Cost effective Schumann Resonator

After reading about the Acoustic Revive unit, I was looking on Ebay and found a Schumann Resonator for $175 (plus $20 for a very nice plexiglass case). It's model designation is Chartres Mk.2. It is made by a fellow named David in Indonesia. He was a pleasure to deal with, start to finish. The unit arrived in about 10 days. The fit and finish was reassuring. It is a circuit board with good quality components mounted between two sheets of well cut and finished plexiglass.
I have read, and failed to understand a lot that has been written about Schumann resonators, but I am willing to. Suspend disbelief and try a tweak that a lot of folks say works. My initial reaction on hooking up the resonator was disbelief. Sound stage and localization were noticeably better. I had to disconnect and reconnect the unit several times to convince myself that I wasn't fooling myself. Mechanism of action be hanged, it made a very positive difference in my system. This finding was confirmed my moving it to a second system where, again, spatial information seemed much improved.
I am very happy with this purchase. Results rule!
I'm a sucker for effective and (relatively) affordable tweeks. How does this connect to the system? I see an interconnect plugged into it in the one pictures.
The Schumann Resonators do not connect to the system at all. They just plug into the wall and produce a low frequency pulse that shields you and the equipment in the room from rfi. I have one and it does have an effect on the sound. I also have one in my bedroom and I am sleeping much better with it
It doesn't connect to the system directly. It works by generating a wave that damps EMF as best as I can distill from the explanations that vary from arcane to absurd. I really don't understand it well, but my ears are happy with the result after a long afternoon of connecting and disconnecting it with a good spread of sources and recordings.
Hi all, please don't take this the wrong way. I don't want to rain on anybody's parade or anything and I certainly don't doubt what anybody hears with it, but just be aware that it's my understanding that the Schumann Resonator is actually designed to, in effect, pump out a sizable enough 'sheild', or 'dome', of a form of EMI/RFI into the listening area. It's sort of like fighting 'fire' (the comparatively weaker, but random, sources of EMI/RFI from the in-wall wiring, the components and any other electrical source of EMI/RFI in the immediate area, as well as that which is passing through the air) with 'fire' (a much stronger and steady-state dose of EMI/RFI in a localized area). This will act to swamp the more weakly interacting and individualized effects and, to a degree, the area will then act as one larger, single orientation of it. This may actually be all well and good as far as your equipment goes, but for people it may not exactly be the most healthy thing to do. EMI/RFI pollution in daily life is not especially a good thing and there are known health hazards associated with it. You may have heard that it is not really recommended, for example, to live too close to high-tension towers because of that. The thing to keep in mind with it here is that the majority of people appear to live their whole lives without any real indication of being affected by it. But, often allergy sufferers and, particularly, people with auto-immune diseases can feel its effects, but in general some people are perhaps less sensitive to it than others. And it may be that you are not susceptible to it at all. All I'm saying is to just pay some long-term attention to your time spent with the Resonator. If you begin to notice any unexplained headaches, fatigue or allergy-like symptoms that, over time, you can correlate to your listening sessions with the Resonator on, then you may be one of the folks that can be affected by the device. Some people who use one say that they do not like to leave the unit on all the time, only when they listen, and say that otherwise leaving it on 24/7 tends to make them feel slightly ill after too much time spent in the same room with it. Should it prove to be a problem for you, I know there are other equally effective and inexpensive methods to fight EMI/RFI in your system that can be explored. I've even seen some that are so effective at ridding the immediate area of EMI/RFI that they can actually offer health benefits for people sensitive to its effects - just the opposite from using the Resonator. Hope this helps. Regards, John
The Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz is actually a natural electromagnetic resonance in the ionosphere produced by lighting storms and solar radiation. The Schumann frequency is very close to the alpha wave frequency used for relaxation and meditation. It should be pointed out that since EMI/RFI frequencies are very high, in the GHz range, the Schumann frequency, being very low, would not interfere with them, I.e., block, absorb, etc.
What a very kind and reasoned post, John, thank you! I have to think that only something like a whole house Faraday cage would be effective at eliminating environmental EMI/RFI. And not many would want to bear the expense and hassle of implementing such a device....

