Help me shorten my list...

This is my list for front speakers, I will get a center a matching rears eventually but my main concern is 2 channel music listening. Currently they will be powered by Sherwood Newcastle A 965/P965 pre/pro (will upgrade within a year) My listening room has 10 foot cielings, is 17 feet long and 13 feet wide. I have a budget around $ 3000 USD used or new for the fronts. I am not concerned with bass below 50 hz. My main preference would be the most detailed, airy, liquid, transient speaker, my musical taste ranges from jazz to rock to electronic way overly processed music.

So far my list includes but feel free to ad or remove certain items. Thanks in advance!

Aerial acoustics 6
BW 703
Canton Vento 807
Dynaudio audience 82
Energy Veritas 2.3i
JM Labs Cobalt 816S
Legacy audio classic
Martin Logan Clarity
Meadowlark Osprey
Monitor Audio Gr20
Monitor Audio silver res6
Morel Prelude
PBN Montana sp3
Revel Performa F32
Silverline audio models???
Soliloquy 6.2is
Joseph Audio RM22SI
Thiel 1.6 or 2.4
Triangle audio models??
Usher X929 or CP series
Kef XQ5
Reference 3A Veena
Tyler Acoustics, Link brook floorstanding reference monitor
I think you need to narrow your choices as I think it would be impossible to pick from that large of a list.
If one wanted to audition that many it would take some time and trying to remember what each sounded like would be next to impossible. Good Luck!
I have not had the pleasure(?) of listening to most on your list, but I did listen to some Usher, while demoing a Door's CD. If you are familitar with Jim Morrison's voice than that line may not be for you, the crossover is in the male range and really distorted his voice. I have lived with B&W matrix 804's for over a decade and so can give good assurnaces as their detail and highs and above all non-fatiguing listening. I now have some Legacy Focus 20/20 which while full range are not as spectacular on the highs but the depth is a nice improvement
soliloquy speakers are nice, but they are out of business so keep that in mind if you go that route. of the speakers you have listed, i'm only vaguely familiar with the thiel 2.4 and revel f32 (i demoed the older 2.3 and f30). of those, the thiel sounded more natural and appealing. you should also look at a pair of used gershman avant garde rx-20 speakers. that's what i settled on when i wanted to upgrade my fronts. they're based out of suburb north of tornoto from what i recall.
I have firsthand experience with the Soliloquy 6.2i, Silverline Sonata II's, and two variety's of the Dynaudio Audience line. Dynaudio's like some horsepower to get the most out of them, but they are good speakers, and you should be able to get a better model than the Audience 82 for your money if you are buying used. I find the Dyn's to be full bodied with good dynamics... an all around good performer. I currently own Silverline Sonata II's, and they are a great value used at around $2700, and excel at transparency, detail and soundstaging, and are very efficient and amp friendly... highly recommended. The Soliloquy 6.2's would be low on my list... if you go with Soliloquy opt for the 6.3's for a fuller midrange & bass and a better overall sound... and they are tube friendly. If I had to pick between the three based only on your criteria, I'd go with Silverline Sonata II's... although I do like Dynaudio a lot.
I would say the Sonata II's are a wonderful choice. Cant go wrong with them. I owned them and miss them.
>>I'd cross off the BW 703s and suggest the 805 Signatures<<

