Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck

For those who can afford to spend $5k on up for a Dac And Separate streamer 

This probably would not interest you . This is for the Audiophile who 

Cherishes Sound Quality and Value on a budget. This DMP-8 fits this perfectly 

This I feel is the best in the $3k and under class on so many levels. That being said ,You Can buy this for under $2k , before I proceed  a shout out to

Perrotta consulting for the excellent service - recommendations.

Before I go further look at the Many great reviews on YouTube.

I was very familiar with the Eversolo 6 master edition with the better parts quality

And uses the Sabre dacs. The A8 is much better still and uses the new AKM flagship 4499EX dac chip,

AKM4191 modulator, and AK7739 conversion chip.

This is the most R2R sounding delta sigma dac I have heard to date,

And a ton of brand named parts in the build quality. The latest Xmos Gen3-316

Processor ,excellent interface ipad or droid or the 6 inch touch screen ,

Way to many things to list ,it even has 6 different filters to Taylor to your audio system ,streams pretty much everything out there ,and waiting for Roon certification-weeks away , everything operates very smooth . The dac is very detailed and refined .very natural sounding not bright ,and filters can change tonal balance.

It also has a true R2R resistor ladder preamp to relay controlled,far better then cheap digital preamps.

This also has dual femto clocks , a low noise smps power supply incoming as well as a Linear power supply ,with excellent Nichicon gold capacitors for filtering.

In our multi state audio get together compared to the $3k Ifi audio, $2600 Hifi rose ,Gustard A26 I personally owned and don’t agree at all that it betters this AKM dac except more forward sounding and is not a streamer . We thing we always do is use exactly the same system to compare at the home we are at ,I have seen others,even reviewers change a different cable while comparing different products which makes the comparisons not accurate.Just an observation. 

having 6 filter settings is Very helpful for it keeps the detail it just rolls it off faster or slower ,#1 filter is a bit warmer , if your speakers with say tube equipment you may want a more neutral  filter for your setup, it even has DSP , this can change total perspective ,I don’t mess with. if you want to try it for room problems ok .It does have 5 types of meters or a spinning record on the LED display for options  !

Connections most everything you could want including ,I2S.  .one thing was brought to my attention ,

A very good power cord makes a very big improvement . Much  more so then my terminator dac ,Why because of Dac streamer,preamp being together a high end power cord filters that last 1-2 meters .

I currently am testing the Highly recommended AQ Tornado - Source- power cord with active shielding ,with Excellent  results ! 

Anthony at Perrotta Consulting gave me a Excellent package $$ deal.

For under $2k to get all this,  is a fantastic product ,hats off to Eversolo !!


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It is Chinese. People’s Republic of China, to be more specific.

And, it resides on your network.

Has anyone stablished if these present a security risk? Or not?


Speech like spying on a streamer is a bit extreme .

does China really care about if we likeElvis or Led Zep ?

look at Hegel a very popular brand,  they too are made in China 

but very low key !  My wife wanted something without all the boxes that sounded  good, at a very good price . This leaves me be to have my man Cave and save for the the finer Audiophile products.

I think a worthy question is whether the parent company remain devoted to support for Eversolo in the long run.

At least one similar AIO-type streamer that depended on a smartphone app became obsolete within 2-3 iOS updates after the parent company discontinued its line… roughly one year after said device was introduced to market!

That’s not to suggest the same will happen with Eversolo or any other AIO streamer manufacturer, but in signing up for such a device, one comes to depend on a company and potentially a parent company (Zidoo?) to maintain its software through time. Additionally, for a smartphone remote app, given the frequency of Android and Apple updates, it seems no tiny expectation.

Eversolo has been very proactive on updates

It is using droid as a platform 

Their streaming platform is their own 

Design and takes most apps out there 

Roon certified in the next  few weeks.

I dont see where it can become obsolete

Everything is pretty smooth, Roon tidal, qobuz

Do their own updates and this A8 has a update tab

It has a better interface then my friends hifi rose

Its a very well designed well built products 

My wife loves it.. i  have much more expensive taste

Not sure why you needed 2 threads on this but I have the DMP-8 for my second system and so far I like it. I'm not crazy about the app and haven't tried certain things such as the room correction. I did install the SSD and I like that except, again, the app makes things much more difficult than they should be. 

