Morrow Audio related to Audiogon? Why so many emails?

What's the relationship of dealers and emailing Audiogon forum members? For e.g., why do I get the same "The Big Sale You've Been Waiting For!" emails that I've never been waiting for? Why are they always 40% off? Excuse the rant.
Why are they always 40% off?
Maybe they are 40% more expensive to start with.

I have Morrow cables and they are quite good. However, I still get tons of email as well. I also bought them on the 'Special 40% off' sale. LOL
Obviously he is making a profit at 30 or 40% off. So why screw around with the phony list prices.
Thanks all who responded. Still curious (someone in a supervisory/marketing and advertising/ leadership role?) if anyone can explain the relationship of dealers trying to sell their products through the Audiogon forum members? Is this how Audiogon makes money? Do dealers pay to use the forum to send out their "sales" like Morrow? 
@tablejockey :-) w/o question. But still, I'm curious why we get them and what's the relationship with Audiogon? I don't seem to get them from other sellers via Audiogon. 
Likely something to do with your browsing habits and your address is then given to the company.