Recommendations for IC and speaker cable

I’m in need of some recommendations for above mentioned cables. I’ll be soon looking to upgrade my entire cable entourage. I’m looking to get more synergy with my system and a cable which enhances the music experience. System consists of Krell Pre/Pro, Krell Amplifiers, Musical Fidelity CD Player, Oppo DVD and B&K 803D2 Speakers. After many hours doing research the path leads to Transparent cable which are said to be most synergetic with the Krells. Room is very much acoustically correct and everything is superb with exception of occasional high frequency anomalies (more apparent in older recordings or poorly mastered recordings)

Currently connected cables are all Blue Jeans cables which are acceptable but I feel I’m missing something in the big picture. These cables? give me a unpleasant high frequency metallic "screech", at some tweeter frequencies, for lack of better term. Cabling is XLR from Pre/Pro to Amp, Digital Coax CD to Pre/Pro, Digital Coax DVD to Pre Pro, 10GA Speaker with Bananas both ends. I’m reading that the Transparent cables will take care of this High frequency "screech". Does anyone here have suggestions as to what alternate cable to look into? I plan on trying a few brand names out without actually purchasing them unless I’m satisfied that they are the cable I like most in my system.

I’ll value any input you may have but lets not go to knocking BlueJeans as they have provided much enjoyment over the years and worth the little amount spent. I’m now retired and listen to my system much much more and am now noticing the little nuances so I’m looking for input for alternative cabling. I also love the Krell sound so no I’m not changing equipment, only cable recommendations please.

Take a look at this
 I have replace very expensive cables with these inexpensive cables and the overall improvement in sound is stunning
Nice system, congrats.  I am a long time Thiel owner which offer challenges in the HF without careful system matching.  I have had good luck with Kubala Sosna Fascination speaker cables.  Great midrange and bass and in my system very nice HF extension.  They are my current favorites. 

In the sub 1K range I like Kimber 8TC and Straightwire Maestro II  which are discontinued but show up for sale on occasion.  I have compared these to cables costing many times more and they are still here and the others are gone.

For IC’s I prefer Purist Audio Vensustas over most I have tried.  Kubala Fascination and Wywires Silver have worked nicely for me also.  And believe it or not older MIT’s like 330 Shotgun from source to preamp.  I have never tried Transparent but have always been curious.  I am also recently retired so I may have missed that opportunity! 

For PC’s I use Kubala Sosna Fascination on phono and preamp and Wywires on my Mcintosh amps.  Also, a great bargain is the Analysis Plus 10 and 14 PC’s which I use on digital. Tons of great choices - good luck in your search.

BJ cable is a good budget cable, but definitely unrefined in the upper frequencies. You have a very nice system that certainly deserves better cables to take it to full potential.

Are you familiar with The Cable Company, who has a lending library  so you can audition several cable brands? (the fee is worth it).
First, what is your budget? It looks like you need IC's, speaker, and digital coax. You should also include power cables at some point in your upgrade.

For realistic and open sonics, MIT should be auditioned. Purist Audio has smooth natural highs, and is slightly warm, very musical. The Cardas "Clear" line is the new generation of Cardas. An excellent cable you don't hear much about is Silent Source; a very organic presentation, with realistic non-fatiguing highs.

For a more modest budget, look at Signal Cables website. Excellent quality and sound with a money back trial period.

Budget? In this rabbit hole hobby can there be a budget? But yes of course there is a goal which is the best for the least but no more than I can reasonably afford. I checked transparent prices and having a difficult time justifying their prices, although if they truly and measurably really provide what I’m looking for ok I’ll go on a Ramen noodle diet. But I’m thinking there’s got to be a wire out there that’s at least comparable. I’ll attempt to audition as many as I can.

Thank you all above for taking the time to assist in my quest for audio nirvana. I’ll be looking into all suggestions.

Keep it coming!

I have a set of current model Transparent Plus cables for my speakers. Though some have felt they are not what I should use with my Vandy 3a sigs, I enjoy them and think they will serve you well, as far as the high frequency 'screech'. I have owned prior models of the Transparent, but I think this current line is by far much more 'open'.
As far as IC's go, I have switched to Zu. They seem to be very neutral and clean, as well as not terribly expensive.
I'm not a fan of Transparent Cables. I heard them connecting Vandersteen Quatro CT's and VTL monoblock amps and the sound was overly bright and harsh.

