Headphone cable, what do you do?

I hope it is not just me but none of the headphones I have owned over last few years have long enough cable to reach from my headphone amp to my normal listening, lounging seat.

At present I have been using a fairly cheap 20ft extension cable I purchased off eBay but upon reflection could this be degrading the sq?

Surely I am not the only one in this situation so my question is what do you do? Your solution?
Buy a pair of Stax headphones. They offer 25 ft. extension cords that are specifically designed to be used with Stax phones. I’m not a tech but I doubt that there is any loss of fidelity. I have two, one for each pair of phones. One is round, the other is flat. Obviously, I can’t speak to the sound quality of your current extension cord.
Quite happy with my audeze cans but I was thinking I cannot be the only one whose chair is not within 6 feet of the headphone socket!

My thoughts were along the lines is the cheap extension I am using hurting any sq at all or is it a null worry?
What model is your Audeze?

I purchased a good quality 15 foot headphone cable to replace the stock one I got with my lcd-x from Moon Audio.
Like almost everthing in Audio, if you are willing to pay you can get a longer Cable and one that will sound better. 
I suggest going to Head-FI . Org web site where all things headphones are discussed. Lot of threads on Cable up grades specific to a particular headphone.

David Pritchard
I guess what I am really trying to find out is if I am severely degrading the sq on my cans by using a pro audio extension cable?
Meaning what have other users actually done about it?
Or do you all just move your chair close enough so your supplied cans cables reach!
@uberwaltz Probably. One cannot say for sure because the only way for you to know is to test it out for yourself.

I have the Focal Utopia headphones and was one of the early adopters and at that time Focal included a 4M stock cable. The US customers howled and now (at least for the US market) a 3M cord is included. The Europeans (and I’m guessing others as well) prefer longer stock or custom lengths. I fall within this group, because I can also watch TV or movies via my headphones, should I want a different experience or I need to be quiet due to family reasons.

I have a 3M DanaCables Lazuli Reference cord that I wish was 4 meters at times.

My recommendation is to purchase a quality leash and not use an extension. It can always be reterminated, should you move to another connector set for a future headphone. As always, frustrations pile up when one needs that extra foot or more. Go long. : )
I will check into if Audeze make longer cable as they  use their own connection at cans that is way different to say AT cans as I previously had.
If not I guess will have to be an aftermarket cable to fit.

Thank you
Looks like may have to peruse headfi.org as all I got so far are direct replacement cables for the el8 from moon audio that cost more than the cans did!
I got one off of eBay for $20 and I hear no degradation. The first letter of the name is E and the cable is neutral. I'm very happy with it. If you want to up the game with better than stock cables go look up Moon Audio in NC. I hear their cables are excellent. You will need to send your headphones to them of course.
Finally someone brought this up. I’ve asked on headfi and received no response.
I’m driving Focal Clears with a Burson V2+. The Burson also functions as the DAC and preamp in my loudspeaker system. I have a fairly large room and my comfy lazy boy is in the opposite corner. Yes, I could listen the the Clears on the sofa, requiring "only" a 15 foot cord, but damnit I like to sit in the lazy boy. Now I need 18 feet. I’m using the stock Clear cord which I think is 10 feet, plus a 6 foot extension. If I sit in the lazy boy the cord is literally off the floor. Ughhh.

I was thinking a 20 footer of Moon Black Dragon or the Norne Draug. Problem with Norne would be getting him to build one that long. He did once when I had the Senn 800 but it took some asking.

I’m surprised we don’t see more of this situation, especially today when there are so many DAC/ headphone components on the market.
Knew I could not be the only one in this situation.
Yes best option I have seen are the dragon cables by moon audio but a 20 foot with neutrik 1/4" plug runs $365 even on cheapest blue version.
Buggered if I am going to pay $500 plus for the black though.
Yeah. I estimated at least $500.
But every time I listen all I think about is the cheap 6' extension cord on my $1,500 headphones, which takes away from the enjoyment. 
Ughh. Sucks. Lol. 
Which is exactly the thoughts going round in my head which prompted this thread.

Can't help but wonder if the sq is degraded in some subtle way.
I honestly cannot say I hear a difference when plugging in direct and sitting close to using my cheap extension cable and lounging in my sofa.

