***Seasons Greetings A'goners***Are You Getting Any New Gear For Christmas***

A Pathos Classic Remix Mk.II integrated amplifier/DAC/headphone & a pair of HiFiMan Deva Pro bluetooth headphones...How about you folks?


None for me. I'm in the middle of moving house. But Merry Christmas to everyone out in A'gon land.

My birthday is in December, and my combined birthday/Christmas present was a Conrad Johnson Premier 11a with the teflon capacitor upgrade and KT120 tubes. 

I wanted this amp like I wanted to breathe when it came out because of all of the good things that I heard about it. It turns out that (for me at least) they were all true. It is an incredible piece in almost every way, and I am thrilled. I have only had it for less than a week, but this one is a forever keeper.

A United Composite Centaur 76 and an Okuma Makiara 16. 😎 Gotta go outside and play too . As far as stereo gear , unfortunately no. Daughter married last summer , son next summer. But after that a new tube amp. Merry Christmas 

I’m down to living Vicariously thru my friends changes,

I am witnessing/perhaps helping a friend choose a more powerful tube amp, around 100 wpc,.mono-blocks preferred.

to drive JSE Infinite Slope Model II's, efficiency 90db; 8 ohms

sold: info




Tubes +/- 100 wpc: Used or New.


I decided to add to my nearfield low cost system with active speakers a low cost tube pre-amplifier with three tone controls to improve a bit a system so unbelievably good for his peanuts price i am amazed ( But i modified the speakers design myself the porthole and the tweeter wave guide )...

I already added a stunning peanuts cost S.S. pre-amplifier with three tone controls for my secondary internet and movie headphone the AKG K701 ( but no music with the AKG K701) with great result... I listen music if not on speakers only with the AKG K340 the best headphone i listened to in my life ...

i am happy with my speakers and main headphone ...

 The pre-amplifier  is my Christmas gift ....


I wish to all audiogon souls and family a merry Christmas and peace on earth ...


I bought a miniDSP microphone to do room corrections in Roon. 2 rooms down 3 to go. New gear can’t really fix issues related to room acoustics.

Merry Christmas’Agoners!  Sold my drum kit which frees up our sitting room for a makeover, so why not put a second system in there.  Going Bang for the Buck with a pair of JBL 4429’s, a Yamaha A-S2200, sources are a Denon DCD 1700 ne CD/SACD player and a Bluesound Node X 10th anniversary for streaming.  Slightly retro vibe with silver on all equipment and VU Meters 👌🏻

I recently downgraded so probably nothing new for me. Maybe a $30 Stylus Tracking Force Pressure Gauge


Hope you guys have some sweet new (or used) exciting gear and stress free Holidays!


I’m down to living Vicariously thru my friends changes,

why do you think I come here :)​​​​​​

(1) SILENT ANGEL BONN N8 network switch

(2) iFi lan silencer

Until recently, I never paid attention to the LAN component bits.

- Firstly, I upgraded all the AMAZON Ethernet cables to premium high-end build CAT7 cables. That stepup in audio performance was immediate.

- Then on the basis of both reviews and my dealer, I inserted an iFI POWERX upgraded power supply into the run-of-the-mill BESTBUY big box store brand $30- ish common network switch . Hmmm … another distinct further audio improvement that was not subtle ,,,,, blacker background and more “presence” as noise reduction is better again. ….who knew?

- Now it’s time to complete the LAN streaming cradle-to-grave evolution with new attention given to the network switch and overall LAN noise elimination. with these two items. My dealer is favourably navel gazing insertion in their demo system. The reviews below have peaked my interest. There are numerous alternate brands and escalating pricepoints ….










Couldn't think of anything I needed or wanted.  It seems Christmas is a 365 day a year thing in this house.  Merry Christmas!


The only new gear I'm chasing is a new BBQ grill, in lieu of getting the LS50 Metas that are on sale now for a great price (no affiliation).

Merry Christmas everyone. 

Simply one pair of interconnects from Silnote. But that will  complete all ICs being switched over to Silnotes. I am always on an extremely strict budget and as I swapped in each Silnote IC over time the sound became more and more organic, to my liking. Hoping this will continue that improvement. If I had the scratch I'd love to compare my current speaker cables, Harmonic Tech Pro-9 Plus, to new Silnotes, but unfortunately I  don't see that kind of dough in my near future. Maybe next Christmas?

I did not expect to buy anything audio at this expensive time of year, but bought a used lamm Lp2.1. They do not come up for sale often, anymore. My turntable has been sitting unused for a long time. I will need to get a cartridge now, probably a Delos.  

Yep, I am getting Don Sachs new preamp to pair with his 300b monos, financed by the sale of my Dynaudio C1 Signatures.  Hint, hint.