I actually recently traded 'down' to Blue Jeans from audiophile cabling and couldn't be happier. However, you might want to try Cardas. I have a pair of their Clear headphone cable and it sounds warm and refined. Parts Connexion is running a special on their discontinued Neutral and Golden Reference lines.
Darwin Silver, Ascension, or Ascension Plus are all under $500 used maybe even $300.  The Silver can be had for $150 used.  The Amadi Maddie Signature is also a silver wired cable.  Should be able to get for under $300 used.  These cables offer great transparency, detail and dynamics with excellent bass.  There is no etch in the high end.  With a very resolving system, I have no urge to buy better cables.  I did try more expensive cables prior.
Zu Audio still have their Event Mk.1 speaker cables at discount. They are a great find.
As for ICs, try out the Darwin Ascension line.
There is a 30 day trial period with the Darwins and I believe that although the Zus are at a discount, there is still a trial period as well.

Good luck and all the best,
The Amadi Maddie Signature speaker cables can be had new for $600 for an 8 ft. pair.  The AMS cables replaced MG Audio Planus III in my system which were $1895 and the best I had ever heard by some margain prior. The Amadi's had deeper bass and the highs were even clearer.  They also have no drawbacks that i can detect.  These cables will eventually sell for $1895 when they are better known.
Surprised there’s not already a few Clear Day Cables post noted before me. Very nice cables, and for the money they are Great but if your budget can double or triple the Clear Days, WyWires Silvers is a significant step up. Yep, they’re more but they are in another league over the Clear Days. Both Paul of Clear Day and Alex of WyWires are the best in the business to deal with and they’ll send you cables to try and if they don’t work no problem sending them back.

Strong second on the Clear Day, for speaker cabling anyhow and The Cable Co. & it's lending library for ICs.  Could not believe the detail that came out when I first installed my Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables.  Did not realize what I was missing 'til I put them in.  Many of the above I am unfamiliar with and so cannot comment on them, but highly recommend at least talking to Paul at Clear Day as an early step in your search.  Good luck and have fun.  BTW - remember what I and others hear (and like) may differ from your preference(s).
Anyone know anything about JW Audio? Is advertising here on Audiogon.If anyone has tried their cables let me know what you think please.
I would seriously consider Bob Grost’s new Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme cables. Check out the link below.
Folks have replaced a lot of much more expensive cables with these cables.

Why we say IC and speaker cable? Why not IC SC?

Perhaps because they are two different things.

I really like Anti Cables, too, if for no other reason than they are the Poster Child for wire directionality. You know, since they are unshielded AND have direction arrows. I also respect that they're cryogenically treated but then again what isn't?

I'm a Paul Speltz Anti-Cable fan also, both speaker and IC's.
They replaced my way more expensive MIT cables, and a good bud replaced his stupid expensive Cardas cables.

I love the Anti Cables and interconnects in my system. Replaced more expensive Morrow Cables.

Re: Yage.
I agree earlier models of Transparent cables didn't go well with Vandersteen's, but I have to say the current line-up, is much more smoother.
Zu is selling their earlier cables on Ebay, and they can be gotten for considerably less than the original asking price-sometimes you can score a great deal. I find them a tad clearer than Audioquest Rocket's, if that is any help.
I only have the Transparent's because I had an earlier model that had a broken banana pin. Rather than just repair the termination, Transparent offered me an upgrade to the new model, which was not exactly cheap, but doable. Though I am glad I did it, I probably wouldn't do it again. 
Clear Day cables for speaker and interconnects. You can’t go wrong with that. Signal Cables is also pretty good. I actually have JW in my second system and they are really nice for the price. My only reservation with JW is that they are pretty stiff. But no complaints on sound.
Cables, interconnects, speaker cables? Wow, wow! Could ask that question and get a thousand different responses! Cardas is industry reference! Clear line of cables hard to argue with! Problem: is price worth incremental increase over cheaper cables! IMO: No! Biggest bang for buck I Found is Wireworld cables!! What is the best cable, well the one that's seems to make your system sing!!! Throw some engineers in this arguement and high priced cables are snake oil ! IMO: certain truth to it!
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Why we say IC and speaker cable? Why not IC SC?

