Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under

 Been looking around for speakers in the 15K range and under. Most of my music is listened to on Vinyl but recently purchased a Aurender N10 for streaming which I am really happy with. I listen to a very wide range of music, some classical, jazz, classic rock, punk and metal. About 10 years ago I got rid of my 70’s era JBL and Pioneer speakers and they both really played everything well. Now it seems difficult finding the right all around speaker.  FYI, I like playing loud and want to hear the bass, but not wanting to go with subs. 

 So far I have listened with my set-up the new Magico A-3 and was impressed. Also on different gear at a dealer Monitor Audio Platinum 300 (I liked) but wasn’t a fan on the same set-up Totem Wind Design, Aerial 7T or ProAc D48R. In fairness to the Proacs I liked the sound but there was a lot of boominess at the dealer and in a fairly large listening area. Might have to go to a different dealer and listen again. Listened to the Legacy Signatures at Audio Doctor and was really impressed. 

 So my short list is Magico A-3, Legacy Focus SE, ProAc D-48R. Anything I’m missing that I should hunt down for a demo? I haven’t yet but by the encouragement of my salesman wants me to listen on my exact set-up the Focal Kanta and Sopra  as well. 

 Recently switched my front end and although my current speakers sound 100% better still not low enough and the highs become fatiguing afer awhile.
 Currently Gear:
McIntosh C2600 Preamp
McIntosh MC611 Monos
Aurender N10
Dr. Feikert Woodpecker TT with Jelco Tonearm/Koetsu Black Goldline, Denon 301II, Sumiko Blue Point
Speakers Kef Reference 3.

 Not willing to change any of my front end, just speakers. (And please no Tektons)
You might listen to some ATC speakers, especially the powered ones (great for rock, IMHO), or perhaps another pair of JBLs?
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@tlong1958 Was looking at the new JBL’s but haven’t found where to listen to them. I know Music Direct has a return policy but it is a hassle packing up big speakers. 
Legacy Focus XD instead of SE.  Gives you all the bass you could need with built in amps for the woofers. $12,600 list in standard finishes should sound practically the same except less power needed.

Your 611's would just be idling. Would also give you the ability to add the Wavelet processor at a later time if wanted or needed.
The Revel F228Be should be on your list.  During the demo I sat in at Axpona they played everything from light female-vocal centered jazz to Rammstein and they didn't miss a beat with any of it, great detail and subtlety with the light stuff, rocked out hard with no dynamic compression on the hard stuff.  

Another option is the JTR 215RT.  They aren't pretty (though Jeff over at JTR will custom paint them with whatever finish you'd like for an upcharge) but they rock out hard, dig down below 20hz, and handle detail with a poise that belies their size.
I have a friend with the JBL 4367's and they do what you require but to me not much to look at.
@trknomo,  Ok, you hate NY dealers, Just spend some time to
listen My Bache Audio speakers,  Just listen
@jackd Dave at Audio Doctor mentioned the XD’s to me but seem they work best with the Wavelet processor. Not sure if I want to turn my analog into a digital signal.I really like the sound of my tube preamp. And with the 611’s I should have enough to make the SE’s really rock
@bache No I dont hate NY dealers, just the hassle of getting in and out is what drives me crazy. Although I have a friend I can drag along and she loves going to the city, so maybe take her for a day visiting some audio stores there as well.
 I have looked at your website in the past and wasn’t sure if they would give me the bass response I was looking for. Any recommendation on what model? The pricing is very attractive. 
I talked to another dealer about the Focus SE and XD several months ago and the idea of the Wavelet being a necessary addition was not what I got.  It was pitched to me as an option for an untreated or difficult room where standard treatment methods were not practical or not WAF.  As my dedicated room is well treated and measures well plus I already have subs integrated in the system it was deemed to be not necessary but an option for a later date.  As is with your gear you have plenty of power so bass power could be more than acceptable.  My current Nola KO's measure -6 db at 25 hz in my room so the subs were not "necessary" but are there for reinforcement.  
 The Bache Audio-002 get  absolute the best , very tight and punch , they get unique split and seamless bass , 10" Vifa driver , located  on
bottom   response for lower bass    28-150 Hz and 8" aluminum cone
driver located in front baffle , response for midbass , i have 2 sets
one in my room , another in Audiodoctor in NJ , 
+1 ATC - active ATC work well with the C2600. The tube pre adds some warmth but without losing detail. If you like loud with effortless ease (no boominess or dustortion) then ATC are among the best.
@bache I’ll make it a point to have Dave show them to me next time I am there. Only listened to the Legacy and Persona last time there. 

It was a pleasure to have you in for a visit. The Bache speakers are quite good, Bache's big model with the active bass is here and they are very enjoyable speakers. The top end is not quite as detailed as the Legacy's but the Bache speakers are quite magical in their own right.
Jackd is correct, the XD version is designed to offer the advantages of active bass,  the Wavelet can be added as a full electronic crossover,  to allow for room correction, and eq or you can use the speakers just by themselves with a set of cables from the preamp going to the internal amp. 