I have a Quantum device, which I believe does the same thing, that's been in my system for many years and I think I'm ohque.

All the best,
RW: Thank you very much for the kind words. I think there is at least one alternative that has appeared only in the last month or so from Alan Maher designs (AMd or Alan P Maher on his facebook store). I don't yet know all that much about how it works except that it shunts environmental EMI/RFI to ground. A wallwart sized plug-in for an open outlet and you start with one plugged into each of the 4 corners of your home. Called the "Quad Cell Antenna" - cost: $40 ea. Haven't tried it yet, but I probably will early next year. User comments have also included the reduction in the amount of ringing in the well as reduction of pressure in the head or sinuses immediately upon plug in, for some. Alan, apart from designing a very wide (sometimes bewilderingly so) array of noise reduction products for AV use, is also an allergy sufferer and has learned for himself how to design all his products with that angle in mind. It should be pointed out though that Alan has done a lot more examination into the health ramifications with EMI/RFI than I and says (as is on his site in posts as recently as yesterday) that EMI/RFI poisoning is linked to increased risks of cancer (which he goes a bit into). He also specifically deals with the Schumann Resonator, as do some of the users who've used both it and the QC Antenna. The QC Antenna has an AV range of about every 10 feet or so in the area near the system and a range of about every 250-300 sq ft for health benefits. But, that should at least be a start for anyone looking to boost AV performance - and reduce health risks from environmental EMI/RFI....except for Nonoise, for whom it's apparently too late... ;)
I use 6 Schumann devices in my listening room. 4 units are about 6 feet off the ground and the other 2 units are about 2 feet off the ground. The effect on SQ is very noticeable. A big improvement.
After reading this, I've looked into them a bit. What difference is there between a $38 unit versus a more expensive one, say the $175 one, besides just the cost? Does the higher priced one work better than the lower priced one in a larger room because it has more power? I guess I have more reading to do to.

Acoustic Revive cost a lot more than that. Do you have a link for a $38 Schumannn?
Bought one of these out of curiosity. It doesn't do a thing for me. I'm not saying it doesn't make a difference, just that I can't detect anything. I guess it's a lot like cables. Some folks hear it, others don't.
I think there's some degree of difference depending on the speakers and maybe other equipment in a given system as to the effects one perceives. I noticed considerably more noticeable effects with my previous speakers than my current ones.
The recommended height is around five feet off the floor and between the speakers. If the unit is tunable you might want to try to find the sweet spot. I have often wondered how the 25,000 mile long Schumann wave fits in the room. :-)
Had the unit about 4 to 5 feet off the floor, just to the left of the left speaker. Will try it between the speakers at 5 ft. in a few days. Will post results at that time.

I am using several Schumann Resonators in my system. The quality of the power supply and dc lead feeding the SR makes an enormous difference to the sound. I have experimented from a $25.00 wall wart linear power supply, to 12v battery powered, to the fabulous Paul Hynes SR5. The SQ difference between the wall wart to the SR5 is like comparing a lamp cord to Odin PC. The difference is that significant. SR placement can yield interesting results as well. I have tried; under speaker cables close to speaker binding post, under pre-amp, under IC from pre-amp, next to power conditioners. All these different positions of the SR will give different sonic effects. If you only have one SR, my favourite spot is on the front wall between the speakers about 8’ off the floor. YMMV
Thanks for the input. Will try your recommendations and let you know the outcome. The wall wart I'm using is a generic adjustable one that comes with switchable end connectors of various type. The resonator is a middle of the road model ($75) with larger 16V, 10,000uf caps. Looks like I may have to pick up a better power supply.
If you must use a wall wart for power, try to find one that is a linear power supply.
Tried mine in the areas suggested with no changes, except when my wife asked if it was going to stay up there on the wall between the speakers. I guess I'm just one who doesn't hear it. Will probably sell it at a loss monetarily, but as a gain inquisitively.
WOW...WOW...WOW. I just tried the new Acoustic Revive RR-888 Schumann generator and what an improvement in my sound! Cleaner, more spacious, more control and wider sound stage! After 4 hrs of listening I even felt more relaxed. Brought it over to 3 other audiophiles and all heard the same improvement to a bit lesser degree than at my own studio but nevertheless a very nice improvement. This "tweak" will never leave my room.
Don't know what improvements Acoustic Revive have come out with from their RR-777 to this RR-888 unit but makes no difference it worksQ!

