Luxman M-600A

I am thinking of switching to this amplifier. Anyone share any experiences? I have a Pass XA30.5 now. Also, where to possibly hear one or get one? Thanks
I am a dealer for Luxman.

I have heard in direct comparison the Pass XA60.5's and the X250.5 To make a long story short the Luxman M600A was miles better in every sonic character, The Luxman was 3 dimensional sound Please contact me I have a great deal on a new M600A. I do not know ehere you live but I am located on Long Island.
I've heard this amp in my system. It's really good. You're speakers and system matching really determine if it's right for you.

I ended up going with Ayre MX-R's, but the Luxman is a very good amp. Good luck, you won't go wrong here.
I sell both brands and the Luxman is not "miles better in every sonic character" as faxer claims.

He just needs a little more experience to learn this.

Dealer disclaimer
Audiofeil, can you elaborate on the differences between the M600A and the 30.5? Thank you
On a very revealing speaker.
The differences are more apparent.
The Luxman sounds more organic than the Pass, the Pass has a warm sound as well but at the expense of a distinct sonic character.

Again, Luxman does not use off the shelf Plitron transformers. They use an in house hand wound transformer which is actually bolted to the mains using a pure copper bus bar.
>>04-03-10: Faxer
On a very revealing speaker. The differences are more apparent<<

Differences are differences; it doesn't mean "miles better in every sonic character" as you stated. So you are wrong here.

>>The Luxman sounds more organic than the Pass, the Pass has a warm sound as well but at the expense of a distinct sonic character<<

In your opinion. You're only one inexperienced listener.

>>Luxman does not use off the shelf Plitron transformers. They use an in house hand wound transformer which is actually bolted to the mains using a pure copper bus bar.<<

Another difference that does not necessarily make it better.

You really need to bone up on some listening and stop typing.
OK does 31 years of experience sound.

I'm the very proud owner of a Luxman M-05...for the third time. I keep returning to this amp. I recently had a Luxman M800a in my home to try out with my Harbeth M40's, loved the amp, it's sonic signature is near identical to my 26 year old M-05.

I have had the opportunity to have a number of Pass amps in my home over the years...the XA amps are nice, but Luxman they are not.

In the land of Class 'A' design Luxman has the upper hand, they have had the upper hand for what seems like forever...and don't even get me started on tubes.

Rick, audiofilth always felt that he is the only person who knows how the listen and the rest are inexperience .
He should stop typing and start selling " I knw analog " . If we know analog we should learn how to response respectfully.
Appropriate, for words that come out from his mouth is nothing more than filth. Check his postings. Nothing positive to said , all high and mighty words as though he is the only person who " I know analog". Full of filthy words. Since he things that he is the official police man of audiogon, I shall appoint myself as the official sweeper of filth fr audiofilth. If a person don't knw how to respect others he doesn't deserve to be respected
I can't,for the life of me,see why anyone would buy anything from this man.Perhaps all his customers are just like him.
A couple of years ago I bought a pair of speakers from Bill. As he is within easy driving distance from where I live, I set up an audition with him. I will admit I was not sure what to expect based on his Agon character. During the audition I found him to be very knowledgeable, sociable and professional. I ended up buying the speakers from him. I would have absolutely no issues buying anything from him in the future. (Disclaimer: I am not related to Bill and have no financial interest in his business) Bill - I apologize if I am ruining your reputation.
I have also had pass previously and I am happier with Luxmans. Luxman had better bass control and detail with better pace. Pass was warmer sounding. Bridged or biamp with m800a were significantly better than one running stereo.
Tpreaves, step into Audiofeil's shoes for a moment. He is a dealer, and has probably more experience than most (I said most).

Audiofools with keyboards have a propensity to sling out cliches based on a combination of imagination, some listening experience, and impressions planted into their heads by reviews, and manufacturer's ad-copy. Poor Audiofeil has to deal with this highly opinionated, but oft ill-informed clientele to make a living.

It is a tough life. Lets cut him a break.
Pinkus, Isnt audiogon a forum for any members to voice their opinions? Granted that he may have more experience that a lot of us, does it mean that he has to be rude and disrespectful in most of his postings? What make u or him thinks that we are inexperience when he doesn't even know who we are? Isn't that been judgemental in making crude remarks abt our experience?
Yes he deserve a break if he give posters a break when they are merely voicing their opinions . Isn't freedom of speech something American are proud of? U can even belittle your own president in the name of freedom of speech but can't respect other pple opinion? Isn't this ironical ? Post respectful and I am sure the response will be respectful. Hifi is merely a hobby , so let's enjoy it and be happy. Leave the sarcasm to politicians
Pinkus, poor audiofeil has to deal with this highly opinionated , but oft ille informed clientele to make a living?

