Greatest Audiogon Audiophiles ever and the GOAT

Who are the best audiophiles on Agon ever?

And who’s the GOAT?

The guys who’s every post you were excited the most to read when you happened upon them, or those whose every post you actively sought out to educate yourself and/or be enthralled by for whatever reason you fancied.

Folks who impressed you the most with their primacy of audio acumen, know-how and nous; the depth and/or breadth of their skillsets; the sophistication and ease of their explicatory skill; and perhaps even how much of a role model you perceive them to be, in terms of their professionalism, everyman like nature or character.

Regardless of my indicative and definitional posturings, the criteria are obviously discretionary, subjective and whatever you deem them to be - just as they are in every other GOAT discussion in any other province.

Now go ahead and proffer your greats to this grand forum, both for posterity, and so that current forum members can benefit from your wisdom and empirical experience. Self nominations are obviously allowed, but discouraged, since I think we can all agree that they would constitute poor form and/or evidence of narcissism, which to some may just be inherently disqualifying.

And pray do expound on your nominations, offering the weight of your personal experiences and other explanatory factors to back up your musings.

PS: To state the obvious (again), Audiogon is the only domain in scope for this discussion.

Slip, Sach, Bobby, Whitey, Homer, Chuck, Butch, Gabe, Jag, Junior, Myron, Duke, Danny and Blinky come to mind.

Geoffkait with an acerbic wit and 23,000+ posts is still the record holder! Geoff, we miss you!
Geoff, we miss you!
Speak for yourself roberjerman. Number of posts has nothing to do with it.
Another vote for Almarg.
OP, did I see you use the word "nous"? Are you a classicist or a philosopher? 
So many good people here over the years who have displayed helpfulness, knowledge, and tolerance, with Almarg (RIP) being the standard setter for his evenhanded, patient, and helpful explanations of how things work. There have been many memorable, helpful, and funny folks over the years going back to Sean, Kelly, Bob Crump (RIP), Albert Porter, trelja and many others, not to forget the manufacturers who have shown up occasionally to share their thoughts and tips like Ralph with Atmosphere, Steve McCormack, and more (omissions not intentional). All in all, this has been a good place to learn and share about the hobby because of the people.
I like to think I am a poet philosopher of the highest pedigree and facility, but only when ensnared in the inexorable and ineluctable clenches of neural circuit clarifying and catalyzing elixirs, and when in a heightened state of sublime audiophilia..

I have authored several pieces in my magnum opus..none of which would have been possible outside of the glorious and heavenly confines of my manechoic cave..

@chandybe  Thanks, and very funny. I love "manechoic cave." Definition: Where men go to scream into the void. (In space, no one can hear you scream.)
OP said greatest audiophile not poster. And GOAT is an acronym, not the animal. And anyway it would be as- er I mean donkey.
Suffice to read a few posts of almarg to say almarg...

Then i concur with glupson and thecarpathian....

He was an audiophile like all of us here but with greater technical knowledge...

An helping soul....
csmgolf raises an interesting point:
Geoff, we miss you!
Speak for yourself roberjerman. 

reberjerman alias jasonbourne.
Who I wonder has come back again and again with the most aliases?
A vote for Geoff.  Anyone with “miller” in their forum name should be ignored and avoided.

Back in the day, there was Lugnut. He was polite and had the knowledge, experience to give valuable advise.