Jay's "Ugly Truth" video


Why does this get mentioned so rarely? 

I've experienced the "dark side" and have never had the means to afford gear that's remotely close to the level that Jay focuses on. 

What about you -- can you relate or have you always been able to maintain a healthy balance and avoid being overtaken by obsession? 


Well said and well explained...Thanks ...

In my earlier post I stated, "It is Interesting how the idea of exchanging the Tools to replay recordings become of very little importance over a short period of time."

@mahgister  has stated "Then it is not purchasing an upgrade that will teach you how to distinguish and relate this three different conceptual perspectives , it will be the task to optimize and study the mechanical, electrical and acoustical embeddings of any gear you already own in their rightful optimal synergetical working dimensions..."

As for the words from @mahgister I sense I have them understood and endorse them.

It is no secret on the 'Gon', where I make it known I have worked extensively on interfaces in my Audio System and Listening Environment.

The experiences attained and impressions to be made are not ones that are able to to be acquired over night. It is safer to say there is the Long-Haul element to such an endeavour.

Firstly,  Audio Equipment does not levitate, it requires to be propped up on something to support it.

The methods used for propping up/support has lead me to learn plenty about Supporting Audio Devices from Source to Speakers. The lessons learned are quite substantial and others who I spend time with in relation to Audio interests, when introduced to, or loaned a method I have adopted to use, have followed up with creating their own versions. From my assessment it is without question that when this area of Audio is attended to, devices in use find a new level of attraction for how they perform. (This as a practice does not have to incur an outlay of too much monies)

 Secondly, Audio Devices are not able to Beam a Electronic Signal it is to be transferred from device to device via Wire. There are methods to supply power to a device that are not direct from the Grid, I have mainly worked with Power Cables. 

This for me has been an evolving experience, where 15 Years ago I was influenced by a Brands offerings when it came to Interconnect Cables. Over the approx' past 10 Years, I moved to being more interested in how a Type of material used for a  Signal Wire and the Wire Structure, i.e, Solid, Stranded, would function at an interface.

I have worked with a Source, i.e, Cartridge Tag Wires, Tonearm Internal Wand Wires, Internal Wiring in Audio Devices, Wire Types used to Transfer a Electronic Signal, Connectors on a Chassis, Connectors on a Cable. 

The gauge of Solid Wire or Composition of a Stranded Wire, become the later in the learning process focus of interest. The overall Structure of the Cable was not too important in the earliest investigations, and to date, lessons learned have not revealed too much to suggest the overall structure of a Cable is of great importance in my listening environment.

My own experiences to date have shown Wire Type, Wire Structure - Solid, Stranded and the Wire Gauge and the connectors used on both Cable and Chassis, are the factors that can make a Interface that is produced a Standout (for the better) or to have a Mediocre to Detrimental Impact on the Sonic being produced. (This as a practice will take time, depending on the methods adopted, it can incur cost for third party support. There does not have to be too much of a concern for an outlay when not buying into Brands and selecting a Wire Type Only. Sometimes a used market search can discover a Cable with all the Boxes Ticked for very reasonable monies and will speedily resell if not wanted to be kept).

Thirdly, there is the Space/Environment that the end product of the produced Electronic Signal transferred form Source to Speaker Xover is to be finally transformed into a Sonic with the intention to be Audibly Noticed. Within this Space the Sonic can be one that is not seemingly contaminated by other sonic residuals  being created by the energy being transferred as sound into the room.

Over time I have set up Audio Equipment in a various environments and have become accustomed to how unwanted frequencies can be resent through the produced sound transferring into other local inanimate objects and transforming these into producers of a unwanted audible sonic. 

Not all inanimate objects are removable or able to be simplistically treated, a soft base under a item that has a rattle when in direct contact with a hard surface, is a most basic treatment. A Glass in a Rooms Aperture that resonates is a more involving challenge to substantially reduce the audible intrusion.

