New Yamaha integrated amps

Just a few days ago I checked the Yamaha site to see if they really were releasing a new S lineup. I read somewhere (maybe Reddit or here) that they were going to release updated S series integrated amps. Well, I checked again tonight, and voila! There they are---the new A-S1200, 2200 and 3200 (flagship). I'm in the process of looking for a new integrated and the 2100 was on my radar. I'd like to see what's different on these. I bet the older models will have some sweet deals. Has anyone seen or heard them yet! 
A used A-S2100 just went for $1200 here...super deal...I have the CD-S2100 and think it’s terrific...these models have been out for about 6 years now
I saw those the other day.  Very nice indeed.

"I'd like to see what's different on these."

One thing that is different, at least with the 1200 and 2200, they each now have a toroidal transformer instead of an EI.

"I bet the older models will have some sweet deals." 

I am hoping for a blow out price on an A-S1100.

"A used A-S2100 just went for $1200 here...super deal." 

Wow, no joke there.

I'm not convinced the move to toroidal transformers is a good one. The best attribute of the current crop of Yamaha integrateds is the bass extension. It's my suspicion that some of that is attributable to the EI transformers. Of all the amps I've owned, those with EI transformers have consistently produced superior bass. It could be a meaningless correlation but the move to a toroid alone is not enough to warrant one of these new models over the outgoing series at closeout pricing. It's not as though the current models have a high noise floor, especially not in any practical/audible sense. 
" I'm not convinced the move to toroidal transformers is a good one. The best attribute of the current crop of Yamaha integrateds is the bass extension. It's my suspicion that some of that is attributable to the EI transformers."

You may have something here.  Maybe that is why Luxman still uses EI transformers in their integrated amps.  With that said, the 3000 series has always had a toroidal and from much of what I have read, bass drive capabilities is not lacking.

Looks like better S/N ratios as well. Yamaha says they have improved the wiring and feet for better vibration absorption. Question: will changing transformers increase power output? I have 6 ohm speakers and according to the specs, for 6 ohms its 135 wpc.
"Question: will changing transformers increase power output?"

Not necessarily.  Transformers, power caps, output transistors, all contribute to power rating.  Of course amp design topology also.

"feet for better vibration absorption."

The feet on all these beastly Yamaha analog integrated amps, from the older A-S1000(which I have) to A-S3000 are all solid chunks of metal.  The top two models(2200, 3200) now have chrome plated brass feet.

tordial wont matter much with this design because of the topology of it, its easy to eliminate noise. there's a reason why yamaha went with this old circlotron design. and anyways tordial transformers doesnt automatically mean it has higher noise floor. just look at how much great gear like pass labs uses tordials.
One of the best features the Yammies had, IMHO, was the continuously variable loudness control. Shame that doesn't carry over to the top model.
Thanks for explaining the transformers---I've learned so much from you guys. As for loudness, that's one thing I like about the Luxman integrated amps. Even though loudness isn't on the unit itself, its on the remote. Do you think the new 2200 is roughly equivalent to the 505uxii? 
I have the AS2100 & CDS2100 very happy with both. Rarely mentioned on this forum. I was surprised to see this post.
website doesn't mention new CD Players, anyone know if those might be coming soon too?
Why would anyone buy a Yamaha amp when you can purchase a Parasound integrated.  I wonder why manufacturers promote watts when the real spec should be current?  Watts are a bigger number.
Why would anyone buy a Yamaha amp when you can purchase a Parasound integrated.  I wonder why manufacturers promote watts when the real spec should be current?  Watts are a bigger number.
I switched from the original Parasound Halo Integrated to an A-S1100. The latter is a better sounding amp in most metrics, especially in terms of noise floor. It has also been more reliable. My H-int produced hum in the speakers that could be heard from 10' away -- my guess is due to a cheap toroid that didn't cope well with the 100mV of DC offset on my mains. That and I had to file a warranty claim for a faulty volume pot. The Yamahas sound very similar to a tube amp in the midrange. The Halo merely sounds like good SS.
Sorry, Larry, you misspelled Luxman .... :-)

Parasound is good, Luxman is noticeably better.  Happy to review the Yamaha if they want to send me a free one. :-)
Steve Huff wrote a heck of a review on the S-3000
I enjoy reading this guys reviews but I don't believe a word of it. Every piece of gear he tests is the best thing since sliced bread; until it's not. I don't know if he is an enthusiastic fanboy or (more likely) making some gelt reviewing gear on the side. Either way, he's amusing but not terribly informative IMO. 

Why would anyone buy a Yamaha amp when you can purchase a Parasound integrated?

What does that actually mean?  Don't get me wrong, I am a Parasound fan, but why not a Yamaha?  As mentioned above, these Yamahas are solid pieces with great build quality, including the discontinued first generation, lowest on the totem pole model I own, the A-S1000 with it tipping the scales at 48.5lbs.

