Phono Cable Suggestions?

Hello all:

I'm in need of a phono cable (DIN to RCA's with ground cable) as my Bolder Nitro bit the dust for the second time and I'm tired of messing with it.

Any suggestions on a quality cable with good build quality>


Furutech. This cable was recommended to me.
Check out the Synergistic Research Tricon phono cable.I tried it against the Hovland Grove 2 and preferred the Tricon. Absolutely a fantistic cable.
Stealth Hyperphono. Detailed but relaxed sounding and not harsh. An excellent phono cable but not cheap. Good luck.
Honestly you really don't seem IMHO to get great cables by spending silly money. I use Homee Grown Silver Lace . In my somewhat less expensive set up. The silvery lace provide for a full spectrum very balanced warmer than typical pure silver tone and detail resolution. That you won't lose by using this intermediate price cable. It is the top of thw Home Grown line. The othere less thick but still all sivler to copper core options may not be as analytical.
Following Mechans train, I went with a Signal Cable Silver wire that has been extremely satisfying. Tried and dumped $500-$850. priced cable after listening extensively and finding that the extra money spent was not translating into better sound. (TNT V, ZYX Airy-1000, Pass XONO).

Thank you all for your suggestions. Now I have some leads to follow while being bored at work. :~)
Nordost Heimdall is excellent. I've also used SR Tricon. (Currently listed here). Both are excellent. I agree about paying big dollars for these cable so buy them used and save.
I third the Stealth Hyperphono...great cable, transparent, yet musical.

A excellent Phono cable is XLO Phono Signature (Copper) and the one from Audioquest LEOpard with 72vDBS (silver)
Dear Dave: An open question like that give you a " thousands " of answers like " thousands " of cables are out there.

I try several tonearm/phono cables over time looking for a neutral one and not for a cable that compensate for deficiency somewhere in my system, after many cable test I stay ( for a while ) with three cables: Harmonic Technology, Analysis Plus and Wireworld ( the two formers are silver/cooper blend conductors and the other full cooper ).

Today I'm using either the Harmonic Technology and the Analysis Plus that I find are cables that IMHO does not introduce almost any " signature " all over the frequency range leaving to pass the cartridge signal with out almost any alteration/change, for me this kind of neutrality is a must to have/try in a tonearm/phono stage to preserve in a better way the integrity of the delicate cartridge signal and to know/discover too if everything is fine on the system performance.

I don't like the cables ( anywhere ) that are out of neutrality, I don't like any cable that " help " to compensate errors somewhere in my system, of course this is only my opinion and like almost always is system dependent and according to our know-how level and priorities.

Regards adn enjoy the music.
Hi Raul . . . do you find that certain cables are better suited to certain cartridges . . . i.e. having low capacitance being critical with high-inductance MM cartriges, etc. etc.?

Also, have you a preference for shielded-twisted-pair versus plain coaxial types? And for shielded-twisted-pair . . . have you experimented with connecting the shield to channel cartridge negative, or turntable ground?

Any specific experience you have with cabling as it relates to your formidible cartridge collection would be most welcome.
Dear Kirkus: I can't say for sure due that almost all top cables out there don't give almost any information about the capacitance/inductance(resistance value per meter.
What I can say is that the ones I use are good with both cartridge types: MC and MM.

NO I don't have preferences about twisted or coaxial ones.

Due that my Phonolinepreamp is fully differential I'm using my tonearm/preamp cables in balanced way where the cable shield goes to the preamp ground.

Here you can read something on Analysis Plus cables:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hello all:

I was able to get the Furutech and the Analysis Plus for an extended home audition. Depending on the results, I'll probably purchase one of those.


I too look for cables (and components for that matter) that do not alter, adjust, help, etc, the signal. So far, I have found the Analysis Plus line (interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords) are what I refer to as "clean."

Best regards,

I thoroughly second Raul's choice. I have Analysis Plus silver/copper f rom tonearm to preamp, and Harmonic Tech Pro Silway 3 IC's (balanced) from preamp to amp. Very neutral and let the signal pass through mostly undisturbed( can any wire truly NOT be adding something in the chain?). My speaker cables are Ananlysis Plus Oval 9 (all copper). Ive tried many brands and these satisfy me without having to spend stupid amounts of moolah.--Mrmitch
For those that might be interested:

I purchased the Furutech phono cable after listening to both in my system.

My reasons were 1) both were excellent performers with no difference that I could hear between the two and 2) the Furutech was +/- $100.00 less.

Both are clean, clear, and add no coloring to the signal.

Best regards,

Dear Dave: Good for you, congratulations!.

The neutrality in any cable is a must to looking for/have.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hello Raul:

Thank you for your earlier suggestions and your congratulations.

I spent the weekend listening to my TT with the Furutech phono cable, and I am pleased with my choice. I really expected the Analysis Plus model to "win out" because I use a number of their power, interconnect and speaker cables, and I have always found them to be neutral and revealing. But I honestly could not hear a difference between the two.

Best regards,

How would a Venustas - Purist Audio Cable compare with those suggested?

Would it be considered neutral, or does it flavor the signal?

Hi, I used to own a Venustas. It's ever so slightly sweet side of nuetral compared to some other top flight cables. It is a wondeful cable one of the very best there is-period. Purist has 2 or 3 more higher up in their line, I upgraded to a Purist Proteus Provectus over the summer, it is a tad warmer than the Venustas, but quieter, more detailed, less distortion, better clartiy.

The Purist Venustas does so many things just so right imo...
I've owned the Furutech and home auditioned the Synergistic Tricon. They are very fine cables, however, in my system the Cardas Golden Reference is the easiest to listen to, and for me the most enjoyable.
I would have 2nd the Harmonic tech cable. I had one din to rca and when I changed tonearms I almost cut the b--ch to make rca to rca.