My present listening environment is Treated to my Standards but not in a professionally treated sense. I am using my experiences and DIY ancillaries, where the produced ancillaries are using materials that will be incorporated into the ancillaries a professional service will recommend to be incorporated.

My evaluation is that I know exactly where to remove a ancillary and create a sonic that is noticeable for being a intrusive distraction.

For me the above is a Trilogy of Importance.

I do feel the Room undergoing a amount of treatment to reduce the effects of sound that is a residual and intrusive goes a long way to assist with evaluation of adopting the other methods.

How an individual approaches this Trilogy of treating the Audio Interfaces as a 'matter of course' is again each to their own. Where one gets on and off the Bus will be unique for each.

What is a asurity, is that keeping ones ear to the Ground and periodically continuing investigations, will bring new levels of performance and betterment beyond what is already achieved. The impact might just be, that a change of equipment might not seem to carry too much importance, as a result of the benefits already being experienced through working on the Interfaces in the System and Listening Environment.

My audiophile thesis is that when we had the right synergy between components first and second when we had been able to create the rightful embeddings controls of the mechanical and electrical and acoustical workings dimensions, we passed through a minimal quality threshold which for most well chosen components correspond to their optimal working potential together...

When this optimal working embeddings threshold is reached with many possible minimally qualitative components from the markets , we experience "audiophile" S.Q. at some level, most of the times enough to let us forget sounds qualities as lackings but now experiencing them more as enough to make any acoustic counts being felt as it must be felt...

We listen music forgetting audio defects... Each acoustic factor is felt with the others enough to give a real "musical" experience,... The system is now good...

Upgrading is now always possible really without too much tryings and errors but seems now suddenly way more costly...It is now the system that must be upgraded as a whole ,not a mere component as it was the case before as an often false solution and cure for some defective embeddings controls...

Upgrading really my actual system will cost me too much from 700 bucks to at least 10,000...( a new Dac with BACCH filters) ( read me right here my 2 actual dacs work well and perfectly but i spoke about upgrading the WHOLE system not only changing a dac here thanks to BACCH filters and their corresponding designed dac )

I could optimize it too electrically further for 1000 bucks ( battery+ sine convertor) . I would do it perhaps in the future...But i am happy with what i had and too busy now to listen music to think really about these ugrades which would be real improvement but are no more an obsessive thoughts because the system is very satisfying as it is ... ... I perceive sound as a musical wholeness with it...It is this wholeness i could upgrade not a specific acoustic defective factors as such thanks to Synergetic components and thanks to their embeddings controls in the three dimensions ...


I am not proud to own mere plug and play components, i am proud to had been able to learn how to embed them... I am proud more of my own creation than of lucky branded name purchase by themselves.....Creativity cure audio obsession nothing else...


Another perspective.  Go to a live concert of unamplified music.  For me, I want maximum clarity/detail.  Only the 1st row center will do.  98% of the other seats are sorely deficient for what I want in the sonic realm.  You should enjoy the live concert mainly for the music.  Then go back and tweak your audio system for what you want.  You will get more enjoyment from your audio system in your carefully located chair than you will get from 90% of the seats in a live concert.  Then you can get off the audio upgrade endless quest and enjoy your music either live or at home.  I agree with much of what Jay says in this video.

I met Jay at this year’s AXPONA where Thomas and Jay were showcasing their product collaborations. I remember a few things about the interaction. 1) Jay is painfully shy in a crowded situation and Thomas had to prop him up so that he would push the speakers he had collaborate on with CSS Audio (Typhons). 2) Thomas is MUCH taller than I thought he would be!! 😂 . 3) I hope their gear sounds better in a proper setting because it was only Ok for me.

Jay has extensive experience (for a young person) in highend audio gaining from his sales experience at Audio Excellence in Canada. He knows what a highend sound is. They gear he supposedly owns and was supposedly purchased with his own money is modest compared to what is out there and what he was selling at AE! Those saying his gear is over-priced have not followed his channel very long!

