New! Cerious Technologies Lumniscate cables

I have been listening to my system through Bob Grost’s Cerious Technologies Matrix cables for the past 5 years and have been very happy, happy enough to have completely stopped shopping for cables, and I had been cable swapping for a number of years.


I had tried silver cables in the past, and it always seemed like a compromise, such as getting more detail for less warmth. When I found out that Bob had a new cable line than utilizes proprietary pure Silver ribbon conductors made for Cerious Technologies in Germany my curiosity was peaked.


Bob sent me a full loom of what he calls Lumniscate cables, speaker, interconnect and power. I installed, powered up and walked away. The speaker cable were very heavy, much like the Matrix cables before them so I knew what to expect. I came back about 5 hours later and could not believe my ears just how big the difference was. As cliche as it sounds a veil was now missing that I didn’t know existed. I was immediately struck with the immense clarity and realism. It was startling. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the enormity of the change that had occurred in only a few hours with essentially no burn-in. Bob told me, “just wait until they’re broken in.”


This cable appears to have some very sophisticated technology involved other than just a different type of wire or braiding techniques, shielding etc that every other Cable manufacturer claims is what makes theirs special. I’m not an engineer but I am curious about what makes them tick, so I asked Bob what was in these things and this was his response.


How is this done? Cerious has developed a proprietary method of           forcing the aqueous Graphene into the smallest nook by injecting it under pressure. After each conductor or “Damping Jacket” (both employ the same Aqueous Graphene) is “filled” the entire cable is placed in a vacuum chamber under extreme high pressure sucking out every pocket of oxygen and pulling the Graphene into intimate contact with the pure Silver and Carbon Fiber backbone fusing it into one coherent conductor.

Through this process we have achieved an increase of over 20% concentration of Graphene in each conductor versus Graphene Matrix. The introduction of our aqueous Graphene solution in our damping jackets has resulted in damping at the atomic level for both our individual conductors and cables as a whole.

Matrix was a large step up from Extreme, especially with regard to low level signal devices, namely interconnect and digital cables. Due to their smaller scale more elements of our ideal design were able to be instituted. In Lumniscate we have functionally turned our Loudspeaker Cables and Power Cords into large signal “interconnects” utilizing the same 6N 99.9999% pure Silver as the backbone of all Graphene Lumniscate products. Every inch is custom made and configured even before each individual conductor is hand made out of this pure Silver, Carbon Fiber (made by Toray, the finest available), Graphene and Liquid Ceramic which acts as the agent for our aqueous Graphene. Each conductor is housed in a medical grade Teflon tube, and then hand wound into a specific configuration within the outside jacket. Our aqueous Graphene solution is then flowed into our outer tube to surround the individual conductors and “lock” them into place. This process does require some time for the Graphene to move into place. For this reason, users should avoid moving Lumniscate once connected within a system, as this damping will improve over several weeks yielding quieter backgrounds over time.

Here we must address “the sins of the past”, as many have had bad experiences with pure Silver cables being bright and “overly detailed”. As a material physicist, individual materials are not defined by a single characteristic. When you say “a carbon fiber composite” everyone thinks of something rigid and prone to explosive failure characteristics. If knowledgeable carbon fiber structures can be made that are flexible, especially when combined with other materials. The same can be stated for Silver and the Carbon Fiber we employ within our conductors.

Carbon Fiber, as an individual conductor, can be “tube like” in its presentation and is a perfect complement to high purity Silver. The use of aqueous Graphene is an integral part of successfully combining 48,000 strands of Carbon Fiber (even more in our power cords and speaker cables...) and Silver into one integrated and coherent conductor.

The result is a cable that simply “disappears”. Graphene Lumniscate sets new standards for transparency and neutrality, which are hallmarks of all Cerious Technologies.


As I listen tonight, I have over 150 hours on the cables without moving them, and I feel like I’ve broken through that wall. There is now a wonderful ease to the sound and yet very dynamic, beautiful clarity, realism and next level transparency that I have not experienced in my system. There is an unrestrained flow to the music, a fullness of soundstage and yet an emptiness of color, resulting in feeling that there is nothing in between the amp and speakers. I’m lucky to easily hear differences because of my quiet components and revealing speakers to help discern the difference.


I put my favorite LP on the platter, the three blind mice recording, Midnight Sugar by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto. It’s already a good recording but now the piano is in the room with me. The bass is tight, and everything is well balanced. I can close my eyes, and I’m in the studio watching them record.


I’m listening at a lower level tonight, not needing to turn up the volume. There is so much detail now at lower volume it’s astonishing. The noise floor is just nonexistent. I also am realizing just how colorful the Matrix cables were, and I suppose all cables color the sound to a degree, but now I understand what real transparency is.


Bob said these cables were a whole new level of transparency.  I think it must be said that’s such an understatement. Without any break-in, the Lumniscate cables made the Matrix cables, the cables I’ve been happily living with for the last 5 years, sound just above average.