Maybe it is all in the mind and I need stop over thinking it!
Btw..I you also have a Core Power Technologies unit. I love mine. Glad you got one and hope you didn't wait too long, or got d**ked over by Mark.
I bought mine through Underwood Wally so did not pay until it was actually shipped. Mark was out of the picture.
Made a BIG difference especially in background hash noise and my tt analog signal.
Gee, I wonder if Audioquest makes a headphone cable. And what are the odds it’s controlled for directionality? Hmmmmmm....

pop quiz: what 3 things should you always do to a headphone cable not matter which one you choose? Prize to the winner.
After extensively perusing Audioquest website they do not appear to make ANY headphone cables apart from the ones that are sold with their own headphone series.
Interesting. Seems like a missed opportunity for them. You know, what with all their cables controlled for directionality and everything. Oh, well...
In this same situation (and believing, without ever conducting blind/ABX tests on the matter, that extra connector for an extension cord degrades the sound) I bought 15ft cord from www.stefanaudioart.com
Woo Audio 3 with NOS Mullard tubes and Senn 650 were at the ends of this cord. Sold the whole rig a few years later, remember I was surprised that resale value for the cord was very decent
You are right that wireless cans would solve the issue for sure!
Don't start me looking at more changes ... Lol!
@geoffkait ....hmmmmmm.
I'd say the three things are:

Plug in the left.
Plug in the right.
Plug in to the amp.

Ha! What's my prize?
What’s my prize?

>>>>I’m still thinking about the question. 😏
From Grado.

Grado offers a 15 foot (450cm) extension cable terminated with a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) plug and a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) jack. This cable is constructed from the same high quality wire as their headphone cable. For longer lengths the cable may be piggybacked up to 3 cables." Grado guarantees no degradation of sonic quality with Grado headphones while using their extension cable."


  • Grado Extension Cable 4.57m (15 ft) Headphone Extension Cable
Like the guarantee in quotes!
Just a word of warning....

As above post shows I purchased this Grado cable from eBay, it failed last night, lost one channel, yes it is the cable.

Emailed Grado to show my displeasure over failure of a $47 cable in such a short time especially as I have used it no more than 10 times.

Their reply?

see below..

"Hi Kevin
there is nothing we can do as you purchased it from an unauthorized source.
Authorized Grado dealers do not sell on eBay therefore, we cannot know that the cable you bought is a real Grado product
we suggest that you go back to the seller on eBay
any questions, let us know"

So basically they are not willing to back up their dealers if sold online through ebay. Yes this was purchased from a dealer and there are a lot of Grado new products for sale on eBay so my assumption is right now that if you have a problem you are on your own as far as Grado are concerned.

There is no way any Grado dealer can survive without an online presence somewhere and I seriously doubt every single Grado product for sale on eBay right now is from a non authorized dealer!

I have yet to get a reply from the dealer involved and likely never will.

Lesson learned, no more Grado products!
There are many posts on other threads about the truly
outstanding customer service offered by GRADO.
My contacts with them have always been first rate...

When you checked their website, before your purchase, 
did you see a reference to "buying from unauthorized source?"

The "lesson learned" can be "stay away from eBay!"
When I was looking for a similar length extension cable I read a lot of good things about the Grado cable, but ended up buying one from Pro Audio LA.  It's made out of Canare Quad L-4E6S with a Neutrik Gold connector on one end and a locking connector on the other and has a lifetime warranty.  

They have an ebay store or you can buy direct from them.  It costs about the same as the Grado cable.

So basically they are not willing to back up their dealers if sold online through ebay ...
But that isn't what they told you. Rather, the company said the dealer who sold it to you is not an authorized dealer:
there is nothing we can do as you purchased it from an unauthorized source. 
Grado has very good customer service, in my experience. And I think it's good practice for a manufacturer to support the dealers that support them.

How did Grado know if I had bought from an unauthorized dealer?
I never mentioned any names and they never even asked.

Unless Grado are enforcing that NONE of their authorised dealers are allowed to sell on eBay.
Which on its own is a very narrow minded viewpoint and my opinion of Grado has not changed one jot.


Staying away from eBay is not a practical or sensible option in today’s age.