The Wavelet can be wired as a full preamp, a preamp and dac,  or just a crossover. 

The surprising thing is how good the $5k Wavelet is as a full system. 

The Legacy setup at the New York Audio Show was unbelieavably good, they had the Aeris at $25k with the Wavelet, and the Focus XD with  the Wavelet, at $16k and even the Calibre's which were active at $6,700 add in the Wavelet at $5k  and you had a remarkable compact system with just a pair of fully active loudspeakers, and a preamp,dac, crossover, and room correction processor with a combined price of $11,700.00 just add a streamer and  you are done!  

Many music lovers would be amazed by what you can accomplish with a full range design with active bass or a semi active design with passive bass. 

If you are looking for a big sounding speaker with amazing bass then the active Legacy Focus XD would be very hard to beat, you can always add in the Wavelet and boom add room correction. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
 Buy a pair of klipschorns and put the rest in the bank. You can thank me later ...........
+2 ATC.  Definitely not bloated bass, and midrange dynamics and power that are perfectly suited to what you're looking for.  And with your electronics I don't think harsh sound is a concern.  Think of your 70s speakers taken to much higher levels across the board.  Go hear a pair -- they may wreck you for everything else.  Best of luck in your search. 

Check out Usher, the Mini Dancer II's, BE-10, BE-20, or the X-towers. I have both the Mini Dancer II's and recently moved up the chain to the X-towers. Fantastic speakers especially for the $$$$. 
I have a McIntosh system, the C2500 tube preamp, MC152 amp and MR88 tuner.  I am driving Golden Ear Triton Reference speakers.  These speakers go very low and have a built in amp for the bass.  The sound of my system is to die for and at 100+db. spl, I am only using 50 watts on peaks.  The speakers are 93.5db efficient.  Check them out, you might be pleasantly surprised.  Their black lacquer wood cabinets are to die for.
Aerial Acoustics 10t
NHT 3.3
B&W 801

Used B&W 800 D3... this speaker can dance. Not sure used what they’re going for so might still be outside your budget.
Paradigm Persona 3F $10k and their Persona sub! With a modest discount it meets your budget.

i bought this year the Persona 7F’s and Persona sub and I never miss my B&W 802 Diamond 3’s
Paradign’s definitely can rock. Not listened to the B&W 802 D3’s, but the 800 D3’s with a PS Audio BHK 250 and ARC Ref 6 was very lifelike. Best I’ve heard from B&W’s by far. Filled a large room to levels louder than I like, but was very controlled and non fatiguing. The 800 D3’s can definitely boogie. 

I've not listened to the Paradign Persona 3F but was impressed with the older Signature S8’s. I found the top end a little too hot for me but they can play loud and rock effortlessly as well. I heard them on Anthem gear so that might contribute to the brightness, so maybe better SS or tubes would have been what they needed for me. Remember thinking they rocked though, but nothing like the B&W 800 D’s, but at 1/4 or less the price I wouldn’t expect them to, but impressive nonetheless.
 also check out the latest KEF Ref range. The 3s should be in your price bracket. Maybe a used set of 5’s? 
Have to say thanks for all the good info and staying on track. So I do believe I need to get back to AudioDoctor and listen again to the Legacy and Bache Audio. 

 Also as jackd mentioned the JBL’s will get the job done and may be very happy with them but aesthetically may not be the best. Although there are a few places in NJ I can check out to listen. 

 As far as ATC speakers, not really wanting to go to a full active design although I have heard good things about them, but I do have amps I like that are very new. 

 Golden ear...I actually went to a dealer to listen to them and he basically tried hard to talk me out of them. So the demo wasn’t the best. Again maybe somewhere else. 

 Klipschorne.. I only have one corner but do like the sound. My gf has a Klipsch setup she got from WorldWide and does sound pretty good. Bookshelves with a sub.

 My Mcintosh dealer also as I mentioned has the Focal, Paradigm and B&W that I can listen to as well as the Magicos again.

 Learned the hard way and when going to future auditions going to bring a combo of Vinyl and CD’s. Everything from Avenged Sevenfold to Zeppelin. No more audio store tracks with music that I would never listen to at home. 
@anygreg..If you read my first post I already have the KEF Ref 3’s. Maybe great speakers for some but not me. Again was a speaker I thought I listened to more than enough, but was always their music not mine. I was really excited when I got them, but that faded very fast once I got deeper into my music. The Uniq driver I find very fatiguing, I just want to curl up in a ball with my hands over my ears sometimes. So these will be up here on the classifieds once I make up my mind
@trknomo. Are you able to audition System Audio Speakers? I have the Ranger Masters and boy can these mothers Rock!, but with transparency and musicality. For Speakers, mentioned, that I've auditioned they comfortably best JBL Everests & B&W 802's.
They have an upmarket line called Pandion, which I'm yet to hear, but will rectify that soon, these could be what you are looking (listening) for.
Good luck.

FYI, ATC makes both active and passive speakers, and as your amps have plenty of juice to drive their passive speakers I'd still highly recommend you go give them a listen given what you're looking for. 

