Rogers High Fidelity EHF 200 MK2

I have ordered the Rogers High Fidelity EHF 200 MK2 and will be getting it next week. It’d be great anyone who owns it, if you could provide feedback on this amp.. I have created the space for it in the rack.. feel like an expectant dad..


I've owned one for about 8 months & love it! I bought it directly from Roger Gibboni who is the real deal - very smart & experienced guy.  Rock solid construction, sounds excellent & quite powerful. It does run hot & needs room to breathe. I generally prefer the ultra linear mode of operation but that's probably very room & speaker dependent. Best of luck - I'm confident you'll enjoy it.

Thank you @jonwolfpell I see vents on the top and back of the transformer cage. Does most of the heat come from the top or the back? The rack space will be 13" tall and open on all sides. I have some pictures posted in the system. The rack is pole with spikes style. Are you running any subwoofers with it? I don't intend to use any subs.. I'll share my experience once I get it.. 

Congrats! Post a review after spending some time with it. Not many opinions on these out there, especially the model you're getting. I like Roger's youtube vids breaking down his approach. Cheers,


I use the amp with the clear Lexan  cover as I have two very curious cats. Roger claims the amp dissipates better with it but I don’t know about that. Seems like most of the heat is of course on top but also substantial heat going forward from the front as that’s where the tubes are. 

i don’t have my sub connected directly to it as I use the Rogers w/ the theater by pass input ( # 3) for movie watching. I connect my main speakers  only to it for movie watching when I want a truly big theater sound. My sub is connected directly to my Anthem receiver. For music listening I connect turntable / phono amp & DAC ( for streamer & transport) directly to the other inputs on the Rogers & no sub required. Best of both worlds & don’t use up the tube life more quickly than necessary. 

Thanks @sbank I’ll be sure to post my thoughts.. It’ll be delivered on Thursday.. It’s substantially heavy, like close to 60lbs.. I am excited..

@jonwolfpell  if the heat comes mostly from the top, I may not add the shelf above the amp.. Just leave it out in all its glory.. I’ll primarily be using it for two channel music listening.. You had mentioned tube life, so what mode prevents the tube being used as much? Is it just using it as a Preamp or something? Not that I’d be compromising the full listening experience. But just curious.. Movie setup is on a separate setup through Nakamichi and Pioneer Elite, and I have the pass filter turned down to a very low frequency on the SVS.. Trying to save my hearing..

I have the Rogers High Fidelity KWM-88 Integrated Amplifier. It’s very similar to yours. Get ready to welcome in excellent gear. They are a good example of getting what you pay for.

I have not cone across many other Rogers customers but the few I have are also delighted.

Try it with your power conditioner and also right into the wall. You mighe be surprised. I also auditioned power cords and found one I prefered.

I rigged up a pair of quite fans above to suck up and disapparate the heat. This isn’t necessary as the amps are designed and overbuilt like few are but because I always have used small cooling fans. I had Roger mod my amp to run KT-170’s.

What Magico’s do you use?

@wsrrsw thanks for commenting.. The KWM-88 has a stunning look to it.. It's beautiful.. I have the A3's.. Also have a pair of Veracity STs that I had Salk build for me. I'll try them both.. I'll be sure to post my first impression and running it in my system.. You can checkout my system under my username.. I started with Parasound and then went through Mcintosh, but ended up replacing it all with Luxman gear. I had the Mcintosh MA352 for sometime, it was alright. So this would be my foray into tubes the second time..

@rgibboni thank you Roger!! I'll be sure to reach out with any questions.. I am so excited.. This would be the first time I am going to see it in person.. And it looks stunning in the pictures.. 


@rman9 Juat tuned my one on. Your basement is your happy pkace and my den is my spot. 

@wsrrsw isn't that a great feeling to just tune every issue in our life out and go to that spot and just be in pure audio bliss? I just visited your system.. All I can say is, I am awestruck... 

I really like my EHF 200 mk 2.  There’s a clarity to the sound that I’ve never had before.

tried it with my tube preamp (a very fine Modwright LS 36.5); surprised to find I prefer using the Rogers’ attenuator, it was slightly quieter and had a better frequency balance in the bass.