A LOT of major dealers use eBay as it gives a worldwide presence for sales and in today’s modern commerce age just cannot be ignored.
How did Grado know if I had bought from an unauthorized dealer?
Grado dealers don't sell new product through the e-bay channel. That's not uncommon for premium products. You probably can't buy new ARC, or McIntosh, or Pass through e-bay, either.
Staying away from eBay is not a practical or sensible option in today’s age.
That's a personal choice. Frankly, I've only rarely purchased through e-bay.
And as I said if Grado are restricting their dealers from enjoying more sales via eBay then I still have no time for them.

And if that is the case then that is exactly what they should have stated in their reply to myself.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions viz eBay.

Personally I would never have been able to sell half of my older gear without eBay due to its massive audience.

Just as a FYI.

There are 19 listings on eBay right now for Grado products where ALL 19 state categoricaly that they are full authorized Grado dealers.

Just type in the search bar "authorized Grado dealer" …..

Just one example, note the wording in bold at end of the ad!


So either they are making false claims and statements or Grado customer service is full of it!

Again I did not mention the dealer I purchased from on eBay in my email to Grado and they never asked me who I purchased from.

So they had no way of knowing if my purchase was from one of these "authorized dealers" or not?

My takeaway from this is that my experience of Grado customer service has been very poor and that if these truly are authorized dealers then do not expect Grado to stand behind them via direct contact.

And that is my final word on this subject.
It's usually pretty easy to find information about warranties on most manufacturer's websites:

"Only products purchased from an authorized Grado reseller will be honored under our warranty program. Grado resellers are not permitted to offer merchandise through any online auction services; hence any products purchased this way are not covered under our warranty program. When purchasing a Grado product please keep all receipts, for they will be needed to have warranty service performed."

This agrees with what you were told about buying the cable on ebay.  I'd say your issue is with the reseller, not Grado.

Then there are at LEAST 19 dealers on eBay guilty of false advertising.

Greg did you read the listing at the link I posted above?

Especially the last sentence in bold at the end.

Rather goes against the statement made by Grado would you not agree.

It appears Grado needs to get its house in order including its claimed fully authorized dealers who are selling on eBay.

So no, at this juncture I still say I have just cause to criticize Grado for this situation.

I have forwarded a couple of the Grado eBay listings to Grado customer service and invited their comments on the matter so will see if they respond.
People on eBay can claim whatever they want.

I'm not sure what recourse, if any a manufacturer has against someone making false claims to be a dealer of their products, but I know it's not uncommon.

I wouldn't have done it for a headphone cord, but when making larger purchases I often look on the manufacturer's website to confirm a dealer is authorized. 

There's a lot of grey market and counterfeit stuff on eBay and I don't think it's policed all that well. 

I'm not a Grado fan or anything, the only thing of theirs I own is a cartridge that came on a used table I bought. It's lame that your cord gave up the ghost so soon. I can't think of any of mine that have failed, although we all know that cables can and do fail. That in itself for me would probably be reason enough not to buy from them again. 

They do however make it crystal clear what they will and won't support. 
I guess Grado are not very concerned about eBay dealers claiming to be fully authorized .

Response from Grado customer service

"Thank you for your response.

Thanks for Enjoying Grado Products
Grado Labs4614 7th AveBrooklyn, NY11220"

Say no more, maybe they will investigate , maybe not.

Whether Grado are right or wrong to have nothing to do with my issue, that attitude displayed towards a genuine issue that is existent on Ebay is saddening tbh.

Moving on......

It appears that now this complaint has reached the ears of someone with an ounce of common sense at Grado corporate that we have a fair result.

They have asked for me to send them my old cable and if they agree it is genuine Grado and faulty they will replace free of charge.

And that is about all I could have asked for initially without the song and dance routine.

So hats off to Grado for finally seeing the light and supporting their products whether the question of selling on eBay has been answered or not yet.
One can't help wondering if any headphone cables are controlled for directionality. and if not, why not?
If you contact Cardas, Audioquest, Kimber, et al, they can make wire it to any length you need.
Grado did step up and in fact they told me not to even bother shipping old cable back and would just send a replacement, which they did!

So even though the whole subject of dealers stating they are authorized Grado dealers on eBay is still grey as Grado would not comment on this I can say they stepped up and made a Grado CUSTOMER satisfied regardless of point of sale origin.

And that elevates them from the common herd although still the first couple of replies from Grado were unwarranted and could have been handled better but it is all good at the end.