Coldplay on Quad 988

I am a few months into a pair of Quad 988. When the music is right they sound excellent. Vocal best I have heard. I have recently acquired the last three Coldplay CDs and all of them sound bad except when there is only vocal on the recording. Again with vocal they are excellent.
The music part of Coldplay is heavy distorted and in my mind very unattractive. What is going on?
I've bought 2 coldplay albums because my wife likes them, it was a total waste of money....unlistenable.
yep..Holds true to most current radio type bands/music.They call it appealing to the masses I believe.With my system maybe 90% if not more of my cd collection is now not worth playing..Thats what happens when you move up the chain in higher end audio gear these days..Bad recordings sound even worse
You're hearing the compression that the record labels demand. Makes it louder for radio play. Doesn't work out well with high resolution stereo.

Might want to find a better band anyway, though. ( : Not sure why coldplay is so popular...
I for one enjoy listening to coldplay on my system. I like the electronic noise, as it is only used on some tracks...There are some really great tracks in their early stuff that don't really have any of the problems that seem to make you guys upset...
I have a couple of their CD's also. Lets put it this way, most of my other CD's sound better. They are not terrible but should have been recorded better.
Viva La Vida (CD) is not th e stuff that audiophiles drool over, which is too bad, because it could be.

I recall "Parachutes" being better overall but would have to give another listen.
Thanks everyone. I was getting worried.
I will sleep better and listen to the true good recordings I enjoy.
The 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' cd especially tracks #3 & #6 sound very good to my ears.
For me, the better ones' system is the better the lesser engineered cd's will sound, not the better your gear the more unplayable cd's will sound.IMHO.
If anyone wants to donate their unplayables, of which their seems to be many, I know a good home that will gladly play them, and enjoy them, also! lol........
Coldplay's "Parachutes" Capitol Reissue Album on 180g LP is nice and sounds just fine. Distortion is not a problem on this album. On La Vida on CD is ok, although I'm not a fan. Parachutes is better in my opinion.
Although most of the above posts re recording quite true, I'd also take a second look at the transient performance, separation and dynamic (contrast) capabilities of your other gears as well. Especially the source, pre-amp.

I think a forgiving speaker is more appropriate, such as Aerial 10Ts.

So you are recommending that he change speakers because his Coldplay discs sound bad? Great advice.
"So you are recommending that he change speakers because his Coldplay discs sound bad? Great advice."

I think he's just saying that a more forgiving speaker will make the coldplay recording quality more palatable...
IMO..I would never want or buy any gear that mask the quality (or lack of) in a recording..Makes no sense if you think about it..
A recording is what it is. I vote to let it all shine through, for better or for worse.

A remaster might help or not. You would think not in this case since this is a modern recording of a high profile top selling band and that there is no reason to get it wrong in the first place. The sound is probably just what the producers wanted it to be and not geared towards the piddling audiophile market.
Playing Coldplay on a good speaker is just wrong
If it sounds good get rid of your entire system

First of all, Coldplay recordings are not as great as they should be.

Second, I think your initial post provides more insight than you thought - When the music is right they sound excellent. What other rock do you listen to on your Quads that sounds excellent? I've listened to DSOTM on a system that conststed of Quads and probably $100k of associated gear and IMHO it just wasn't right. Vocals, acoustic guitar - very, very enjoyable. Anything rock - not so much. Given the listening habits of this system's owner I'm sure this was more than fine with him. These are some of the tradeoffs when assembling a system.
Coldplay are compressed. Not as bad as Arctic Monkeys but compressed nevertheless. Look up "Loudness Wars" on google. I like Coldplay but like many fans we have to put up with sound that works best on a car system..