Perhaps because they are two different things. 
So Power Cord and Personal Computer is same thingie?
I also have Krell amplification feeding a pair of Sonus Faber speakers. I am one who likes to stick with one type of cable throughout my system. I have tried Cardas, Audioquest, Kimber as well as some home-brew cables. I ended up going the Kimber route with my entire system connected both balanced and single ended with their Silver Streak cables because I found them to be the best sounding to MY ears for the price. There are better sounding cables out there but they are out of my budget. The best cables I have ever listened to in MY system were Kimber's KS series with their "Black Pearl" wire. Absolutely fantastic with Krell power! Fully resolving with a sweet yet detailed top end, organic through the mid-range and deep articulate bass. Do yourself a favor if you have the $ and at least give them a try. Good luck! 
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cleeds267 posts06-25-2016 10:22amczarivey
Why we say IC and speaker cable? Why not IC SC?

Perhaps because they are two different things.
So Power Cord and Personal Computer is same thingie?

Digital Cable might be confused with Direct Current and Integrated Circuits might be confused with Interconnects or Intelligent Chips. Power Cords can be confused with Politically Correct.

I second Clear Day cables. If you touch base with them, they will send you review samples to see if they work in your system. I replaced the very top Anti’s speaker cable with Clear Day.....a revelation. Light years better...for MY system.
Cerious Graphene and the older Cerious Nano.  Discovery Essence and Essential at current used prices are excellent.  I currently use them all.  I like Mapleshade speaker cables a lot too.
I own krell and B&W and have found kimber 8tc speaker wire and kimber hero IC to work really well.
Another vote for ahendler, philjolet choice of speaker and interconnect. Many happy users of this combo on the Agon. Best, Rob
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Perhaps you've forgoten about Inegrated Circuit.

What do you mean, jelly bean?

Well the B&W’s diamond tweeter and some Krell gear is known to be bright sounding, so i’d recommend Jorma Unity cables which sound natural/organic & share a similar tonal balance to the top range Prime cables (ie: harmonically rich with a touch of warmth). Unity replaced Jorma No.1 and is better across the board, but costs about the same price. A 2.0mtr pair of Unity bi-wire cables costs about $9.5k, whilst a 1.0mtr pair of xlr’s cost about $4k. If that’s over your budget, you could look at Jorma No.2 which still has Jorma’s essential sound, but at a more accessible price. The Cable Co posts current prices, though if you have a Dealer nearby, you should be able to swing a better deal.
I second the Clear Day cables. I recently moved from Anticables Level 3 speaker cables to the Clear Day Double Shotgun. A big improvement on the overall sound quality on my system. 
I really like Straightwire Crescendo III balanced interconnects and speaker wire, but they are a bit thick to work with for some applications.  I use Clarus Crimson in tighter spaces when I need a bit more flexibility.  I hear great things about the new AQ offerings, too.

One thing you should not overlook is the power cord.  The single biggest improvement in bass response and sound stage I got is with the Clarus Crimson HC power cord.  Those things are beasts.
First, I'd recommend just buying used and keep swapping until you find what works for you.  As someone who recently tried to sell cables and couldn't even get near half their value that's your gain with little risk of loss.  Anyway, the original Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference (NOT the series II version) interconnects may give you just what you're looking for at a very reasonable price, and they do show up here pretty frequently.  Their Satori speaker cables would also be very worth a shot and synergistic with the Matrix.  Another interconnect possibly worth exploring would be Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference, and another speaker cable would be Analysis Plus Oval 9.  Just some thoughts given you're looking to tame highs.

One other thought -- you don't mention power cords but those can obviously also greatly affect the tonal balance you're getting.  Best of luck. 

"First, I’d recommend just buying used and keep swapping until you find what works for you."

The Cable Company is the cost effective way to audition multiple cables and get recommendations to match your components.
The fees incurred are applied to any purchases.
Well I do believe I found the speaker cable that's right for me and I'm one step closer to audio Nirvana. For what its worth it was not very expensive and lived up to its advert and more. Boutique made to specs in USA. The cable is called Cryo Nova and my systems sings. I finally found a cable that synergizes with my Krell system. Its staying hooked up. I never tried a solid core speaker wire but should have done so years ago. I can not believe what I've been missing, the speed, smoothness, highs lows, detail, openess and all associated terms just opened up, This cable just blew me away