Late Night Jazz

I like to keep my late night listening sessions simple— my favorite leather chair, a small fire on a cold night, bourbon (neat), and jazz that has a beautiful simplicity. I often reach for Chet Baker: Chet (OJC-087). To me it is relaxed, intimate, uncomplicated. There just seems to be space between the notes, and they just float. I am looking for other suggestions like this. Preferably on vinyl. Thanks.
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Charlie Haden / Kenny Barron "Night and The City"

It’s a live recording and you’ll feel like you’re in the room.

Eddie Higgins Quartet "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

Features Scott Hamilton. Lovely.
Those OJC reissues are really pretty good.  Several years ago I purchased a lot of them through Acoustic Sounds  if my memory is correct.  At the time, a bargain, for about $10 each.
@bdgregory .. thanks for sharing "Soulville". Very nice album. Not only had I never heard this one but you reminded me I don't listen to Mr. Webster enough.
Charlie Haden- NocturneJohn Daversa- Quarentena
Note both of these albums feature magical Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba.
Also want to highlight another Ben Webster album- Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster. Check out Rosita.
Bill Evans - "The Solo Sessions Vol. 1"

This vinyl is recorded in such a way that it puts Evans in the room with you. 

+1 thanks @bdgregory for your suggestion ... added to my Qobuz "relaxing jazz" playlist. 
Oh yeah ... besides Coltrane "Ballads", Kenny Burrell "Round Midnight" all-time favorites for late night easy listening. 
A lot a good suggestions but I would try a good single malt, neat of course.

Try: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (1963)....
AND, thanks everybody for sending your musical magic our way.  I've been on Audiogon for a while now and I am so jazzed to see some people talking about the music beyond the music as a simply a vehicle to assess gear.  This is what it is all about when you distill it down.  Keep em coming, fellow fiends.
Chet Baker Bill Evans 
WaxTime 771698
Although they only recorded on a couple of occasions, marvelous team!
was listening tonight,
mc2125, mx110z, Thorens td160
Leather chair, fire, bourbon, no ice!
Just listened to Ben Webster’s Soulville 5 times in a row. Don’t know how I never heard it before. Might go for a sixth. Thanks for that recommendation. Thanks to the OP of course.
Grant Green:  Idle Moments
Kenny Burrell:   Midnight Blue
Gene Ammons:   Boss Tenor
Jim Hall:   Concierto
Miles Davis:   In a Silent Way
Stanley Turrentine With The 3 Sounds:   Blue Hour
Milt Jackson:   Sunflower

All reissued on vinyl from original master tapes on great labels
These should keep you busy into the wee hours....
Charlie Hunter - “More Than This” (feat. Norah Jones)
Rita Coolidge - “Am I Blue”
Also thanks @brskie for pointing out Gene Ammons: Boss Tenor (OJC-297).  I forgot I had that one.  Like Chet Baker: Chet it is another OJC release that provides a high performance/ recording quality to cost ratio and is a great late night spin. Teeing that one up for later tonight.  Now to track down some of the other great suggestions.
Thanks everyone for their awesome recommendations. I was up until 4am last night listening to some of these great jazz artists on Qobuz :-) 
Dexter Gordon - Don’t Explain
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - My Little Brown Book
Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra - Didn’t Know About You
Stacey Kent - Raconti-Moi; The Changing Lights
Karrin Allyson - Ballads: Remembering John Coltrane
Dorothy Ashby - In A Minor Groove
Anouar Brahem - Le Pas Du Chat Noir
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Gal Costa - Live at the Blue Note
Bill Evans - Undercurrent
Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart
Tord Gustavson - Being There
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Last Dance
Etta Jones - Lonely and Blue

Iggy And The Stooges - Raw Power (jk! seeing if you were paying attention)
Mark Murphy - Once To Every Heart
Madeleine Peyroux - Half the Perfect World
Tierney Sutton - Blue in Green
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Seule Ce Soir
Shirley Horn
Antonio Carlo Jobim
+1 Chet Baker w/Bill Evans
Keith Jarrett w/ Charlie Haden
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
At late night, when I listen to jazz, I most often listen to piano, either solo or with one other instrument. In addition to some of the albums listed in previous responses, here are long-time favorites and some that I've been enjoying recently:

Ahmad Jamal -- Ballades
Fred Hersch -- Music from Home
Bill Evans -- Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby
Charlie Haden and Hank Jones -- Steal Away and Come Sunday
Charlie Haden and Chet Baker -- Silence

And some exceptions to the rule include:

Ben Webster -- Soulville (yep, I'll join the chorus on this one)
Ben Webster -- Jazz 'Round Midnight
Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau -- Across the Wide Missouri Sky
Joe Pass -- Meditation and Unforgettable

Happy listening and sweet dreams!


I am surprised no one mentioned....Stanley Turrentine’s - Soft Pedal Blues and Dorene Don’t Cry, I 
@cabfiend: I gave Coltrane and Hartman a late night spin.. and it is indeed a good one.  I especially enjoyed Coltrane’s rhythm section — Jones using brushes the whole album, Garrison plucking deep, round notes to go along perfectly with Hartman’s voice. Great recording as well (Impulse AS-40).
How come I never read about audiogon folks listening to organ jazz? Nothing like an organ ballad at night. Dig through any organ album, they all have at least one ballad. But even the up stuff is good after dark. 

Brother Jack McDuff 
Don Patterson 
Joey Defrancesco 
Jimmy McGriff
Shirley Scott
Jimmy Smith 
Charles Earland

Ballads by Coltrane is hard to beat for late-night, "wine"-down listening. (The new release from QRP is amazing) But also try Coltrane’s Crescent, one of my personal favorites and Love Letter by Jimmy Heath.
(only listing ones not mentioned yet)

Earl Klugh Late night guitar was made for that.
Pat Metheny - Watercolors
Linda Ronstadt - What's New
Miles - Round About Midnight
Most Stan Getz

+ 1 on Ellington/Coltrane's version of "My Little Brown Book"

2 other you-can't-go-wrong suggestions:

1 - Joe Henderson's "Lush Life - The Music of Billy Strayhorn" 

2 - Blue Mitchell's "Step Lightly"
Dexter Gordon "Ballads" is up first tonight. Seems to have good synergy with Elijah Craig Small Batch.

David "Fathead" Newman
Sonny Sitt
Art Pepper
Art Farmer
1+ Ben Webster
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
I’m sitting here late at night in my dark listening room and spinning Paul Motian Trio into my new BorderPatrol DAC. Just need to fix a drink and then life is good.
Surprises no one mentioned Archie Shepp : Four for Trane , sweet mellow and low.

Also Yusef Lateef : Eastern Sounds, can make jou smile.

Oscar Peterson exclusively for my friends, sublime play and recordings.

If mellow becomes melancholy: Charly Haden: The Art of Song, the magnificence of Shirley Horn gives me wet eyes.

If your soul is somewhat fatigue from all the bad news, Lars Danielsson: Libera me.


Coletrane - "Blue Train" on Blue Note. Excellent recording and Lee Morgan on trumpet, particularly "Blue Train - Alternate Take - is incredible. First time I heard it I thought it had to be Davis to be that good.
Coletrane - Coletrane Plays the Blues" probably already mentioned
Davis - "Kind of Blue" of course and already mentioned
Duke Ellington - "Legacy"
Armstrong - "The Very Best of Louis Armstrong" "What a Wonderful World" and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" - great songs and excellent recording. A little disappointing because it doesn't have "St. James Infirmary"

St. James Infirmary (Gambler’s Blues) is my all time favorite track of Armstrong. It appears it’s only available on album - Satchmo Plays King Oliver. I have been hunting for this LP for a while. Fortunately, this album is available on Qobuz :-)
lalitk...Now I know why I couldn't find it on CD. I heard it on a Youtube video. I just watched Hugh Laurie perform the song. He's not Armstrong, but surprisingly good. I saw the album on eBay a while back. I don't have a turntable, but that might change.
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Thanks to everyone I now have a larger catalog to stream in. A couple back your way in appreciation is Bill Charlap - Notes From New York, and Uptown Downtown. Real tasty, well recorded, laid back piano jazz.