@initforthemusic  Interesting infomation, but cant seem to find a US distributor. There is one by me but only have the Active Bookshelf speakers.

@soix Have to look into that and have a listen...Tks
@james37 may be able to help. In his post he bought some SA's from Wilson Audio, Metairie LA.
Search around, there were some ProAc Studio 148 slim towers for sale for less than $2500.  Use with Soundocity SEV9 outriggers.  Love the sound of mine with my Audio Refinement (YBA) gear, modified RP6 and custom cables.
The 148s use the same silk dome tweeter as the reference line and are setup for a quicker PRAT than the reference line.  Solid down to 25Hz with the bottom firing ports and tune-able using foam inserts.
If I had a budget of ~$15K and lived in N.J., which I do, I would make a trip to Audio Connection in Verona and pick up a pair of Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT and be done with my speaker chase. One of the best sounds I’ve heard, without a doubt.
Get a couple of phased array type PA speakers and an 18" powered sub, then you can rock yer gonzagas off and entertain the neighbors for much less than 15K.
@kalali.  If you live in NJ , you can save money and made shorter
trip to Audio Doctor in Jersey City, The Best place to buy speakers,
end everything else, Dave can find  speakers according you budget.
@kalali I did visit Audio Connection last fall and listened to the Quatro’s and the big Proacs. Unfortunately I was there listening to some preamps so didnt pay that much attention, but yes would be worth a trip back there. Johnny was pretty cool.  I do like the fact that he would set the up at your house. I forget the fee but it was minimal considering I’m about 2 hrs away. Although I was looking at preamps he was def touting the Quatros while I was there. 
@initforthemusic  Yes La. is a bit far to travel, but might be worth the trip for an excuse to have some crawfish etouffee and gumbo. 
Trknomo, I would certainlty invite you back a second time, to hear the Legacy's again. I don't remember if we played you the ATC or the KEF Reference speakers as well.

It all comes down to your definition of what "rocks."  To me it is about a feeling of effortlessness, clarity, dynamic range and the ability to sound big. 

I don't think you will find a store with a wider selection of affordable reference loudspeakers then ours. we can show you the Legacy Focus, the Pardigm Person 3F with Paradigm sub package, the Kef Ref 3, and we have a fantastic demo pair of  Dali Epicon 8 as well, and now we have the Bache speakers which have some charms uniquely their own.

Those demo pair of Dali Epicon's might do the trick they are fantastic sounding and totally stunning to look at.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
You may look at used speakers.  If so they the B&W 802 or 801.  These speakers rock your world.
@audiotroy Yes I will be making another trip back to see you and listen to speakers again. I was just putting feelers out the first time I stopped by and not knowing all what to expect or what you had avail. We listened to the Signatures connected to the Naim and CJ gear. Also the big Paradigms with the T&A front end. We briefly listened to the Ref 3’s in your theatre room, but that is what I currently have and very disappointed with. They are the cause of my next speaker purchase.
I’ll be sure to give you a call soon. Going to start selling my old gear and as soon as I move the Ref 3’s, I’ll be back to see you 
I have a friend who listens to a lot of loud rock and roll and loves his Wilson Sasha W/P’s. They are very "revealing".

I have another rocker friend who adores his Klipsch LaScala’s, but with those you might need a sub woofer, or two.  From the Klipsch website:
  • Capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range
Your musical tastes are wide, like mine. And with the speakers you are looking at, as well as the gear you have, you owe it to your process to try to hear Daedalus Audio speakerS, like the Ulysses or Argos, or one of Lou’s new 10” bass driver models for a lil more coin. I’ve owned U’s and Argos (currently selling my Argos for unrelated reasons). Beautiful solid hardwood heirloom quality design. And boy can they “rock” with a slightly warm, organic and natural sound that is def not lacking in detail, with a level of humanness and realism missed in a lot of hi-end speakers. Big and bold when called needed yet delicate and dynamic for classical too. There are owners around willing to do demos and there is a dealer/demo room in the DC area. Otherwise Lou sells direct. Check out the gear/systems owners have. Oh, Daedalus has a circle over on AudioCircle. I really believe these are worth a look based on your gear and music. 
Jriggy..I actually have some customers in the DC/Tysons Corner area that are overdue for a visit from me. So may be a good side trip for me. Nothing like business with a bit of pleasure
“@kalali. If you live in NJ , you can save money and made shorter
trip to Audio Doctor in Jersey City...”

I’m sure I will when I’m ready to upgrade. Every time I visit these high-end Audio stores for just browsing I end up having to deal with serious depression and hating my own gear😂 Or worse yet, end up buying something just on the whim.
Somehow Audio Shows are okay since they seem “educational”😁.
Google Spatial and Pure Audio Project.  Both will knock your socks off.  No more box speakers.  Make a effort to hear them and your search should be done.
Emerald Physics top of the line is ~ $10K

I have been enjoying KC IIs with upgraded internal wiring from WireWorld

MSRP is $2500 + $500 wire upgrade. My room is 17 x 34. I supplement with 2 SVS powered subs, but the larger series has both 12 and 15 drivers and DSP to really dial in your room