Correct me if I m wrong . Isn't it easier for dealer to make a living out of ill- informed clientele? When I got into audio I started with a cheap set up of RM6700 ( my currency) to RM100k+ within a year. I was so gullible that I accepted whatever accessories my dealer throw to me, so much so that every component is on a BDR footer. Yes I was ill-informed , gullible and trusted and it was easy to make money from me simply because I m excited with my new found hobby and I can afford. Today , after 4 yrs into the hobby it's not that easy to make money from me. I search the Net , I buy direct from manufacturer if they don't have a dealer in my country eg I bought my Reed 2P direct at easily 30-40%cheaper than thru dealer. I bought a multichannel amp Halcro MC5 brand new at close to 50% of retail price from audiogon .
So pinkus , it's good for dealers to have ill-informed pple like me so that it's easy to make money from us
Audiogon has changed the market, for better or worse. It has certainly hurt dealerships. And, it has created a host of armchair critics and authorities. I can certainly understand Audiofeil's frustrations.
Chasas1, I have a different opinion. Because of audiogon and internet, I purchased bryston bda-1, lessloss cable, halcro MC5 etc, ortofon a90, dynavector xv-1s, tron seven reference, Bottlehead Tube repro etc etc products which I dont have the opportunity to demo in my country but I purchased due to the awareness and interest created thru website like audiogon. Therefore, I would say the awareness created thru audiogon may help dealers. However, it certainly would not help obnoxious dealers who are frustrated and resort to posting in audiogon to vent their frustrations. Posting respectfully begets respectful response.
Happy listening
"Therefore, I would say the awareness created thru audiogon may help dealers"
Why? It appears most of your purchases weren't at a dealers. Oh, you're saying someone can stroke a dealer and glean all the info they can, then go buy online...with great respect.
Yes, happy listening...
"Oh, you're saying someone can stroke a dealer and glean all the info they can, then go buy online..."

Where did you get that? What he stated is that thru this site he has become aware of products not available at his location and that others may have had a similar experience. Dealers are only one part of the network here. Hi-end dealers benefit from a more knowledgeable customer just as in any other business.
Chasas1, I thought my posting was clear. I bought all the stuff I mentioned on my previous posting thru dealers due to awareness and interest created thru audiogon and internet.
Due u think ipad and iPhone will be so selleable if not because of awarenss and interest created thru internet?
Likewise I thk audiogon can help dealers as well. Off course if dealers try to sell their stuff at full retail price than it will be a problem for them
Calm down, I did not follow your sentence of "but I purchased", at the beginning of that sentence, all you mention is audiogon and internet. I read nothing about buying from or being involved with a dealer. Your writing is about as unclear as mine.

Which brings me to your last sentence, if a dealer should try and sell at full retail? Good luck trying to tell a retailer how to do his/her business. Let one know what you do so they can instruct you!

Good day.
Chasas1, english may not be my mother tongue but I don't think what I have written is ambigous and deemed to be instructing dealers how to do their biz. Jeez is my English that bad that some of us can't understd what I wrote?
Audioblazer is clearly a benefactor of this website to buy his equipment used or deep discounted. Reality is dealers have been crushed by this website. Now that is great for customers like Audioblazer and myself, but reality is the internet has given guys like us the ability to shop around and expect "used" prices on NEW gear, call around and make dealers drop their prices for competition. Essentially removing most if not all profit for dealers, therefore lack of dealers and lack of places to listen to gear. So I am stuck buying a lot of stuff at great prices just to hear it, but I can't as easily walk into a local shop or two and listen to a lot of gear. Thanks INTERNET!! Facts are facts....
Yes I benefitted from internet and audiogon and it's enable me to scout for new or preowned stuff at a discounted. Internet has definitely revolutionize purchasing habits and create awareness and interest that was not there if not for Internet and forums like audiogon. I wouldn't have buy stuff like ortofon a90, dynavector x-1vs , tape project stuff if not for the posting I read in forums. Yes , it does cut dealers margin. Tell me which industries has improve the margin of dealers and distributors? I m in the financial services industry . 24 yrs ago when I join the industry the commission was 40-50% more than today's comm. Howevr due to consumers awareness fueled by technology changes and Internet explosion, the volume of biz done is more than 10x 20 years ago. So my margin is lower but I m earning more due to the bigger volume generated. Likewise dealers can't expect margin to be 50-60% of retail price with the choices available to purchasers today and awareness created thru Internet. I m sure some dealers are doing better today - value added services definitely would help some dealers to do better. Certainly it wldnt help by postings rebuttal on other pple opinions sarcastically
So, how does a Luxman sound compared to the Pass in question? I've heard the Pass briefly, with several brands of speakers, and didn't care for it. Big sound, lots of power. Just didn't play music the way I like. Perhaps it was a bad combination for the speakers assembled.
What speakers mate well with the Luxman?
So let me see if I understand this thread: We have a dealer shilling the Luxman that he just happens to have a great deal on ( please contact him! ), Audioblazer imploring Audiofeil to be more respectful and then respectfully calling him audiofilth, a little dealer vs web skirmish, and not a whole lot answered re the OP question. I wonder how this all got started...... Oh yeah, a dealer shilled his product he just happens to have a great deal on (please contact him!)
Hi Mes,
funny! I forgot about the initial dealer. Ah, the forums...