@willland I'm not sure why Parasound is put down sometimes. The HINT 6 is on my list for integrateds as well. I'm looking at the Yamaha AS2200, the Parasound HINT 6 and the Luxman 505uxii. I've never had a Parasound but have always heard good things about them. I'm also considering a used McIntosh from Audio Classics. I'm hoping this will be my last integrated for many years. But I also consider reliability, customer support, quietness and overall high quality. I definitely want a phono stage and headphone jacks and they all have those. 
I'm not sure why Parasound is put down sometimes. 

My question is why Yamaha is put down sometimes.

I think the Yamaha is considered consumer audio, being the major brand it is. I demoed the Parasound Halo before I bought my Yamaha AS2100. I thought the Parasound sounded great. The salesman was pushing it really hard, which turns me off. I started reading reviews about the Yamaha and they were positive but not a lot of places have them available for demo. What eventually made me choose the Yamaha was price. I had a friend who could get me the Yamaha at dealer cost. I bought it without demo, knowing I could return it. Still have it, no regrets, very solid build great sound. I'm sure there are other great integrated amps out there too, I'm happy.
I just got an A-S301 and couldn't be happier.  It is tubey, like someone above mentioned, very laid back.  If I ever need a bigger integrated for my main rig, i would definitely look into Yamaha's bigger options.  
Well, the resources Yamaha has at its disposal should bring something interesting at least. If not releasing anything outerwordly, at least the prices are much more reasonable than the high end industry got used to charge unashamedly.I'd love to see Yamaha bringing some floorstanding speakers displaying the same technologies used in the NS-5000 bookshelves (problably the best standmount commercial speakers available?).

@twoch I didn't say I was definitely getting a Yamaha. I simply wanted to hear from some folks who may have had an S model since there are some really good reviews online. I'm looking at other integrateds---I would like to have one that includes HP amp and phono stage. The new Yamahas have those as well as the Luxman 505/507uxii and Parasound HINT. The McIntosh is on my radar but they are so big and will not fit into my rack---unless I buy and amp stand or something. So still looking. 
Had an AS2100, great amp, kind of regret selling it but I needed the money, found this thread and will be looking into the new models

Apologize as I am a bit late to this discussion.  So much going on out there....

I am listening to the Yamaha AS2200 while typing this.  This Yamaha replaced Bryston and Parasound monoblocks due to space contraints.  This unit is an incredibly musical amp for the money.  I doubt if I can do any better without spending several thousand more.  The highs are well extended but not fatiguing.  Extremely pleasant and holographic sound that induces toe tapping.  At 90W/C, my Polk 707s could use a bit more power, but it's more than adequate at medium volume.  The bass is also very tight and accurate.  In reality it sounds more like an 150 wpc amp. 

Now in search of streamer/dac unit.  I'll take recommendations from those who matched well with respective AS2100.  A friend just recommended replacing current Spotify with Roon/Qobuz combo for streaming.  Been looking at Lumin D2, Teac NT505.       

Anyone have the A-S2100 and the A-S2200 and can speak to the differences in sounds signature?

I owned the luxman 505ux-2  it very nice sounding but not the lsdt word in low level detail s I sold it the Anthem srt with room correction noticably better.
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I the 2100 vs 2200 very small and accessories for less is a authorized dealer and I bought a factory refurbished 
which just means it had a failt and it was not only fixed but more extensive testing  1 year warranty vs two , and for $95 
you can get a 3 yr extended plan for $2500 new ,and free shipping a steal , the 2200 a bit better wiring scheme on the outputs
slightly, and a torroid for it has slightly less flux but they put a small faraday cover over it ,to absorb any stray magnetic field Luxman still use EI transformers, and inside almost identical 90% of the very good Nichicon Gold capacitors , same Nippon Big power caps 44x x 4.  When the warranty runs out I will have it maxed out 
with a top potted Piltron 750 or 800 va transformer and a few other goodies for around $1500 you can be where the 3200 model sits 
it’s all about maxing out the parts quality  and $5k more.
bring into modding over 20 years,with Loudspeakers I do my own mods ,electronics I know parts I let the techs do Thst,and owning a Audio store the techs showed me almost anything can be noticeably improved. Please remember on average roughly 25% goes into the build the rest  overhead and markup.I was going to buy the new Marantz model 30 class D, but this mosfet amp is special these Mosfets they use a tech told me $70 each ,that's top
my friend sold his $6500 McIntosh for it just didnot have the same depth and realism ,many people know not much about build quality,think Dan Modwright modt of whst he uses is already in these Yamaha top series the the 2100 series on up true balanced and even convert the rca to balanced ,the 1200 doesnot 
their floating ground system is very quiet the output wiring to your loudspeakers  awg14 which is the same I your home on a 15 amp breaker .I use dedicated 20 amp 4 wire dual ground 1 isolated,insulated ground which is best ,and Silver circuit breaker 
$50 vs $10 but does not corrode,oxidize like copper ,which every 6 years should replace silver no problem silver oxide is a good conductor.I bought mine in black ,much more silver which from The same place the silver was only $2300 I had to eat the $200 more for the black , and the preamp is active ,has several of its own power supplies ,all relay electric motor ,once a month good to 
switch all inputs to keep relays optimum ,very fast I wished it had a 
led read out , and if in mute lowers volume to low ,then goes back to last setting ,when you shut off remember to turn down ,it remembers last setting , and can set on back auto shut down if not using for 8 hours it auto goes into shut down. That’s a good sample of the unit ,nice natural almost kt88 presentation in the lower midband smooth top end ,untill you get at least 250-300 hours it will be a bit forward and just gets better , the utube videos 
not totally accurate ,as a ex store owner know always fully runin 
no less then 250 hours digital I give 350-400 hours, and put a good power cord on it, it truly can make or break its balance and performance ,on a budget the Pangea ac 9 mk2-SE uses Cardas 
top -0 Crystal copper awg7 Anaconda size  but very good .a $500
cable for $200 , if you have $$ you can do better still I have a triode audio wire thsts great but over $1k and for sure 150% yes you can here more refinements I have done bling tests with many cables in a afternoon with several people over , and results were 
90% + accurate, I have 1000S of hours having time to experiment 
when I owned a store full of Audio candy.  Hopefully this will help .
just look at the Ton of reviews on the S 2100 integrated amp
2200 if you don’t mind spending $4k is a great deal vs the $6k+ competition.  And slightly better a few % better at best .
I have  friends who compared them.
@audioman58 thanks for this - though a little hard to follow - can you clarify are your observations about the 2100 or 2200?