In my excitement to get these cables broken-in, I put everything in and let it run. The sound has changed significantly during this break-in period. Now I feel that I’m I can systematically remove cables and insert them one at a time to try and determine which ones are making the most impact.


After purchasing these cables, it’s recommended to not move them after placement. just let them break-in properly to maximize results. More to come on that.


I’ve never owned super mega-dollar cables but they must sound like this….. if they’re lucky.



Backert Labs Rhythm 1.3 Pre

Coda No. 16 Power Amp

GamuT RS5i speakers

Modwright Oppo 205

Technics SL1200 GAE, DS Audio Grand Master cart, Integrity Tru-Glider Tonearm

PS Audio P15 Regen

Dedicated power line to Furutech GTX outlet.


roxy54, Audiogon deleted the last  thread after the price list was posted...

Nice system!

I assuming innocence, but where's the line between a hobbyist's enthusiasm or being a spokesperson for a manufacturer?


Just so you know I am an audio enthusiast with no affiliation or connection to the manufacturer. I am not paid. I have never met Bob Grost. I do like what I hear using his cables. I am sharing my experience with them. Isn’t that what these forums are all about? I have a similar love for my Backert Labs preamp or Linear Tube Audio products. I believe my Coda #16 Amp is the best SS amp made. 

I agree with those that have said in other forums here on Audiogon that Bob thinks outside of the box and manufactures very good products. I have not had an opportunity to hear the new Lumniscate cables yet however, I understand from those that have that the Lemniscate cables are an improvement.



Thank you for a very well written review.

I have also tried the new Lumniscate speaker cables, and they are very good! It actually seems that the music got louder.



Can you tell us the price of these cables? I can't imagine that you'd be censored. There's no information on the website.

No, but I guess it is safe to assume they will be more than the Matrix.


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the only other question I have is what type of wire are they using because if they're still using ofc junk then it's still not going to be better no matter what they do to it then OCC single crystal wire because it still has fractures in The wire which impedes the signal OCC single Crystal has zero fractures in The wire.

I emailed Bob from Cerious and he sent me the prices. The Lumniscate line are comparable  to AQ or Cardas top of the line cables in price.

All the best.


What are you trying to do get banned or censored again ? 
they see the  long report and they think you are a shill for advertising.

that is my take on it for I have had several topics I like or recommend on there 

and they have been removed .I wrote to Robert ,he is not very receptive to my questions  Why ? His website has very little information and or pictures of the technologies and what makes them different or special .myself and others I have spoken too have said the same thing li owned a Audio store for 10 years and any prospective buyer  does want to know about the product they are buying ,you can pass That on , they seem interesting li bought one of his first cables in around 2005 .i look forwards to seeing more , maybe he will email me back , I sent 2-3 previously.

For a 1 m pr of interconnects , and a 2 m speaker cables think around $$ twenty three   hundred that is pretty close I believe  xlr are $ three hundred more 

curiousjim, they are way less expensive than top of the line least according to Upscale Audio and Cable Co website prices...

I'm curious about Cerious cables, but it is kind of strange that their website have hardly any pictures. Maybe I did not search hard enough? 

I am looking at their speaker cables, but there is only one small picture and nothing to click on to show more. It is not really helpful for interest buyers.

Wonder if any others feel the same.

Of course we can search elsewhere. But a disappointing website can turn customers away. I'm keen to make an order, but this is a hindrance.  It is a pity.

I find the Cerious cables website confusing and not user friendly, in the long run I believe it hurts their sales, and I like their products, just trying to be honest here.

If I am not mistaken, on the other thread (that got deleted), Bob mentioned that his daughter is the website designer and I think he stated she is soon to have a baby.

So hopefully his website will be improved soon.




You aren’t looking at the correct cables. The ones we are talking about are not officially out yet. A pair of RCA 1m interconnects are like twenty four xx dollars and XLR’s are about twenty eight xx a pair.

Yes curiousjim , I see cardas speaker cables at $10,000 and Audioquest for more. I just checked Upscale Audio. 8 foot pair of AQ Firebird Zero is $15,500, Dragon Zero is $27,500 an 8 foot pair ... and I do fairly closely remember the price list posted a few days ago for the new Cerious...


@ozzy is correct, Bob’s daughter is the webmaster and pregnant. I suppose she’s moving slowly. Bob answered those questions in the other post that was removed. Agon has an itchy trigger finger.

Post removed 

Hi Bob from Cerious!

Never have your pregnant daughter as your webmaster. She is working away on getting the lit and prices up on our website. She is a perfectionist, though, and I cannot get her to realize that we need something simple like a thumbnail with a link to the price sheet. Hopefully today! In the mean time if you hit our contact button I will forward you our complete Lit and Prices.

Now connections. I have strong connections to my customers. I value them and develop relationships over time. I do not pay them to post on forums or write posts for them to "place" online. The whole idea of forums is the organic exchange of ideas run by the users themselves. period. 