(Dealer disclaimer)
So, that's how it works, it relaxes you? Not the RFI/EMI thing that Acoustic Revive used to explain? Have they updated their explanation too?
I still have mine sitting unused. I paid $75 for it early this year. Think I'll list it "tweaks".
I've been listening to the original RR-77 for many years and it does do everything the manufacturer claims and I've too have felt "relaxed" during and after listening sessions.
Both the AR888 and the Fleabay version (I recommend the Chartres Resonator Mk2 version for better resolution and detail, esp with +12V LPS, there are tons of suppliers for that on Fleabay as well).
Positioning the AR-888 or alternative product is key, you need to experiment. I recommend the first one in the middle between the speakers, between 5ft and 6ft, the second one either on the back wall or on the side wall at the reflexion point (the same location you would put an acoustic panel). 
This tweak has no downside: it does not change the soundstage or induce imbalance but, because of how it functions, "cleans" the air in your listening room, resulting in more details and increased clarity.  Other tweaks or cables can have side effects. IME one of the best tweaks!
They sell a Schumann frequency CD all over the Internet probably Amazon, too, that will produce a 7.83 Hz acoustic tone in the room through any speakers, even bookshelf speakers. Of course the Acoustic Revive device and other similar units produce an electromagnetic wave. An electromagnetic wave, not to be confused with RFI or EMI or even a shield against RFI or EMI. An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 26,000 miles. We can get into how such a long wavelength wave fits into the room later. Lol


I also use and enjoy these Schumann frequency generators. As you pointed out positioning is a key to their being used with success. Too low in placement, and the sound is fuzzy with increased low frequencies. As the unit is elevated from the floor the focus and clarity improve. I have one between the speakers (my horn system), and one  behind the listener, both 
at a height of 6' 8" off the floor. Six inches of height change made all the difference between being an improvement versus just a change in sound.

I also have one installed inside the car - next to the interior ceiling and 1 foot behind the driver and passenger seats. Same effect- instruments have better focus. Confirmed by independent passengers who have no idea what I am turning on and off.

The ultimate version of this technology is the Synergistic Research Atmosphere Unit. It generates more than one frequency  and pulse duration.  This model is currently installed in my Terasonic speaker system, and allows you to synchronize the sound of each recording with the rooms acoustics. Adjusted easily using an I Pad as a remote control.

It allows each  recording to be heard at it's best. Expensive but to me, worth it.

David Pritchard

Question for users: why do you think location, especially height is important when placing the Schumann device? It just seems odd, I'm not doubting it. You know, what with the wavelength of the Schumann wave being so long and all, 26,000 miles long. 


While reading up on a new Clones music server I linked to their site and discovered that Funjoe has his version of a Schumann Resonator. He recommends a height of 5' and close placement to the listening position.

So I took out my Quantum version, which I've kept close to my system, in the rack, and placed it on a CD cabinet close to where I sit (about 1 yard) and it's 4' off the floor. What a difference it made. Much clearer presentation with better separation and a surprising increase in bass definition. There are real fingers plucking and pulling on those bass strings. It's really easy to hear the difference. Even the highs were better defined. There's a moment in a familiar recording where there's this shiny kind of shimmer, high up in the register, that turned out to be some very rapid high end piano key strokes, struck very softly. I can clearly hear piano foot pedals being engaged, sustained and released, when previously they just had a soft, thumpy impression of being used.

