If your system were a car!

Let's have fun here! If your system were are car what kind would it be and why? I'm still trying to figure out what mine is but still haven't nailed it yet.

Maybe a responsive roadster that allows you to move quickly, feel the road, corner tight but enjoy the ride. It wouldn't be anything newer but maybe a decade or two older. I haven't though of the make, model and year but I'm working on it.

The  reason is that my system can tell me what is happening with my recordings but not at the expensive of discomforting my ear. It is not a big system but it is accurate and with the top down feels great on a nice day. It is a performer but not bleeding edge tech. Not too hot, not too cold but just enough to keep you on edge and engaged.
ok raymonda. 1964 Ford T-Bird convertible sea blue exterior white interior. To me it doesn't get better. Like a 64 t-bird my system looks cool, sounds great and has some sporty reflexes and kinda luxurious.  
I would have to say a Jeep Wrangler, because it is mostly American made (VPI, ARC, Pass Labs, Playback Designs, etc.) and it is versatile on-road, off-road (analog + digital).
Probably a Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR.  British.  Good performance for not a lot of money.
I liken my system to my current actual car, a 2003 VW Passat. It's a city care and pretty beat up on the outside, but I've taken great care of the engine, suspension, etc. So it doesn't look like much but performs like a dream and is super fun to drive. And @ebm that's your stock response to every thread it seems like.
Ok, I'll play for fun. A Hyundai Sonata Limited fully decked out. Why, cause in my old age I want smooth, luxurious, quality with a great warranty and service and stupendous performance.

Plain jane 3 series BMW sedan with no numbers on trunk lid. Open the hood to find a twin turbo M5 V8 with full Dinan engine upgrade. Don’t forget the aftermarket headers and exhaust  to rattle my neighbors windows when I drive down the block in first gear at redline.

ebm... if you got nuthin to say, say nuthin.
996 Twin Turbo with the X-50 powerkit running 1.3 bar and killing Corvettes and Vipers in the rain ALL rainy day long....

But I sold her when I looked down one day at the track and saw a number most twin engine turboprops couldn't achieve in a dive
tgere is this thing called Felony speeding 
Can’t really compare to a car but how about a motorcycle. Zu Audio, Allnic 300b, core power 1200, bryston dac. I ride a Triumph Bonneville Bobber. Old school style bike with Traction control, anti lock brakes, fly by wire. Modern performance with an old school soul. 
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Okay, now I'm thinking my system is more like and ice cream truck. It delivers all the goodies!

S class Benz sedan:  Fully featured, reliable, holds its value and really responds when you ask.
Mine would be aToyota Camry.  No frills, just gives me what I need (within my budget).

Would love to have a Ferrari/Lamborghini budget.
Mine is a 1972 Chevelle SS 396 w/4 bolt mains, Holley dual quads, tunnel ram, roller cam, nitrous, Hooker headers, 9 inch ford rear end....narrowed of course, muncie four speed close ratio, centerlines, and pearl metallic black paint .   Let's play!
Lightly modded Golf R 337 HP & 325 lb-ft. Germans really know how to build small fuel efficient engines that are a thrill to drive. The BMW engine in the highest powered Mini JCW is impressive too when modded (great low end torque from a twin scroll turbo). The Golf R turbo kicks in later than the BMW turbo but when it does it more than makes up for any delay and the AWD is superb for traction - overall much faster than the Mini JCW even though the car is quite a bit heavier (4 door AWD vs 2 door FWD).

Between Subaru WRX STI, Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic R, Mini JCW and Golf R there are lots of great hot hatches to choose from. I prefer the Golf R for the stealth value although I did not de-badge it. Most people have no idea what it is which is cool with me.
Good idea for a thread but replies should include the bass system so we can see the connection between the car and gear..For instance the Heavy Chevy listed above conjurs an image in my mind of a big stack of McIntosh gear!Mine is old school valves(Quad) & Dynaudio Excite X14’s...Perfect match for the B&W Z5 Roadster(old school top down)..Compact,refined and fast enough to get you thrown in jail!
English is my second language, with jibberish being my first. BTW, your punctuation is incorrect. The question mark should end your sentence. There is no need for a series of periods. 

