CD player closest to vinyl?

What CD players sound closest to vinyl?
The ones with special circuits to introduce surface noise, pops, ticks, etc.?

Seriously, the sound of the best CD players and teh best vinyl tend to converge.

The CD player I have heard that sounded most like vinyl to me was the $20000 DCS Puccini.

My $500 mhdt Constantine DAC used with various player sources in my main system comes close.
The ones with special circuits to introduce surface noise, pops, ticks, etc.?
Playback Designs MPS5 does a damn good job of mimicking my Project RPM10.1/Sumiko Blackbird IMHO

Even more than the EMM Labs XDS1.
I like vinyl as well as CD, though I would not say that my CD preference was made based on how it compared to my, or any other vinyl, setup.

I like the Naim CD555 that I purchased. I also like Burmester CD players (even more expensive than the Naim), and I like Audionote (uk) DACs.
None so far is right but that depends on your TT also! The new Sim Audio CDP for $8K is one of the better sounding CDPs from what I was told.
I got one that pops and ticks when I play it but my woofer cones don't go in and out and sway back and forth so I can't help. And I can't sing 'she'll be coming around the mountain' like for a slow meandering black vinyl disc because that dam shiny cd disc goes so fast I can't come up with a pleasant song for that.
it's a rhetorical question, since vinyl=turntable, arm and cartridge, and lp.

vinyl does not have a unique sound,as a result of the aforementioned variables.
I find that most digital systems can't quite get the lack of compression of vinyl. It's especially obvious when I turn the volume knob higher.

The EMM Labs/Playback Designs DAC is unique in that it is a 2xDSD DAC (PCM is converted to 2xDSD before conversion to analog) and I find that it makes my CDs and especially SACDs sound less compressed and closer to vinyl.

But the Playback has that same midbass emphasis I get with my Project RPM10.1/SumikoBB/Bel Canto Phono3 combination. The EMM Labs is a bit more extended and detailed to a lower octave.

I think they are both well worth a listen.
If you want the sound of vinyl use a turntable, not a cd player. They are different mediums and basically sound different. Both can be very enjoyable but not the same
I have enjoyed the Lector CDP 0.6t and CDP 7t MkIII. With the right tubes they are very very musical and close to vinyl. YMMV.
Surprised no one has mentioned the Rega players yet. That's exactly why I bought one. I would agree that Naim is very good as well. I have heard interesting things about the tubed models such as PrimaLuna's, but have never had a chance to hear one.
The Resolution Audio CD50 I bought about 8 years ago was good enough to make me sell off my vinyl. It took a couple of years to come to that decision to sell. No regrets.
I recently purchased a factory hot-rodded Theta Compli Blu that is so good it takes my breath away. Taking nothing away from the above mentioned higher priced players, if memory serves me right, my SOTA / Koetsu Rosewood / SME V rig wasnÂ’t even in the same ball park as the Theta.
While they can both be satisfying I agree with Ahendler, they are different mediums and sound different. There are some things that vinyl does that I haven't heard yet with digital, things that are important to me which is present the air and space around massed string instruments and vocals in the manner you hear it live. Having said that I haven't heard too many SOTA players out there but I just can't imagine them doing this in the manner that analog playback does, it is just so apparent.
Whats the best Vinyl rig closest to a CD player?..IMO about as stupid as the first
Just finished comparing the Lee Morgan's Cooker RVG cd vs the King's pressing of the vinyl and sounds virtually the same on my VPI Classic table vs my Raysonic CD 128 with 6dJ8 tubes. The soundstage on the vinyls sounds slightly wider. YMMV.
I always find these types of questions to be a bit my view, you want digital that sounds like excellent digital and analog that sounds like excellent analog. Each format excels at different things, so if you try to get one that excels at the other's specialties, then you just wind up with a compromised product IMHO.
Ahendler, "If you want the sound of vinyl use a turntable, not a cd player."

Thank you! Every once in a while, someone puts things so brilliantly right that it needs to be wildly applauded.

Ahendler, "If you want the sound of vinyl use a turntable, not a cd player."

Trouble with this is that the needle has no groove to track on a cd.

Storage format dictates the equipment required, for me.
There are none. Digital is digital. But you could make vinyl sound digital, just put it through a A to D converter.
If you are asking, which CDP maintains or presents a more analog sound, timbre and warmth. I have been very pleased with my Ayre C5xe-mp especially since the MP upgrade. However, I can't be fooled if someone does a blind A-B between LP and CDP, but it is close, in my opinion.
Have to agree with ( Theo ) I have the same Ayre player, but I use mine as a transport and link it to an Audio Research DAC 8. I won't say it's like vinyl but it's as close to it, as digital has come, and still managed to keep digitals superiority in a few area's.
I have an Ayre CD player too - the CX7e which is similar to the C5xe that I've heard too - and while the Ayre CDP's are very good, I wouldn't characterize them as being analog-sounding. They sound like good digital players, with tonality completely different (more forward, less midrange-centric) than good analog setups.

Again, as Ahendler said, if you're looking for analog-like digital, you're barking up the wrong tree IMHO. Good analog setups achieve a level of smoothness uncommon to CD largely due to the higher resolution of their design, not to an inherent warmth...CDP's that try to replicate this type of sound conversely have to reduce resolution to "smooth over the rough edges" inherent in CD playback. So if you try to get an "analog sounding" CDP, you might wind up getting one that's lower resolution than one that's just a good digital player (which the Ayre is, IMHO).

You can use a FW-SPDIF or USB-SPDIF box.

I have used a Weiss INT202 and it's a good combo.

I have also used an optical cable
I would say audio aero cdp just couldnt resist the magical warmth and details of a digital player so romantic i would put it, sounding similar to vinnyl analog..

but unfortunatelly i have owned one and have a day and night listening performance, but now it has problem of switching on and off by itself while playing.. Any kind advice on how to repair this? Thanks alot guys...

Best regards
Jonathan p
Sidekick, hi there, i am using the capitole mk2 .. Do you have experiece? Some other threads suggests to replace the ac dc power module chinfa KAM 3005 , do you know where to buy this?