What area or country do you live in ?

It's always interesting hearing members choices and opinions of equipment and set-ups on here. So many times, I have never even heard of equipment that is mentioned, only to find out that this person in living in another county from mine. I thought it would be interesting to see where we all live

I'll start

Southeastern Ohio, USA

Los Angeles.

Interesting audio manufacturers/distributors near me:

On A Higher Note - Distributes Luxman
ESS - Maker of the Heil AMT tweeter, speakers and headphones
I hope you take advantage of the audio open houses that are held in your area. I really enjoyed last years open house at Synergistic Research. They have a great listening room!
David Pritchard

Surabaya, Indonesia. Now rainy season, temperatures drop as low as 21 C (about 70 F)  in the early morning.
Indianapolis, IN, here. It was 0(F), yesterday morning. This morning(0400R), it was 46(F).   
Because of the intolerance, hate, and prejudice that is frequent, common, and consistent on this site I will not state my country but will state that I am so glad not to live or have been born in the US I do travel their on business and you do not have such a special place as so many of you are brainwashed to belief!
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It is so ironic that  some foreigners bash our great nation, yet who do they turn to when in trouble...just say'in.":

You think people turn to you but in fact they don't except for those who are willing, content, and satisfied to accept "aid' from the US who wouldn't take free money it only makes sense most of the rest of the world has little use for you're corrupt, failing, disfunctional system just look at the murders on your streets and in your schools.
Hey guys, lets not ruin this thread or they will take it down. I think it's cool hearing from all these places around the word. Let's keep it about top line audio, not political agendas and opinions. I was wondering why there were 10 times as many views as post. If people think they are going to be bashed, they will just not post. So knock it off...…  
Nitrobob...it's too bad that your thread was ruined by one individual ...idiotthink I believe it was. 
        By the way I'm originally from New Yawk but currently reside in New England.
otis2bad1 posts".it's too bad that your thread was ruined by one individual ...idiotthink I believe it was."

I am flatterred, honored, and humbled that you chose and decided to registe rfor an account, user name, and password on this site just to insult me with you're juvenile, immature, infantile effort to insult, degrade, and humiliate me by using the term "idiotthink" this shows you're humor is somewhere on the third-grade US level which is kindergarten level for most of the rest of the modern world.
I’m gonna stay away from the personal and political, but like many hobbies or passions, hi-fi transcends boundaries and cultures- i’ve had many interesting visits over the years to listening rooms, record collections and dealers in other countries and correspond with many involved in different facets of music and its reproduction all over the world.
NY metro for me for 36 years,
Austin, TX.
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@fixedincome-what beautiful country out there! I was privileged to experience the wonders of Yellowstone as well as Yosemite. I've been to several countries, but the diverse natural beauty of our America is mighty tough to rival!
Northern Michigan.Enjoying the outdoors and hunkering down to listen to great tunes when the weather gets nasty.
Graduate from University of Wyoming. Love it all.
Currently residing near Pittsburgh...home of Donnie Iris.
Thomasville Georgia, south western Ga.  But I will always be from Pittsburgh.
For an upside down point of view, Brisbane, Australia. And no the tonearm does not fall upwards off the record!
First post here, because I actually know the answer to the question.  
Newtown Square, PA ... near King of Prussia.
@flatblackround. I have seen Donnie Iris in concert - Agora Ballroom, Columbus OH

now splitting time between Carlsbad CA and Seattle blessed!

as Whart said been fortunate to chase my Audio and music passion around the globe a bit. It is a universal language that transcends  and will overcome the illiterate and afraid....
St Louis, MO
Here if you dont like the weather, just wait a day and it will be totally different
Pasadena, California.  Relocated a few years ago from Princeton, New Jersey.  Love the SoCal weather.
Ha!  Went fishing for an Iris fan and found one. Thanks for chiming in Tomic601.
The Upper Penninsula of Michigan, the portion north of Wisconsin near Canada.  We call ourselves “Yoopers”.  More deer than people.  Deep in the woods, retired with my wife on a freshwater lake.  No neighbors.  Our long cold winters drive me into my music listening cave.  Thank goodness for snowplows, the internet, e-bay, Audiogon, Fed Ex and UPS, which keeps us connected to the world.  Without them, would never have access to tubes, vinyl, & equipment.   
I live in the mountains of Upper East Tennessee, the neck of the woods is called Blackbottom. 
Northern Crooked County, Chicago suburbs!
I am not going to mention anything about the weather...