Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium

Today I have the Tekton Double Impact, but now matter what I match them with there are some hardness / brightness in the mid range.
I am looking for a high efficiency speaker for my 30W tube amp.
sensitivity > 92db
impedance min. at any frequency 4 ohm.
My room 25m2

And if possible made in Europe, Why? because import from the US add 1/3 on top of the price, and more if it’s a very heavy speaker.
As a point of reference, the LM dealer I worked with earlier this year indicated that the DeVore O/93 is the perfect match for the LM845 Premium.  Perhaps something European-made with similar specs would work well?  I have the LM805ia paired with O/96's and the combo is magical.

Prepare yourself for comments that the Tektons should sound better than any speaker on the planet and the underlying issue is actually your room, your terrible Chinese-made amp, not letting the speakers warm up properly, some defective part in the Tekton that can be easily fixed, your inability to hear properly, or your lack of user-applied tweaking to the Tektons to realize their full potential.  I hear Rustoleum, springs, rubber bands, any SR product, and perhaps chewing gum all make up the secret sauce that no component maker ever wants to include in their products that put the performance over the top because the incremental cost just would become untenable.  lol
I would say that there are likely a few Audio Note options that would work well with the LM845 Premium.
OP--it's definitely time to move on to some quality speakers.  Audio Note is a great suggestion for Europe.
Though everything in 3Easy’s 2nd paragraph is most likely spot on...

I will nonetheless suggest Audio Note as well as Living Voice.

Not certain how VAT works there (Denmark?) as far as pricing goes.

Used to read a Danish DIY high efficiency speaker website, but am blanking out on the name (will repost if I recall it as the guy was using interesting speakers - like Phy).

You may enjoy Horning Hybrid or Wolf von Langa.

Industry disclosure: heads up that I'm a dealer for both lines in the States.
I agree that AN would compare very closely with DeVores other than perhaps ideal room placement.  That's where I would lean as well if searching in Europe.
AN may well be a good option...

But... you might also consider Proac, which mates well with LM amps.  

And... the Spatial Audio line are very efficient speakers... and would likely be a good match, maybe better than the Proac speakers.  Open baffle speakers are special, if they are efficient, which Spatial Audio's are.
I have a pair of AN J-Spe and they are great with my AN 8W per channel amp. Your room probably will allow the AN E-Spe. Sound is incredible....
The hardness brightness in your mid-range is probably coming from the speaker cables in the interconnects. Any of sea wire no matter what they do to it will cause those problems to happen. Try OCC single crystal wire, that has been proven to be the best wire for audio out there. Acoustic Zen has the best prices, everyone else is charging way too much. Call Robert at acoustic Zen the guy is a walking encyclopedia for sound.
If you want a very open neutral speaker try listening to the new monitor audio gold generation 5 or the Platinum generation 2. Those AMT tweeters are so sweet and the mid-range is very three-dimensional and open and the bass is tight fast and articulate.

The hardness brightness in your mid-range is probably coming from the speaker cables in the interconnects.

Do you even know what he's using now? 

I have an LM-219IA that I run with Klipsch La Scalas. Exactly what you <don't> want - heavy and American, but they're an excellent match for my 24 wpc; they're 105 db. You could look for an equivalent over there. I've also heard the Devore's, an excellent suggestion, those really impressed me. 
Love my Living Voice from UK. Just upgraded to the highest ranked of the Auditorium line the OBX-RW4 with crossover outside in an extra box .... Just before they charge customs from UK to EU (Germany). With 94 dB they run easy with my 55 w/c SS amp and will with a lot less powered tube amp as well. They are quite small and lightweight and sound fantastic.
What about a ProAc speaker. I heard a two channel floor stand speaker a few weeks ago. They have great mids. I would probably opt for a three channel with the ribbon tweeter. The other is Dali speakers. They have a speaker option for everyone. https://holmaudio.com/dali/
There's also Auditorium 23 that are very nice with LM amps, but not sure of the pricing on those in your area.
Own the line magnetic 845 ia with proac d20r and a rel 812 sub. The proacs are a great match with the lm 845.If money per Mitch
Please excuse the post I made above as I have Parkinson’s disease and my fingers do not always cooperate. Tried to tell you I own LM 845 and the Proac D20r. Excellent match but if money permits You should roll the tubes as it will bring the amp to a different level. Hope you find what you’re searching for enjoy the holidays

If you can afford them, Avatngarde Zeros would be a wonderful match.  They are a pain to setup but are amazing once they get dialed in.  They are not as bright as a lot of horns and will do well with a less warm 845 based amp.  
LM amps are magic and despite their low output wattage, don’t need super sensitive speakers. I have a 508ia driving Peak Consult Princess IV Signatures through Auditorium A23 cabling. For what I listen to in my modest 11x17 foot room (jazz, classical mostly), it is a special combination. 
3 Easy-good work on the moving screen.
Martin- Is the UK a problem on VAT?
If not I would look at Spendor, Tannoy
Stirling, and I am sure a multitude of others.

Avoid anything called a monitor.

There is no reason not to buy a used speaker.
if you just go for a speaker that is pretty flat 8 ohms. Focal are nice. What is your budget?
I have the similar LM-518 and it is 100% happy with the Falcon LS3/5a, the Zu Should Supremes, the DeVore Fidelity O/93, and the Klipsch RP600M.

Tannoy would be recommended as something to look at. The Prestige series in particular. Not sure of your budget. 
I'll tell anyone who will listen that, if you want high efficiency and incredible mid-range, go with Omega Speakers. 
For a really inexpensive solution, get the Schiit Loki equalizer. (a little over $100.)
Doesn’t degrade the sound, but cures a lot of ills.
Best recommendation depends on a few variables.   How large is your listening room ?  What type of music do you listen to ?  How loud do you listen ?   Do you care about deep base reproduction ?

I understand why EU sourcing is important from a cost consideration.

I prefer low to moderately powered tube amps, and I purchased a Triode TRV 845 a few years ago.  Triode amps are made in the same factory as LM amps.  Designs are very similar.   

For a long time, my main speakers were Triagle Titus 202. These are stand mount monitors, with limited deep bass extension.  There are 92db efficient, with simple crossovers.  Transient response is lightening fast, and treble extension is outstanding.  They can sound shrill with digital or hard SS, but are an ideal match with tubes, and of course SET.  

The entire Triangle line is a good match for tubes, presenting above average sensitivity and excellent clarity.  

Triangle is a French company FYI-

I upgraded to KEF LS50 and enjoy these for different reasons- better detail retrieval, similar transient response and deeper bass.  But they are not as sensitive.

If you listen in a small room, at moderate volume and do not require deep base then I would suggested auditioning a pr of ls3/5a.   Within their limitations, they are outstanding speakers, and work very well with tubes.
Harbeth 30.2 sounds just amazing with this amp, I know, I've heard it plenty. The LM is a really good tube amp, a real keeper.
I had a 211 based LM amp (LM-218) that paired extremely well with Omega Super Alnico Towers.  Loved the sound... miss the sound; wish I had held onto them.  Likely very different from Tekton.
I currently use a LM518IA with rethm maarga....very very nice,
093 or 096 would also be a great match with your LM premium 👍