I'd still like to know, now from someone other than said dealer, how this new Luxman sounds. I believe the Zu boys were using it at some or one of their dems.
Just to set the record straight I spent a considerable amount of time listening to the Pass x250.5, XA60.5 and the Luxman M600a before deciding what line to take on.

The Luxman to my ears was a better amp.
It was truer to the source.

I felt that the pass had a distinguishable sonic signature. The Luxman was smooth but not at the expense of revealing a discernable sonic character.
If you read the threads of the Verity owners they for the most part confirm my opinion.
In essence the Luxman does not over homogenate the sound.

I just got a pair of these I am using as monoblocks. They are splendid. I don't know how they would compare with the Pass amps.
I've heard the amps are great -- I'm quite taken with the sound quality of the L-590aII.

So, a question: is there a pre-amp that mates well, other than the C-800f? I've heard that that pre isn't up to the same level of quality that the amp is (but I've never heard either, I have to admit).
My Nagra PLL matched up to it great when I demo'd the Luxman...can't comment on other combo's..
I replaced my Pass XA30.5 with the Luxman M-600a last night (used & broken in) so I'll share my impressions thus far. The first thing that struck me is how these amps are more alike than different so I think Faxer's "miles ahead" statement is overstating it, but I agree that the Luxman does have the upper hand in every area. I would describe them as having a family resemblance in sound, but the Luxman is more polished and refined.

It offers more detail, but in a somewhat subtle way that is not pronounced or exaggerated in any way. For lack of less cliche phrasing, it lets you hear deeper into the recording. For example, in The Temper Trap's "Love Lost" there is a pause prior to the second chorus which I always heard as complete silence, but the Luxman revealed to me that there is actually a very soft whispering sound before the dynamic burst into the chorus.

The M-600a has considerably better bass definition and weight, which is the Pass' relative weakness (though it does not do bass poorly), a little more tonal purity and density, and sweeter highs. It also provides more clarity and removes some very slight hash and haze that results in the XA30.5's softer sound. The M-600a has a slightly wider and deeper soundstage as well as better image focus and definition.

Bear in mind these differences are all noticeable but not huge, except maybe bass definition. I LOVE the Pass. It is an outstanding amp and a bargain for the high level of musical, natural, and realistic music it produces. I would say the amps play in the same league, but the Pass is a dependable, solid player whereas the Luxman is an All-Star. Everything the XA30.5 does very well the M-600a does a little better. It just makes the music even more realistic and hits you a little deeper in your soul.
Thanks Eugene for the return response. I've been considering the M-800 for some time but have not found anyone in my area that has one to demo.
We just added a second M600A to the system
So we are running them bridged 240 watts class A into 4 ohms
Wow it is incredible more organic unlimited effortless float like a butterfly open deep sound=no strain at crazy loud levels
Please come over and listen-your search is over
Hi All,

I am using full set of Luxman:
D08 SACD player,
C-800f pre,
M800A pow,
driving a pair of Eventus audio Phobos speaker.

It sounds really neutral. Everytime I change cabling, it can reflect the sonic character.

Vocal never sound harsh. It sounds luxury, a bit warm, but transparent without losing speed, piano sounds glossy but not edgy. My cabling is Jorma Origo & Taralab 0.8 I/C, Acoustic Harmony S/C & P/C (great match with Luxman and Accuphase), Voodoo & Zonotone P/C.
Eugene81 and others: is this a fair comparison? How much does the Luxman m-600a cost? The information I found was that the Luxman was nearly twice the price as the baby Pass.
I'll gotta tell ya, if your speakers are up to the task, the First Watt SIT-2 takes the cake. It is something special!
How does the XA30.8 stack up to the Luxman. The 30.8 is suppose to be a clear step better than 30.5.