That's awesome @lloydc I intend to experiment myself as well. I'll pair it with the Luxman 595ASE which has superb tone control and just an overall nice machine and also try driving through the Luxman M10X power amp.. It's good to know that you saw benefit from the attenuator..

@wsrrsw how long do you wait for the warm up? also do you have certain burn in hours on the tube, where you started to see it shine.. 

About five minites or more. Often I just turn on and go. If amp brand new I’d except some burn in time. As you know tubes work best when warm. Some advocate 20-30 minutes. 

Thanks @wsrrsw.. We are going through a heat wave in the northwest. Thankfully the basement remains ten degrees cooler than upstairs.. I am curious to see how hot the Rogers is going to run. Both Luxman 595ASE and the 550AXII are class A and they run hot.. So I am used to it..

@jonwolfpell @wsrrsw @sbank @lloydc got my Rogers EHF 200 MKII, from getting it out of the box and setting it up on the rack, I was stunned by how terrific it looks, the simplicity, the details of the fit and finish. It looks even better in person. Nicely packaged, the quiet power cord and the remote.. Just gushes with high quality.. 

Setting up was real simple. I set it up in triode mode and hooked up to the unbalanced input 1 with the hifi Rose RS150B as the DAC. Started to listen to different movie sound tracks.. It's fantastic, with the clarity, the beautiful tube sound that I could not get out of the Mcintosh MA352(I no longer have this, I swapped it for the Luxman 595ASE). The dynamics are wonderful.. I am in for long nights of just musical bliss..

I hooked up the M&K sub to the subwoofer terminal, but could not get much out of either of the terminals. Even with the sub gain turned high, I could not get it. Not sure what I am doing wrong. In any case, this amp does not require a sub. But I like trying all the modes.. If anyone else have tried it, let me know what I am doing wrong.. 

More listening and I'll continue to post my experience..

I'm sure Roger can help you out. I don't use a sub when listening to music, my speakers w/ the amp don't need it. Its so great to be able to talk directly w/ the designer & builder of a quality American made product!!  It was one of the major contributing factors why I bought one. 

@jonwolfpell I actually did face time with Roger, but forgot to ask him about the sub and I will. He was just wonderful.. I am happy as well, for being able to talk to the designer for a quality American product. And it was one of the reasons I passed on Audio Hungary.. Whenever I decide to update, I'll stick with this company.. 

Never owned Rogers , but I have listened to one and it is good stuff....  in New England you can check them out at Natural Sound in Framingham MA.    

@rman9 Before calling Roger, I'd suggest taking some time to carefully read the manual for your sub. Some prefer speaker level connection vs. line level. Some need a filter setting adjustment to only pass the frequencies that you want to supplement. Of course, if you've recently been using the sub successfully with line output of your prior amp, then nothing I've mentioned will probably come into play. Cheers,



With these you hardly need a sub. It’s uncanny. You twiddled all the adjustments on the sub? Checked that the input line wasn’t damaged? Sub fuse?

I had a Prima Luna HP (w/ 88’s)and the Rogers bested that hands down. Used a sub with that Amp.

I do use a sub but the volume is set very low as the the frequency. YMMV.

@rman9 Curious if you worked out the issue you had with your subs when connected to the line level RCA outputs?

I got the EHF-200 MK2 about a month ago and found the same thing - very low input for my RELs. I switched to speaker level output and all is good. 

Amazing integrated. Almost unlimited head-room now, which is great.

Hi @macg19, I enjoyed the EHF-200 MK2 without the sub.. It was an amazing integrated indeed.. But I have pulled it off the shelf and traded it in with my dealer. I have ordered the T+A PA 3100HV.. Waiting on it shipped from Germany.. there is some customs clearance delay.. I listened to the demo unit from the dealer and I was stunned.. I am getting it with the APM..

Hi @rman9 thanks for replying. Very interesting. I look forward to your impressions once it's installed.

What is the APM?

@macg19 The APM is the optional Analogue signal Processor Module. It provides channel specific tone and loudness control. And also room correction for the low frequencies.. The demo unit that I brought home did not have the APM, but still sounded just pure and beautiful.. I am looking forward to getting the unit, and I'll definitely post my impression on it..