EDIT: oops, wrong Jay!! Probably should have watched the vid first!! 😂😬🤦🏽‍♂️

hobbies aren’t usually the best investment


Hobbies are not investments. They are …. hobbies . They are not meant to be for profit (meaning for making money). There are no RoI expected. It’s stuff you like to spend money on to enjoy yourself. Not to make money of it.

On the other hand, working or investing are money producing activities. Not hobbies. Meaning you either put your time or skills to work to make money, or your capital. In other other (did I say “other”) words, either your human or financial capital.

I have not a piece of equipment in 4 years. However, I found some of his discussion enlightening and prompted some self-reflection. 

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@mahgister :   "I learn that it is acoustic experience and synergy that define what is a good sound first, not marketing or price tag"  +1 Agreed. Thank you for the sage advice and good listening. Jeff


Upgrading really my actual system will cost me too much from 700 bucks to at least 10,000..

I’m in a similar situation. To meaningfully upgrade my system I’d have to spend more than I can afford. Good thing I’m happy with it, as is!


... for me, it started with the hunt for sublime crowd taped versions of I Can’t Quit You Babe ... master James routinely stretched these into 30 to 40 minute freakouts that barely resembled the studio versions if not for the bookended familiar vocal verses ... then I prgressed to clandestine recorded Alice in Chains soundboard tapes. Jerry’s guitar tone is a benchmark for me but I noticed that I wasn’t eating and my family and friends would look at me with furtive, sad looks. My bank account went from 100K’s (that;s multiples of 100s) to nearly nothing. I could not afford to buy Grey Poupon mustard. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

Only on the Gon can the Ugle Truth be Told.....

Ugh!  So this is what has become of discourse on Audiogon?   This guy?  I couldn't watch 60 seconds of this doofus.  Who cares, more importantly though, why do you care about this guy or  99.99% of the drivel on YouTube?  

If you have an expensive system, well that's awesome. The real question is what do you do with it?  Does the music that you play uplift the spirit? Is it played at volume levels that others in the house are comfortable with? Do you get other family members involved by asking what they like and don't like? Do you put a playlist together and listen with your spouse to get a thumbs up or down on specific songs? Does the music also square with the deeper issues of Faith and Morality?

Like most things in life, it can be good or bad depending on how something is used.



I couldn’t watch 60 seconds of this doofus.

Yeah and in your knee-jerk rush to judge Jay, you managed to completely miss the point of this thread! 

How does discounting someone without even bothering to consider what they have to say contribute to "discourse" ? 


Who is this guy Jay?? What is the purpose of what he does?

Is he selling gear? Is he receiving payments from manufacturers? Is he doing it out of the goodness of his heart? 

He cranks out videos almost every day. He showcases very very expensive equipment and it's pretty. But I learn absolutely nothing watching these videos from him. He meanders around all over the place complaining about everything. Teasing his viewers with new product unveilings.  It's compelling.

It's clear he really doesn't understand all the stuff he buys otherwise he'd be sharing that with the people watching his channel. I think people hope he's gonna share something of value and then most often disappointed.

What is it all end for jay? It's a curious situation. Will he fade into the sunset?

He has $$ granted , he says things sometimes that  are just an opinion 

just because he doesnot like a product , Gryphon is his favorite ,which make great gear.

but to say Accuphase is way overpriced, and not that good  too colored vs other products and Pass labs ok at best McIntosh even worse . Breaking it all down many times its tonal balance and system synergies. I have  seen him use different gear or even a different power cord or cable ,being an ex Audio dealer ,I say first and foremost System synergies is much more important then $$ dollars spent  for the best of a given product , Even audio reviewers I have read will use a specific different set of interconnects and then still  compare a integrated or power amp,or sourse, and what they may or may like better.

to be totally objective Everything 100%  needs to be the same or it’s not a fair comparison . I look for this all the time , even when I am testing gear of different price ranges and brands  . It’s a must to give a totally honest viewpoint , if comparing cables then all electronics need to be the same.   I just thought it’s an observation that many times can be overlooked.