Here it would be easy for me to post our prices but am now gun shy about having the whole thing yanked again. I will say that after adding up what it costs to produce Graphene Lumniscate I was a little taken aback. My wife suggested we go on the Cable Company site and look at what other companies are charging. WOW! We are the introductory model for most other companies price wise. At Cerious, I have never priced my gear by what it compares to, justifying 4x the price. I WILL never price what I sell this way. Everything I sell is based on what it costs to make and a FAIR markup that allows me to eat and live. 

I will continue to bug my daughter and in the mean time write me and I will get you the information, often within hours. Patience Grasshopper...

Thank you again to all my customers and to even the negative voices. Freedom is a wonderful thing...



OK my daughter rocks! The .pdf for Lit and prices are up on the website. Hey I just figured out that a 5 foot set of Graphene Lumniscate speaker cable costs the same as 18" speaker jumpers from the other Graphene company. Amazing...

A note to Audioman. Less emails with less questions and I will be more receptive. I love you but I do not have time for a 20 hour lecture on audio design...

Hugs to everybody and many wishes for great sound...

Bob from

"You cannot be Cerious!"

Oh...but I am...

Yes I realize that the website is not too slick. Working on this, too...I was waiting for the world to come back to sanity before doing major updates...I hope we can all agree we are not there yet...but will update anyway...

The point of these blogs is to speak truth! If my feelings get hurt it is probably because I should be doing better in some regard. A great thinker said" Academics search for Solutions. Most of the time solutions do not exist, only compromises exist". Truer words were never said when it comes to high end audio...


Bob from CT

This thread has me very intrigued. Not for the Lumniscate cables, but the Matrix line of cables. I’m currently using Cardas Cygnus RCA from my Pontus ii to my Atoll IN300 and Cardas Clear digital from a ifi Neo Stream to a Hermes ii DDC. I’m also using Cardas Cygnus SC and Clear PC from the Atoll IN300 to an Equi=Core 1800 MKiii. My question is, if I move to the Matrix RCA/XLR and the coaxial, what sonic differences will I experience? The thread from 2017 was very interesting and has me excited to invest in Cerious Technologies line of cables, but in would like to know if the improvements are worth the investment. 



Any options on the table with the use of OCC copper only, no silver or plating? I know this would decrease overall transparency but your new technology would make copper even sound better... I prefer copper over all other metals 😁




Hi Wig...Bob From Cerious. Sorry no plans for just copper. If I had to use just a single material for an audio conductor I would use copper. But I am not limited to one material, so no I will continue to push the envelope...


Did the new Lumniscate cables get taken off of the Cerious website for some reason or am I doing something wrong? I don't see them?

@lak I only see it on my laptop, not on mobile. It’s a blue bar with links across the home page

@rgrost great info on these new cables, so think you mentioned that there’s a lighter version for stand mounts, because the first thing I thought was a pair of these taking my speakers clear off their stands unless the were screwed in

In case this helps anyone that runs into the same issue as I did using my iMac computer: I had to click on the center top atomic-looking sign in order for the blue bar to appear which has the information regarding the Lumniscate cable design and price list. Once I saved the website that contained the Lumniscate cable information in my favorites the website worked correctly for me.

Has anyone else taken delivery yet? My cables, with burn-in time sound more refined than ever.

I’ve had mine over a month...great out of the box, then the one week settling in time, a few hundred hours playing time and were sounding even more great...casual guess is that after a few weeks and a few hundred hours they were mostly burned-in, but I think that as with many components, the last 10% or so, slowly happens over a few seems now that every few weeks they seem to sound a little better, impossible as it may seem....friends seem to agree....long time huge fan of Bob’s cables, just put an older Nano RCA into a secondary system, and shocked at difference it made over an already good cable...

I can report that after many hours of playing time, even more transparency and refinement have appeared. I don't get cable deniers. They make a huge difference in sound.

I forgot to mention that upon request, Bob made me an umbilical cable for my Modwright Oppo 205 power supply. This cable made quite an impact.

@rgrost Bob are you going to bring back your React speaker tech - the one with the kevlar ballistics powder in the thin tubes? Now that was a fascinating and utterly unique approach to speaker design. A shame it never really went forward.

But I certainly understand how making cables is far less of a headache than small volume speaker manufacturing!

@lancelock — can you tell me about the structure and make up of the umbilical?  I asked Zavfino make an OCC-based umbilical to connect my LTA power supply and Pro-Ject RS2 CD Box transport, but they declined. I had a mind to contact Bob as well. 


I’m no engineer so it would be best to get that info from Bob, but I can speak to the difference I heard from the stock Modwright umbilical to the Lumniscate. Bob’s umbilical brought clarity, improved dynamics and bigger sound stage. The improvement was not subtle.

That LTA power supply of yours is the real deal. David Berning is the master of power supply design.

@lancelock — yes, the LTA power supply is great.  

I’ll check with Bob on the umbilical.  I’m very happy with the lumniscate AES/EBU cable I just bought from him. 

@lancelock - I understand the whole loom concept but have you been able to swap out different cables to get a feel for which ones have the most significant impact on the sound of your system?


I have not done this yet but on the bright side my amps will be back from repair this week.