Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases

Has anyone else noticed the the price of Denafrips Dac's have had two significant price increase in the last 12 month

Yes they did make "upgrade changes" but a 30% increases seems to be excessive

The Pontus 2 went from $1750 to $2,449

I am now having to consider an alternative   your thoughts


Prices are constantly rising. My thoughts are- if you really want something and can responsibly afford it, buy it now. I recently made a large purchase right before a price increase and saved a couple of thousand dollars. I am dreading August when my car lease is up. 

Inflation, Air and Land freight are up, container costs are down though. I highly doubt this company is shipping ocean freight unless it is parcel post. Steel is up as are precious metals. Wages are up in China too. 

they are probably also taking advantage of the positive PR they have had over the last 18 months or so too.  Gotta strike while the iron is hot..

Change the currency from SGD to USD. When I do that the price is listed as $1,792.97 is US dollars.




In Stock: Ready to ship within 2-3 business days.

Better buy it now because tomorrow it may be $2400.  The stuff I bought was from the UK, not China, BTW. 

Many people have not realized that the default price listed on the Vinshine website is Singapore dollars unless you hit the drop down for USD.

Honest mistake unless you read everything. They even tell you your receipt will show Singapore dollars. This is mine from last month.


Order Summary



Color: Black

Living in EU/UK?: No

Price: S$2,449.00

Qty: 1















You are 100% correct as I just checked the web site again  the US Dollar price is shown as $1,792.97


This was my mistake and I have to own up to it


Thanks everyone


You have nothing to own up to.  He has 66 posts in 16 years and has to waste one accusing you of spreading false information.  

You are 100% correct as I just checked the web site again  the US Dollar price is shown as $1,792.97.  This was my mistake and I have to own up to it.

It’s an easy mistake to make, and frankly the website should do a better job of letting you know the currency because it’s not very obvious.  More importantly, congrats on your new DAC!!!  I’m sure you’re gonna love it, and please post your thoughts once it’s got some hours on it if you could. 

@sawbuck Congrats on your new Dac and anyone could make a mistake like that don't worry. And totally agreed @soix 

@jetter What is the threshold of number of post that constitutes the right to voice one's opinion on this forum, 100 or 1000, or...?

The OP provided false info and, having class, admitted to his mistake.

@sawbuck Let me join the crowd congratulating on your move. I am pretty sure you will not regret it.

@sawbuck You are going to love it. It needs at least 300 hrs of break in. You will hear all changes it goes through until it settles in.

That is a rip off , for when they went to the 12 th anniversary 

they used to use Nichicon capacitors from Japan ,now just OEM caps fromChina

also they used to use Swiss Silmic caps , less quality more money.

Audio-musician Pegasus , and one higher model the Aquarius are a much better product for less monies, better-parts quality ,check out their reviews I have one in my 2nd audio system and indeed under the cover parts are noticeably better quality.

Denafrips Quality has gone down ,we directly compared the new to the 2 year old model , this too applies the Terminator .

they used to use Nichicon capacitors from Japan ,now just OEM caps fromChina

also they used to use Swiss Silmic caps , less quality more money.

Audio-musician Pegasus , and one higher model the Aquarius are a much better product for less monies, better-parts quality ,check out their reviews I have one in my 2nd audio system and indeed under the cover parts are noticeably better quality. 

@audioman58 I have had the 12th-1 anniversary edition and prior edition of the same model Denafrips DAC in my system and have listened to both extensively.  Nothing else in the system has changed.  I find the SQ of the 12th-1 anniversary edition to be better than the prior edition.  I have not popped the tops of either unit so cannot attest to your claim that the caps have changed and are inferior in the most recent edition(s).  It does seem quite strange to me though that inferior parts would result in better sound.  Did you take photos of the caps in the models you directly compared? How do you substantiate your findings?  Can you either post photos or document your claims in another way?

If it’s now too expensive or you don’t see the added value of whatever improvements they made then vote with your wallet. The reason inflation is sticking around is that despite wholesale prices generally being down significantly retailers and OEMS, restaurants, - pretty much everywhere- continue to jack prices while claiming "inflation" or  "supply chain"- while their margins soar. After three years the public now seems to shrug their shoulders and step up and purchase regardless of the price. If people resist these absurd and often unjustified prices then prices will start to come down. Look at something decent that's pre-owned as an alternative perhaps? Maybe you'll find something better for the same money, or something similar for less money.