I'd cross off the 805 as well.
I've heard the Aerial 6s being driven by a Cary 80-watt and thought they sounded very very good. I, too, would 86 the 703.
Get rid of the JM Labs Cobalts and add the Electra series, which are astronomically better. The Electra 926 and 936 can be had for less than $3000 on the used market. If you want detail, you won't find a better speaker to give it to you in this price range.
S7horton wrote:
"Judy would cross off the 805 as she is opposed to good sound."
I'm afraid, tho', she's right on the mark! This remark comes from being a prev B&W owner + having heard the N801(audtioned several times), N802(my friend owns it), N803(my friend owns it), N804(heavily auditioned as I wanted to buy it myself) & N805(heavily auditioned as this was supposed to be the back-up purchase to the N804) I have to agree w/ her.
I hate to say it, but if you have a list that large, you are not ready to upgrade, unless you have more money then brains, this is simply to large of a wish list, and if you are not concerned with bass below 50hz, there are a few speakers on you list that reach down well below that.
You do however most likely get some kind of reward, it isnt often, or ever that someone asks to pick from a list of 25 diffrent speakers that include, as many diffrent designs and concepts as yours does.
Here's my free advice:
BW 703 (I love B&W speakers)
JM Labs Cobalt 816S (love their big iron, little ones prob. good too)
Legacy audio classic (heard this at their (former) Springfield, IL showroom at loved it -more than big $$$ Whisper)
Meadowlark Osprey (prob. good but do you really want a speaker from defunct company?)
Revel Performa F32 (Revel makes good sounding stuff)
Thiel 1.6 or 2.4 (can't go wrong with Thiel -I own 1.6)
Kef XQ5 (I love KEF -I own two pairs and a center speaker)
Reference 3A Veena (every reviewer loves Ref 3A)
Tyler Acoustics, Linbrook (I love Tyler speakers -Impeccable top-to-bottom balance and incredible high frequency fineness).

If I were buying?
I'd go with Thiel, Tyler Linbrook or KEF 201s.

Hope I gave you your moneys worth!
There is a fairly new listing here for a pair of Meadowlark Ospreys. I've owned two Medowlark models (not Ospreys) and think they are a true bargain used. BTW I'm not affiliated with the seller. Good luck.
First, the speaker in question here is the Signature 805, although you listed the entire nautilus range, the two are not remotely similar. Second, B&W may not be your cup of tea, but the newer "S" and "D" series are not the same breed as the older nautilus line.
If you listen to rock music, I would try to stay away from speakers with metal tweeters. I have owned two pair of JM Labs (Electra 907 & 926) and think that my Soliloquy (6.2i) speakers sound better with rock. JM Labs uses metal tweeters. Soliloquy uses a soft dome tweeter as do some of the others on your list .
The inherent bad recording quality of most rock music is not too friendly to metal tweeters . This may help to shorten your list. YMMV
the Green Mountain Audio Callistos. Do some research; speak to those who own them; speak to Roy Johnson, the designer.
Totem Mani monitors at about 3000 (used) need to be considered, although they are reportedly finicky about their electronics.

Totem Tabus are GREAT, and do a lot of things very well. They've been discontinued, I think, but still can be found occasionally here on A'gon. They were around 3000 dollars new, so tend to run around 2000, sometimes less, used.

Odyssey Loreleis go deeper than you "need", but still deserve strong consideration given their price (2700 new, and basically a licensed version of a practically identical Symphonic Line speaker that sells for 7000 dollars in Germany). There's a good sixmoons review that can be linked to from the Odyssey Audio website.

If you bought the JM labs Micro Utopia Be loudspeakers, they'd have to be used to be within your budget. Priced new, at around 5000+ dollars, they then can be compared to the Intuitive Design Summits (which are about 3500 for the speakers, and 1400 or 1500 for the stands); the Summits are simply the best speaker I've personally ever heard, and I have the privelege of owning a pair. It was the audiophile purchase of my lifetime, and I have reviewed them here on A'gon.
I've not auditioned many of the speakers on your list, but when I went to replace my Maggie 1.6's I set out to audition the B&W N803's as the Nautilus line has always been some of my favorites. Ran accross the Veritas 2.3i's at the dealer, compared the two side by side and went home with the Energy's that night. Didn't take me long to make my decision either, they were that good. I've been through many speakers, Maggies, Vandy's, PSB Gold i's, etc., etc., you know how it goes. I strongly recommend you don't buy until you give these guys a listen. I think you will be very surprised, and they can be had for about $1800 street price.