Best POP audiophile recording/album...

Famous Blue Raincoat - Jennifer Warnes.

This is one of the best recorded/sounding 'POP' albums out there...

or do you know of one to beat this /one/?

Dewald Visser
Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark" is rated very highly, as well. Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" is also quite a sonic marvel.

Ricki Lee Jones, "Pop Pop" is quite good

I seem to recall back in the 80's constantly hearing Dire Straits, "Brothers in Arms" as a demo disc at stereo shops. I think it was more of a wow-factor kind of thing, as is Pink Floyd's The Wall. I find those kind of pop audiophile albums more of an amusement than enjoyment, but that's just my taste. I think many obviously feel there'd be two more for the list.

Susan Vega's first release Susan Vega...WOW!
Jennifer Warnes The good, maybe better than FBR
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Not the best,yet recorded very well...
Rosanne Cash "Rules of Travel" comes to mind at the moment.
"Life on a String" gets even better through HDCD decode.
XTC -- Apple Venus or Oranges and Lemons. Can listen to either of these over and over.
PORCUPINE TREE, "IN ABSENTIA" mix of old King Crimson, Jetro Tull and Genesis!!!
A couple that I love for their music and the recording....
Little Feat, "Waiting for Columbus"
Tom Waits, "Get behind the mule"
Jack Johnson, "In between dreams"
Ditto on the XTC... also "Oranges and Lemons"
Joe Jackson "Night and Day"
Joan Baez "Diamonds and Rust"
CSNY "Deja Vu"
Bruce Cockburn "Stealing Fire"
Supertramp "Crisis What Crisis"
Santana "Welcome"
Jennie Warnes, "Famous Blue Raincoat" is tough to beat. These listed below are great sonically (on my system) and are excellent music.

Eels, "Electro Shock Blues"
Eels, "Beautiful Freak"
Janis Ian, "Breaking Silence"
Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Couldn't Stand The Weather"
Kate Bush, "Aerial"
Daniel Lanois, "For Beauty of Winona"
The Doors, "An American Prayer"
GoldFrapp, "Felt Mountain"
Tori Amos, "Boys for Pele"
Bjork, "Post"
Cassandra Wilson, "New Moon Daughter"
Rickie Lee Jones "Pop Pop"
Rickie Lee Jones "Traffic from Paradise"
Dead Can Dance, "Serpents Egg"
Roger Waters, "Amused to Death"
Yello, "Flag"

Evaluated from my LP's, I don't have any of these on CD.
I forgot about Janis Ian - Breakin the silence. Now that's a super album! I get lost in its sonic tapestry!

PORCUPINE TREE "IN ABSENTIA" kind of a mix between Jethro Tull, Genesis and old King Crimson
I agree 110% with your list, especially the Waters, Rickie Lee and Cassandra picks. Ill add Cassandra Wilson/Jacky Terrasson "Rendezvous", and Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Sessions".
I like The Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Sessions" because it not only sounds great but the music is pretty good. Most of these sonic spectaculars have unfortunately bad or boring, or both music. I tend to stay away from Audiophile stuff, but with digital mastering continuing to improve there are better and better versions of great albums coming out all the time now, especially in jazz.
Marco, you got that right with Pop Pop, though I would rate it excellent, not quite good...
Albert, I am jealous, you found Goldfrapp on LP? Did you get it straight from UK? I have trolled Ebay for a while and never seen one available.

I would also say several Supertramp albums are very well recorded, and believe it or not the Shins album Oh Inverted World sounds great on vinyl even though the CD is merely OK IMHO.
Which version of Famous Blue Raincoat - Jennifer Warnes do you have? My version does not sound that great ie: flat & lack in dynamics. I must have a very early version.
BTW, my current vote for the best Pop "audiophile" CD recording is Folk is the New Black - Janis Ian.
For those familar with Janis Ian, IMO this is one of her best to-date, great songwriting/singing & a 1st rate recording as well. At least equal or better than Breaking Silence.
I love Janis Ian, but "great singing?" You can't mean her voice. Maybe her passion?
What's the deal with Jennifer Warnes Blue Raincoat? I have the recording and it is truly audiophile quality. But the choice of material. Uggh, IMHO..
Hey Warrenh,
I have grown to enjoy Janis Ian "great singing", yes I meant her voice as well. She's does not have the "best" voice but again YMMV. If I were to compare Janis to say Jennifer Warnes, they are of a different league as far as I 'm concern. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both singers but if I were to choose, it won't be difficult.
Bronski Beat - really club music, but almost pop.

Robby Robertson has too much soul to be called "pop".

Albert, I am jealous, you found Goldfrapp on LP? Did you get it straight from UK? I have trolled Ebay for a while and never seen one available.

Yes, I own all three Goldfrapp LP's, British pressings, try Amazon UK.

The last time I visited the site they were still showing as available. All three LP's are wonderful and Alison Goldfrapp is extremely cute, (very tiny) little blonde headed girl with an angel voice. I enjoy looking at the LP art almost as much as the music :^).
Anything by Tom Petty ( a fanatic about sound quality )
INXS ( also fanatical about sound)
Simple Minds (again fanatical about sound quality)
Mark Knopfler ( of course who else woudl be fanatical - the first CD no less - Bro's in Arms)
Susan Vega ( absolutely great sound )
Robbie Williams ( again a fanatic about sound quality )
Dixie Chicks (I don't care for 'em but again great sound quality)
Kate Bush
Lou Reed
Stevie Wonder
Peter Gabriel
Tina Turner

to name a few...

No need to mention which speakers were used in the recording/mastering process...
A few more, generally high quality recordings

Jean Michel Jarre
Van Morrison
Paul Mccartney
Mike Oldfield
Robert Plant
Phil Collins
My Captain &Tennille record sounds fantastic on my new system.
"Love Will Keep Us Together" has never sounded SOOO good,the Captain's organ is IN the room and Tennille(gotta luv'er) is RIGHT THERE.
Makes it all worth it.
Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter" is probably the nicest recording I have. I guess I'll have to check out "Famous Blue Raincoat"!

Eva Cassidy - Songbird / Live At Blues Alley

Charlie Haden / Pat Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky

Aaron Neville - Warm Your Heart / Bring It On Home 

Jackson Browne - Running on Empty' 

Rolling Stones - Stripped 

Eric Clapton - Unplugged 

Ok, Beyond the Missouri Sky is a jazz album, but still it is an incredibly well recorded, performed, and approachable album.