I find the interface very easy to use ,and the A8 will be Roon certified very soon.

I had 1T of external Flac files ,now in the SS internal drive ,it sounds better then streamed since these were ripped awhile back ,all wav and Flac files.

Tidal is very to operate on it as well as QObuz ,there are many reviews that find the interface easy once you get used to its architecture . My wife uses this mainly in our 2 nd system. You have to spend a lot more $$ to get all this offers and a true preamp R2R and relays ,not degrading digital type.. 

My problem is mainly on the SSD. In order to move the music loaded on the SSD to the library, you have to do it for every file (artist) individually. I couldn't find any "select all" which would have made the task 1000% easier and quicker. Also, in order to use AppleMusic you had to use "Cast" rather than "Stream" and that wasn't very intuitive nor is the Cast menu easy to use.

i have the master edition a6 streamer/dac and now i have tried the same unit with lps upgrade (a worthwhile upgrade for resolving systems)

very very nice sounding unit in the ’clear and clean’ school... a convincing facsimile of the weiss dac school of sound -- but highly musical excellent prat deep dark background convincing imaging

very impressed!!! terrific value and outstanding design and form factor



If you want to select all the music to transfer to the eversolo, you can do so with a computer

I moved over 1200  Flac CDs to the internal SS drive installed .

you can transfer all the files from any computer,or external drive read the owners manual , or whoever you bought it from should know ,

if not go to Eversolo web site and look up support and shoot them a few emails .they will respond during the week.

and sounds much better with files direct from the internal SS drive .


I did (shoot Eversolo support an email) and they just quoted from the owner's manual which I found to be useless. I specifically asked them how to do this and they didn't know. I asked them about a "select all" function and they said they'd look into it. Maybe there is a work around but why in the world wouldn't there be a "select all" option? 

I used a thumb drive to transfer my files and they showed up as individual files on the SSD. You then have to move the SSD files to the Library which was limited to a select each file individually (file being an artist's file). 

I've just gotten an A8.  So far very happy with it.  Yeah it has it's little quirks like everything else but it also has a blockbuster of features as noted above.  Kinda unbelievable to be honest.  It's like no stone is unturned.  One gotcha on it though is where it can apply the dsp features like eq.  The eq is one of the big reasons I got it.  And for the purists out there, this is to get older recordings to have a modern dynamic range feel.  But you can't use it in all situations.  But otherwise I think this unit has a ton of bang for the buck and sounds excellent.  IMHO anything more expensive pushes the law of diminishing returns.

Does anyone know or can they test whether you can use digital out and analog in at the same time?

I am interested in using my own DAC, but using the A8 as a preamp. 



Yes you for sure can use your own dac ,and it’s internal R2R preamp resistive ladder active preamp not cheap digital section , m6 wife has one , the instructions not that great but I managed 

and the setup ,of the SS drive I purchased and formatting was a breeze 5 minutes or less. One word of advise , put a Quality power cord on it with Quality connectors like Gold over Copper, Not bright Brass , it is a upgrade that is a must to get the most out of it , also the slow roll off filter is for sure best sounding .


" One word of advise , put a Quality power cord on it with Quality connectors like gold over Copper, Not bright Brass , it is a upgrade that is a must to get the most out of it."

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May I ask what pc are you using?



The Eversolo A8 is a Streamer ,server, dac, and Resistor-ladder preamplifier .

Does anyone know if you can set the high pass filter on the analog XLR and RCA output’s separately on the A8.  So as to run the XLR to the amp and main speakers at 80 hz for example but run the subwoofer from the RCA full range?

dz13 said "I used a thumb drive to transfer my files and they showed up as individual files on the SSD. You then have to move the SSD files to the Library which was limited to a select each file individually (file being an artist’s file). "


I’m having the same issue, also with thumb drive transfer. I was wondering if anything has been found out about this?

Also with mine the first transfer populated the "artist" section with the cover art but subsequent ones did not which really has me perplexed.

But great piece of equipment otherwise. The ripped CDs sound amazing.