Is There A Moveable Base To Easily Voice Speakers?

With larger speakers, especially with spikes, it is very difficult to effectively and easily move and dial-in a new set of speakers. Particularly if it's just one person. Get up. Sit down. Get up. Sit down.

Is there a device, or a special moveable base, or any method to easily dial-in and voice a new set of speakers? A dolly, a carousel, 2 pieces of plywood, etc? Thanks.
Depends on the floor. If hard, use coins under the spikes and slide along. If rug, you;re in for tough times!
Generally you try to get them close without the spikes; then put the spikes on / tilt the speaker to get it on one spike and rotate in any direction.(unless the speakers are 300lbs or over.)
I place teflon furniture glides under the spikes while I am repositioning my speakers. After I finish, I remove them.
Use the teflon disks or squares that are sold at Home Depot or any other hardware store. You'd be amazed how easily the speakers or other heavy objects will slide with these things on the bottoms.
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Yes, I forgot to mention....
The floor surface is a low cut carpeting (sort of like a berber).
How about not putting on the spikes at all, dialing in the speakers, and putting tape in front of the two corners of the speaker?
Use a suitably sized sheet of Corian (synthetic marble), ceramic floor tile, marble slab (if you can afford it) or other countertop material under the speaker. It slides easily on carpet and you can voice with the spikes on. If you get a proper color match for the room and speaker it also looks great and you can leave uder the speaker.
On carpet, one way I've found works really well: set the speaker (without the spikes of course) on a heavy piece of fabric (like a canvas drop cloth) which extends all around the base of the speaker abour 4 feet or so. It's then quite easy to pull cloth (and the speaker) across the rug in any direction.

On hard floors, you can place a (3' x 3' or so) piece of carpet sample upside down under the speaker and slide it around easily.
On carpet, put the speaker on a piece of MDF cut to fit inside a baking pan. Works for even the heaviest speakers.
It was Hemingway who first came up with a solution to this problem--Paris, he said, was a Moveable Base.
One of my audiophile fantasies is to have my speakers move by remote control. Imagine being able to adjust, in tiny increments, forward and backward, side to side, and toe-in. With precise coordinates captured at all times.
"One of my audiophile fantasies is to have my speakers move by remote control."

Duh. Thats what Wifes are for! =)
I guess once the "movable-base" is in place; a "movable listening Feast is next?
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I had a similar problem and I ended up placing my spiked speaker stands on 2" thick butcher blocks (cutting boards). I bought the boards at a kitchen supply store for about $25 each. I can slide the speakers around easily on the carpeted floor and an unexpected bonus is I prefer the speakers raised that extra 2".