Comparing amplifiers as Jay was doing means little , not only because Synergy matter, but because the impressions of an amplifier are not only gathered through many other components synergy it is listening through a Brain/ears room and with a room acoustically controlled for specific ears or not...

Jays never get it really, he treated acoustic as a secondary component; for me it is the primary one...As Jay most reviewers are not acoustician and not informed really about it out of panels sellers publicity...

Putting panels on a wall is not the same as creating an acoustic room to serve a specific audio system for some specific ears and not another... Small room acoustic is not great Hall acoustic by the way ... Two completely different applications of acoustic laws... Size, geometry and topology and acoustic content matter , then a 13 feet room by15 and by 8 foot for ONE listener spot has nothing to do acoustically with a concert Hall for a crowd ...

Gullible people think that amplifier choice or dac choice or even speakers choice matter most than the room installation choices... Then they are ready to put 100000 bucks on an amplifier choice and 200 hundred bucks on few panels and call this acoustic job done.... After that in this same room they compare with the same components another amplifier and decided they can pick for us all the better amplifier for all ears/room and for all other existent pairing components...

They sell amplifiers, knowing it or not , most reviews are selling publicities; i trust only average users reviews and in great numbers not singular one and only for vintage products because they had been tested by many not few reviews for a very long period not a very short period and sometimes vintage are mythical products not new hyped one which will die way before being mythical good one...

And audio wise people look for the best ratio S.Q. / price not for the higher price tag thinking that higher the price better the sound will be...

Jay’s video seems long winded to the point of time committed to the hobby affecting personal relationships. ANYTHING that get between me and my wife should be addressed, it’s a lifelong partnership.

…. you always been able to maintain a healthy balance and avoid being overtaken by obsession..

No, but getting much better. 7-8yrs ago I started from scratch so started deeply researching components and I’m mostly done constructing my analog+digital audio chains. Still keeping track of quality interesting components especially the ones that punch beyond their price points. Also planning out future endgame upgrades. I’m fortunate to have some financial flexibility, keep blowing through my budget.

I’m very interested in sonic bargains, and will pay more if it’s a possible endgame component. For electronics, I started looking at Audio Alchemy, Elac Alchemy, Aesthetix Mimas, Krell K300i, then just throw my budget out the window and picked up a Constellation Inspiration Stereo amp (ignoring the fact that I had to later buy the preamp) based on TAS 50 Greatest Bargains
in High-End Audio
I subsequently purchased the matching preamp.

My purchase of the Koetsu Coralstone was unbudgeted. Prior research led me to believe that the Coralstone was the best Koetsu stone cartridge. I already have the musical Koetsu Rosewood Sig Platinum. So when will heard that the Coralstone was to be discontinued, I was afraid I’d never hear it. But a mint Coralstone Diamond came on sale at a very deep discount…..

I also have a new Lyra Etna. Still trying to decide if upgrading to the Lyra Etna Lambda SL.

I have the VDH Grail SB phono preamp because Fremer says the Grail is a sleeper (bargain) and that “current” phono pre are quiet. But I’m curious of trying a “voltage” phono + a quality SUT - another rabbit hole.

I’m in the process of deciding how much to spend on products that increase sonics: audiophile fuses, outlets, audiophile Ethernet switches, Ethernet filters, Ethernet cables, better Power cables. I’ve already decided to purchase Center Stage component footers and a Townsend speaker platform.  This exercise is driving me crazy.

Maybe those in the market for component upgrades are more likely to be obsessive.

The obsession goes on…..

Jay’s video seems long winded to the point of time committed to the hobby affecting personal relationships. 

Yes. Exactly. And if you are seriously in this hobby and not a lonely wolf, you have probably been there, done that. If you have not…. kudos to you, but seriously doubt it.


The key is to address it. Is the hobby worth more to you than family? The answer varies. For me the answer is a sounding NO. So you learn and adjust. Prioritize. Simple. If you don’t, I am very sorry. But you do you.


Serious question for some of the posters in this thread: did you actually watch the video?


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Serious question for some of the posters in this thread: did you actually watch the video?

I suspect not