I have 22 years of marriage behind me. Taking corrections is something for which I'm good. Do you like how I didn't dangle my preposition? 

(I was/you were) I think it is easy to see how a mistake could be made.

BTW, are you going to tell us what system you are driving our just correct grammar mistakes?

FJ-Cruiser 6-speed manual -- strong reliable puller and pretty much like my main system.
My vintage stereo is more like Jeep CJ of 70's 

Actually, raymonda got it right the first time. He is using the subjunctive case to construct a hypothetical, in which case the correct verb choice is "were" and not "was."

I'd recommend exercising some caution in correcting other members' grammar. Plus, in your follow-post regarding his imagined inability to "take correction," you need a comma before his name.

"Sorry if you can't take correction, raymonda."

Carry on, raymonda. You are doing just fine.
No, but I'm glad your sentence didn't end in a string of periods followed by a question mark. :?)


It is a difficult question. I have never tried to compare my system to the character of a particular car. I think I will have to compare it to a Hummer. The reason that I make that comparison is not because I have an extremely powerful amplifier. In fact, I have three amplifiers in rotation, and one is an 8 watt 300b, but my speakers are large with (2) 12 inch bass drivers and a large horn in the center and they are dynamic, and capable of playing at very loud volumes.

For that reason, I make the comparison. They are not dainty, and even though they are capable of delicate nuance, they're not afraid of driving in the mud.  

Sounds like an old school 1965, Shelby Corbra with a 427. Old school quality with excellent performance!
Old 97's 'El Paso' ....'if my heart was a car you would have stripped it a long time ago."
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Although car analogies in hi-fi only go so far (and we've seen them in reviews and comments over the years, I've used them too), I never really thought about what car(s) my system(s) are comparable to.
I was a "car guy" since I was a kid (though I've pretty much quit driving, at least for transportation) and owned quite a few cool cars. The mindset and community is not dissimilar to audio, with lot's of different sub-cultures of vintage, exotic, America iron, etc. Specs v. the behind the wheel experience. The uber level and the bang for the buck crowd. Is the Munich Show essentially Pebble Beach? I dunno. 
I still have a piece of a car sitting in my office that has the exact same paint job as my horns- in Italian the car color was Rosso Vik. The heat from the exhaust melted the bumper area, and a heat shield had to be installed. The piece, warped by heat, was cut out and is now sitting on a shelf. The car itself is long gone. The horns, still got 'em. 
Do any of your systems leak oil? :)
I have small German (1988 KEF Reference 102 w/Kube Equalization System) bookshelf monitors that are mounted on 24-26 inch stands.

And to front the system, I’m mainly using a modified German turntable (1971 Thorens TD-160 — standard plinth, but with dampening underneath), with a Jelco SA-750D tone arm, and a Sumiko BPS EVO III, and an Adcom GFA-545 Mk II, and Adcom GFP-750 (which are decidedly American as apple pie), with AudioQuest C/Q interconnects and GBC speaker cables.

Combined together in a modest sized listening room, I can describe the sound bold and refined (within its limitations).

It’s quick and athletic like an Acura ILX/TLX, agile like a BMW 3-Series, but full bodied and smooth like a Lexus LS-460.

my car is in fact much like my system..it's well built, packed with performance, very analog (defeat-able traction control,no stability management, paddle shift capable, BIG 6.3L  old school normally aspirated V8, etc) It looks like many other small silver 4 door sedans to the average consumer, is amazingly nimble and has massive brakes. the best part is, it makes the most amazing sounds you have ever heard from start idle to red line.
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I second gshepardbuster’s nomination of a DeLorean DMC-12. Via my system, I am transported back to the first half of the 18th Century, when J.S. Bach was writing his masterpieces. And to the 1940’s-50’s, when Hank Williams was writing his.
More like one of my motorcycles - a 2016 Yamaha FJR. Plenty of power, agile, comfortable, reliable, and not as expensive as a bike with comparable qualities by some makers.
i never got 3k miles on a set of shoes on the Turbo.....
you know how hard it is to stay off the boost....
but I miss my 350 HP 993 the most....
sometimes a knife at the gunfight but so delicate and sweet.... and she could howl...

another small point, no Mercedes holds its value... if they do, we have some big Iron for sale...