With the older placement, I heard only a slight improvement. Goes to show that I should keep up on things like this. Anyway, I was so impressed  that I went and ordered one from Clones Audio and it's even better than the Quantum unit. Much better. It has a slight buzz that you can hear with your ear close to it while the Quantum unit has a more aggressive buzz. Being a much older device, it might be on it's last legs.  The Clones device is also less than half the price of the Quantum unit, delivered from China. 

I put the older unit in my bedroom to see if there's any benefit and if there is, then there's going to be another Clones unit to order.

All the best,
Innocent questions: (1) Since the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave at the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz is equal to the circumference of the Earth 🌎 how can they fit a 25,000 mile long antenna into that little box? And (2) how can the Schumann frequency wave even fit into the room?

Haha, good questions.  On Amazon Prime, I can return it if it doesn't work.  So on this experiment, I'm really focussed on the results first.  If this thing has any affect, then I'll do more reading and maybe come back ready for debate.
Nonoise and James:

Experimentation is the Key to Having the Schuman generators improve the sound. Five to eight feet is often the normal range for best results and centered between the speakers.
I do like their effect using them in a traditional stereo system, a dedicated headphone system, and a car system. Acoustic Revive, Telos, Stein, and by far the most beneficial - the Synergistic  Research Atmosphere units. 

David Pritchard

Another inexpensive alternative, and one which I've explored, is the Schumann Frequency CD, available from any number of Internet stores. Of course the Schumann Frequency is not an electromagnetic wave but an acoustic wave. The trick is to get the 7.8 Hz frequency out into the room using ordinary speakers, if you see what I mean. 

@geoffkait But what if your speakers cannot go down to 7.8 Hz as most speakers cannot?
It's really the same sort of problem as for the electromagnetic wave Schumann generators that I alluded to earlier. Since the EM wave of 7.8Hz requires an antenna that’s 25,000 long how do they get the darn thing into that little box? 😬 By the same token, how can they get a 7.8Hz acoustic wave into the room - even with computer speakers that have a low end of what, 70Hz or something? Answer at 11.

Addendum: I was telling someone this morning about the Schumann frequency and the CD with the Schumann frequency on it. When I informed him he couldn’t hear 7.8Hz he asked, "why would I want to listen to it if I can’t hear it?" Which is, actually, a perfectly reasonable and valid question. 🙄

Somebody please buy something from @geoffkait so he'll stop trolling for a while!
It’s called schooling, not trolling, silly goose. Knowledge is what’s left after you subtract all that stuff from school you forgot a long time ago.
1977: Chick dancing with no shoes to a dead song about a mile from the venue, no music playing... “ she could feel it Geoff “
But since our good Sattelite shepherd passed physics, one should contemplate how any smallish recording venue manages to fit that low bass note into the room ? 
But our good mutual friends, dare I say colleagues at NASA and Harvard ( Cliffe for the Deadhead chicks previously mentioned, but a regress ) have done some work on human body natural resonance frequencies, effects of infrasonics, very interesting reading....
5-10 HZ for some of the major organs, gee not so far from 7.83
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OK, here’s the latest trick for anyone with USB Schumann frequency generators. Rather than sticking one thin shungite plate to the side of the little finger size device, I stuck one shungite plate an BOTH sides of the device - each plate having one of my Flying Saucers for Windows copper foils on the outside. I have two USB Schumann devices, both of which are mechanically isolated with elastic suspensions with resonant frequency circa 1 Hz. The idea behind the shungite sandwich is borrowed from my Super Intelligent Chip, where the Schumann waves are partially confined; the photon streams are squeezed by the shungite sandwich. More intense sonically.
Did he have the idea of two (2) shungite plates - of squeezing the photons?? 😬 😬
Unfortunately no …. :)

Only the original idea to add shungite stone+copper tape to the S.G. ...

It is a collective work of 2 I think … :)

My best to you...