Seeking Schumann 4th that is listenable

I have this DSD 256 rendition of Schumann Symphony 2 and 4. It sounds shrill and harsh and I can’t take more than 5 minutes of it. My digital chain is very good although it can’t quite compete with my analog side. I’m leaning towards this recording just being bad even though it came out recently, in 2019 and it is in DSD 256. What’s a good source of high resolution digital classical recordings?


Qobuz is a good source for streaming classical.

If you are interested in a good performance (and listenable enough) of Schumann’s 4th, try Klemperer / Philharmonia on EMI. Originally recorded in the early 60s, It’s been reissued by Warner in high resolution, but you might probably also find the vinyl


Thanks for the replies. Nativedsd is where I got that download. I remember going through a bunch of selections on Qobuz and not finding anything satisfactory. The LP that was pointed out is available on Discogs but not cheap. I’ll keep searching. 

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The performance cited in the OP is by John Eliot Gardiner conducting the LSO on their house label.  These recordings are made in the Barbican in London.  The Barbican has terrible acoustics.   I haven’t heard this Schumann set but the Mendelssohn, Nielsennand Sibelius sets from the same venue are so bad acoustically that it is difficult to listen to the actual performance.

  There have been many Schumann symphony cycles released in the past few years so the OP is spoilt for choice.  Using a streaming service to sample these is an excellent idea.  My personal recommendation isThomas Dausgaard conducting the Sweedish Chamber Orchestra .  The Sonics are superb, particularly the DSD layer.  The label, BIS, has a real commitment to sound and quality performers.  I think the Schumann Symphonies benefit from chamber sized orchestras and recordings of great clarity because as people have noted for almost 2 centuries, the details of his orchestration tend to become lost with larger forces.


+1! But, unfortunately, I think, too often the same conductors who use small forces as Berglund with Sibelius and Harnoncourt with Beethoven do with the COE, also do it with period instruments, etc, Gardiner, something I'm no too attracted to. I really like Schumann's symphonies, especially the the 'spirit' of the 1st, the Spring Symphony my intro to Schumann. I just love this piece (not to the exclusion of the others) because it does recall 'spring' for me. With one exception I found large forces drag this sound down. The exception, which I'm sure many would disagree, is Bernstein's with the Wiener Phil on DG. I've not heard Dausgaard's Schumann but I will. Thanks.

Mahler 123, BTW in reading about Dausgaard's Schumann I found a new(er)set  by Ticciati. Have you heard this? Sounds interesting.

I consider good renditions with good sound the following ones:

- Barenboim, Staatskapelle Berlin (recorded 2021)

- Thielemann, Staatskapelle Dresden (2018)

- Sawallisch, Staatskapelle Dresden (1973, remastered 2015)

- And of course Szell, Cleveland Orchestra (SACD)

I think you can listen the first three in Qobuz

The remastered Klemperer / Philharmonia on EMI version is available (and in SACD/DSD format) although it also includes Mendelssohn's 3rd symphony as well.  It was released in 2012  and has two CDs.