Looking for some cheaper Speaker Cables-$600 or so

I am moving soon and my Kimber 8pr will now longer be long enough. I'm looking to spend about $600 used. I have read mixed reviews on Anti-Cables, and have looked at Mapleshade Double Helix, Kimber 8tc, Nordost Red Dawn etc. I'm lost as to what to go with. I originally was going to upgrade the Kimber to Transparent Super or better but at the moment the cost is too great. My gear is McIntosh MC275, BAT Vk-3iX pre, Von Schweikert VR-2 speakers, Transparent Plus and Super MM for interconnects. In my last listening space I was very happy with the Kimber. Bass was good, depth and soundstage was good too. Sometimes found that the highs could be a little harsh on certain passages. I wanted better imaging and a more extended top end. I will need about 14 to 16 foot length. Speakers are biwireable, cables don't need to be but cost of jumpers will need to be added. Any thoughts and insights would be appreciated.
Consider the Kimber 8VS. Not Telfon coated as is the TC, so not as detailed. For the cost, very good wire. Much better than the PR. Linn K20 would be fine as well.
Definitely Clear Day solid core silver- 8ft pair of double shotgun is $500. he advertises here
Check out Paul Speltz's Anti-Cables. I bought them after expensive cables and I am not pining at the thought of not having the high-priced spread. They just plain make all the other cable manufacturers look like con men.
I'll chime in a plug for Mapleshade (Clearview) Golden Double Helix, though I'm currently using the plus version. Quite natural sounding, and a great bang for the buck. I doubt you would find a 14 to 16 foot length on the used market, so you'd have to have them custom made (8 and 12 foot pairs are stock). Still should be well under your $600 budget.

While you are at it, try some of their recordings....pretty impressive for digital.

Check out Grover Huffman's cables at http://www.groverhuffman.com You can read about all his happy customers on stevehoffman.tv. I've dealt with Grover and his product and service are both outstanding. Great value. Cheers,
I'm running the MC275 with VonSchweikert VR4JRs and liked the Analysis Plus Oval 9s considerably better than the Kimber I previously used. However, I took a big step up when I replaced the APs with JPS Labs Superconductor Petites - more dynamic, better bass, imaging and detail, plus an effortless sense of having a clear, open channel to the music. You might be able to demo and then buy if you like from Usedcable.com. JPS's Ultraconductor and Superconductor FX are also superior to the other cables mentioned IMHO.
I will third the Alpha Core, maybe a bi wire run if your speakers are set up for it.

On my system it stomped the Kimber 8TC with better tone and more open midrange.

Or try my current cable: Audio Note Lexus with a huge expansive midrange and sweet tone
I second the Clear Day double runs biwire. In my system they are the best sounding cables I have ever heard!
I've been very happy with my Audio Art SC-5 biwires.
I believe they have a home audition.
They also advertise here.
Good Luck!
For long cables, go with the Cardas Neutral Reference, hard to beat. They are just clean, uncolored, and very, well neutral. A long break time though. Jallen
Paul Speitz- anticable.com, see the website, buy a set of speaker cables for $10.00 a foot, 8 feet =$80.00. Treat yourself and have them terminated with banana's.
Pour your favorite drink, find your favorite chair, pull your reference music, and sit down, proceed to have a smile on your face the size of a Cheshire Cat.
If you are not grinning like an idiot because the sound is really that good, or the small amount of money you paid, return them for a full refund.
It is the audiophile's no brainer trial of the future of reasonable priced cables that will make your socks go up and down. Guarenteed. Go have some fun, you deserve it.
Thanks for all the responses, I will read some reviews on the recommendations.

Rnm4-Your post made me laugh. $600 being cheaper cables, I know its a little crazy but I was wanting to spend $2000. So 600 bucks is cheaper...

Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 got recommended a few times. What can i expect to hear over my Kimber? Also I have WBT topline bananas, how easy are these to terminate if I bought bulk?

I was hoping to get a Nordost recommendation, does Nordost not strut its stuff till you go further up the line?

Thanks all
I have used the Alpha Core MI-2 and now use the Grover Huffman cables. Both are excellent values.
I am really impressed with a 14 foot run of single Clear Day silver solid core.
The music that was trapped in my Tannoy Arden, Cary Cad 300sei system is now free at last.
The bass is also phenomenal!
And I still have 99 hours and 45 minutes left before Paul says they will sound their best.
"vonwaffen" was a real professional to deal with and his before during and after sales follow up was great.
So if you feel that only one of the "fatty" cables that are priced like a car is the only cable good enough to play with your speakers then good for you.
But for the curious and not so well healed, give these a try, you may be as impressed as I am.
Jlind, if my math is right you got recommendations for 14 different manufacturers of cables....what does that tell you about wire?