Marco1 it is true as to the older parts are better more $$ quality

the reason it sounds better is because of the programmable firmware upgrade 

which is on going.  Nothing more to be said .   Just read their website it will tell you 

OEM capacitors , meaning local made in China , read older reviews you will see Nichicon , and other well name brands , cost cutting saves $$ , do your research.

Good news is it wound up being $1700!  He he...I wouldn't mind having my feelings hurt to find out it's NOT going to cost $700 more.

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MY decision to buy the Pontus 2 was based on reviews ( yes older models ) which included its ability to provide a very wide and deep sound stage. It was considered better at sound stage than my other choice of a Chord Cutest. Another factor was the Cutest was considered a bit brighter which was something I did not perceive I needed as I have La Scala's for speakers.

As a buyer of a product you want to believe that the manufacture makes changes which increase its basic function not hurt it. But I am old enough to remember  the Ford Edsel . Oh well I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to adding it to my system

I used Exact Copy to create my digital source files and kept the RedBook format of 16/44.1,  I use Audirvana Studio on a Win 10 Pc with 32 gigs or ram to process and play these files. I have found that Audirvana likes more ram when up scaling music files. I will use a USB connection to my new Pontus 2 Dac. Will use XLR out to a Schiit Freya S ( non tube pre-amp ) RCA out to a Decware Mini Torii out via braided wire to my La Scala's and also out to a 26 year old Velodyne 15 sub.

It will be interesting to see if feeding the Pontus 2 an all ready up scaled source or to have the Pontus 2 do the up scaling. Currently, my MiniDSP SHD sounds best when feed a up scaled source even though it downscales to 24/192 in its out put

The MiniDSP will be taken out of my system when the Pontus 2 gets here.

Oh well, it is a journey, but for me when the Pontus 2 gets here it will represent my final system.


To all Thank You for your interest and comments, and Enjoy The Music


@audioman58 I’ve done my research. But it seems you have not and instead choosen to recite a bunch of hearsay.

Marco1 if you look at pictures ,reviews from older models they used Better Evo x, Nichicon, and Swiss Elna  Silmic caps ,myself and many in our north eat audio club has owned Denafrips and many much higher quality products ,

I have 40 years in Audio and owned a Audio store ,I forgot more then you will ever know ,so please keep your ignorance to yourself , end of response try doing research spend a few hours in older you tube videos you will learn !!

So now that you've accused manufacturer's of ripping off their customers you've chosen to attack and insult me. Its no wonder you're no longer in the audio business. I have more than 50 years in this hobby but don't need to puff my chest out in an attempt to impress people as you seem to do.  You still have done nothing to substantiate your claims.  Until you do you're nothing but a hack. Have a blessed day. Over and out.




Enjoy your new dac and forget all this bullshit you hear. And remember, even if you hate it, you didn’t make a $1700 mistake, you made an $850 mistake. That’s what I tell myself at least. 

Hey guys,


RE: Products Pricing

We apologize for any confusion caused.

Please note that the prices listed on our website are in Singapore dollars (S$). Although our currency converter feature provides an estimated conversion to USD based on the live market exchange rate, it does not necessarily reflect the exact rate charged by banks.

Rest assured that when you make a purchase on the Vinshine Audio webstore, the order will be processed in Singapore dollars (S$), and the product price displayed during checkout will be in S$.

For the Pontus II 12th-1 model specifically, the price is S$2449, which is approximately equivalent to US$1780~1800, depending on the prevailing exchange rate.

RE: Components / Capacitors

If I may, allow me to elucidate the matter of DENAFRIPS' OEM capacitors.

DENAFRIPS sources its capacitors from a reputable manufacturer, adhering to precise specifications tailored for superior sound quality. This decision is unequivocally not motivated by cost-cutting considerations.

DENAFRIPS has set an ambitious objective of becoming one of the foremost manufacturers of high-fidelity audio equipment. Founder Mr Zhao has made substantial investments across various facets to realise this vision. An extraordinary and somewhat unconventional endeavor in this pursuit is the decision to produce chassis, UPOCC copper o-core transformers, connectors, capacitors (film caps), and other components entirely in-house at the DENAFRIPS factory.

Zhao strongly believes that by having these capabilities in-house, the company can incorporate the highest-quality components into its products, positioning itself ahead of the competition.

As you can imagine, the expenses associated with machinery, raw materials, and the skilled workforce necessary for in-house component manufacturing significantly surpass the costs of outsourcing. DENAFRIPS has undertaken this extensive effort not for the sake of cost savings but to ensure the utmost quality and innovation in its products. :)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are just an email away. 

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! 

Many thanks.

Alvin Chee