YBA (all electronics)/Cabasse La Sphere (spkrs) OR diy Supravox/Allion.

Switzerland: used Goldmund Ref OR refurbished Lenco75 (arm?)/ Goldmund Mimesis dac+ multi-transport / FM Acoustics (all electronics)/ FM Acoustics design (spkrs)

Germany: Gabriel + Schoeder Ref (TT) + Symphonic Line cartridge/ Burmester 969-970/061? Lindemann modded? mbl?/ riaa: asr/ amps: symphonic line 250 class A (stereo) OR Octave (tube)/ German Physics "Gaudi" OR Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur (spkrs).
I don't think Martykl felt Canada was properly represented by either Classé or Bryston, heheh.

ATC, Meridian 800, ....Quad system for the Patio

RIP: TAG McLaren, so much potential so little time.
Actually, I worked for CIBC (a large Canadian bank) for many years. I really just liked typing in Canadian (eh?) again and didn't read the initiator's thread too carefully.
My Bad.


PS I own an Oracle/Verity/Sonic Frontiers/Cary (A Yank in the woodpile) system. I do prefer vinyl as a source, but EMM ain't too shabby if you must do digital.
Oh yeah...I forgot about Oracle! Are they still a Canadian company? I also neglected to mention that the tuner in my "all Canadian" system would be from Magnum Dynalab.

Can I play too?

Australia - a Caliburn turntable plus Cobra arm, with one of the late Garrott Brothers modified cartridges, the big Osborn Epitome Mk V1 and Optional Epitome Bass Unit, and amps and preamps by Peter Stein (previously ME - now out of business).

Well.......... What about good ole' US of A.....

Speakers -- Wilson WATT/Puppy 7
Amplification -- Mark Levinson No. 33H (Power) and No. 32 (Control)
Damned........ Hit the wrong button....

As I was saying, I was putting together the best system to come out of the USA.

And that system will consist of:

Speaker System -- Wilson Watt/Puppy 7

Amplification -- Mark Levinson No. 33H (Power) and No. 32 (Control)

CD Playback -- Sony SCD-1 (SACD Playback) and Wadia 270se CD Transport + 27ix Decoding Computer (Redbook Playback)

LP Playback -- VPI HRX Belt-Drive Turntable w/JMW 12.6 Tone Arm and SDS System + Aesthetix/Rhea Phono Stage + Grado Labs Statement Cartridge

Cables -- MIT Oracle

Power Conditioning -- Couldn't find any worth owning made in the USA (unless I am completely off base here).

Or, if I am going to pick the BEST one country female vocal artist, I would love to have Faith Hill's voice oozing out of THIS system. The system is as beautiful and as American as Faith Hill herself.

Some good choices for an all American system. I was begining to wonder if anyone from the US would reply. I think there are several very good power conditioning producers in the US; Shunyata (Hydras), Audio Magic, and PS Audio are a few of the companies I can think of....

Charles -- Sony is japanese. But, methinks there are SO many choices for a TOP US system that filtering it down to ONE is very tricky, to say the least.

For example, alternative TT could be the big Rockport or TNT;
Riaa filter / pre could be Vendetta, Blowtorch, the old JC designed Levinsons, the Pass Aleph, Boulder...

Speakers are too numerous to mention -- but I think you can do (even/much) better than Wilson 7 (some are, Wilson MAxx, big Genesis, older Avalon... I'm missing many). What about legendary designs: Klipsch for example...

Amps: wyetech, Levinson (the models you list), Wolcott, Boulder... very many others.

As for power "conditioning" there's always the technician down the road to wind you a 60amp 1:1 tranny -- or similar. It's heavy but it works for most things!
OK, too many choices so I am sure other people would not agree with everything, but if I got to pick just what I wanted from Germany it would be:

- Transrotor Gravita Record Player
- Lindemann 820 CD/SACD
- Tidal Preos Preamp, Impact power amp
- Tidal Contriva Diacera (the Sunray is just too big)
- Racks from Finite Elemente or Copulare
- Burmester Power Conditioner
- Cables by HMS

Thinking about it, there would also be the small company "Horch" for a transport/DAC and pre/monoblock set.
Of course there are many other contenders, like Brinkmann for Record Player and amps etc...spoiled for choices really!


You're right...... Sony is Japanese..... I didn't know what I was thinking last night. I didn't catch the error until after I have printed the thread out and logged offline for the evening. But otherwise, the rest of the system is American.

If you want only the northeast in north america then
merlin for speakers
vpi for tt
grado for cartridge
simaudio for preamp and power amp
the phono I can't think of, as for me I own all these superb brands and the e.a.r. 834p
From the Simaudio website:

"Simaudio Ltd., a Canadian audio and video equipment manufacturer, has been in business for over 25 years, designing and building high quality electronics for home entertainment use."

Like many Canadian corporations, actors, sports figures etc, they tend to migrate down to the USA undercover.

Japan, still plenty and not forgetting cartridges and arms.

Kondo- amps, cables, turntable

Fal - speakers

Final Audio - speakers

Esoteric - Digital, amps

TAD - speakers

Acoustic Revive, Acrolink, Furutech - cables

Sony - speakers

Mactone - amps

Accuphase - amps, Digital

Technics - amps, turntables

TechDas - turntables

Luxman - amps, turntables, Digital

Yamaha - speakers

Marantz - Digital