Sure the Yamaha 2200 has a slightly better wiring on the outputs and now uses a Torroidal transformer roughy the same size it bass is slightly more articulate and top end slightly more transparent slightly,side by side ,maybe a few % at most.
I wrote a fast brief yes maybe hard to follow, but if you know parts well you would not have an issue with the brands  mentioned regarding the applications . If you can as I mentioned accessories plus factory refurbs silver S 2100 at $2300 plus dam tax now free shipping is a steal , the 2200 is only slightly better if side by side.
you get 1 yr warranty vs 2 , and a factory authorized seller. Save your bucks to do a great full mod of your 2100  or any model 
Thst is a very smart game plan save for a year and then max it out 
the transformation is incredible !!in the meantime use a good power good and some respectable matching cables for each brand cables had its own sonic differences. I don’t recommend these blends mixed silver copper for I have experienced uneven 
balances at different frequencies smearing . Just my observation 
nothing more .
I had a 2100, sold it, was a very special amp. I thought this 2200 would be miles ahead but based on the comments it will be just slightly better. Agree that mods could make the 2100 better, that was very interesting audioman, thank you
From feedback I heard You might want to look at the Teac TN-505 and Teac AP-505 amps before spending much more !
Modding is my plan ,if you look at the 3200 the 2100,2200 are almost the same 
just much better parts from A to Z ,and the 21-2200 have much better parts 
quality then Any $6 k integrated in the market ,you want proof look at several 2100 reviews and loook st pictures all Parts from Japan 90% Nichicon gold rune 
are premium caps , big 22k Nippon low esr power caps . My plan is to sink around $2500-$3k into fully maxing it out without question it will better the 3200
it is a great design ,we are just going to put in the top tier psrts transformers 
and everything else leave whst is good like the Nichicon caps and customize everythung else and top WBat Copper gold rca,and speaker terminals the 3200 
has not done that. And a potted bigger like a 800 va piltron potted vs the 625 
Adds  much more head room and potting lowers noise floor bigger 28k uf caps x4 ,all these little things add up .I have a friend in the UK Thst maxed it out 
and he knows audio very well easily beats the 3200 which is a excellent integrated amp, please realize for every $10 spent in psrts the company charges 4-5x That in markup. Thst is why modding is great and most cost effective and have the best of the best parts 70% goes into the parts 30% in the labor 
$3k=$12k+ is a great investment .  For years Modwright  has made his living on mods .having been in audio for over 40+ years and owning a Audio store 
and learning all about mods to be it’s a great investment .others don’t like to 
live on the edge they just want to enjoy. I look at as a challenge like if you had a 350 chevy engine and said let’s make this a 500 hp SS . My whole system has 
no gold brass connectors Anywhere Copper is far better sounding and a much better conductor like 3 x as much . If you want a well established modded email me enjoy your music ☮️🎻🎶.
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I had the AS2100 and sold it, it is a great integrated, very good SS amp, I remember I enjoyed it very much.
The A-S2100 sounds like clear, flawless tubes. Huge weighty and defined images. Incredible details you’ve never heard before. It’s fun.