Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono

Preface: I know virtually nothing about high end audio. My step dad passed away a couple years ago and he had counterpoint preamp, amp and Klipsch corner horn speakers. After he passed, the amp broke and my local audio store (Fred’s Sound of Music in Portland) recommended a pair of quicksilver mid monos to replace the counterpoint. So I purchased those for my mom to continue using the system.  She no longer can use the system, so it’s now mine  

I’m now selling the corner horns because I don’t have the space for speakers that large. 

I’m looking for good speakers to pair with the counterpoint pre amp and the QS mid monos. 

I understand that the tubes inform what speakers pair best. The tubes on these are Tesla E 34 L  513 and the small ones E88cc

from reading other posts, here are some answers:

 It will be setup in a large  great room with the speakers up higher, about 7’ off the ground with 14’ ceilings. 

I mostly listen to 60s/70s and mostly Grateful Dead. 

I really liked the sound of the corner horns. My parents listened to mostly jazz. 

Max budget is $2,000 for a pair but I’d prefer to spend significantly less.  I have no preference on new or used.

forgive my ignorance. I’m trying to learn as much as I can.  

thank you!



Klipsch or JBL should fit the bill. Go to your local Best Buy and give them a listen. Best Buy sells both brands!

I’m confused. Great room, 14’ ceiling, why not use the existing ones???

What model are the existing ones? If you do not know, search the internet 'klipsch speakers', find out what they are that way.

Those amps, EL-34, what specific amp are they in. You want very efficient speakers (high sensitivity ___ db 1 watt/1 meter to drive them in a large space with tube amps. Typically horn speakers are used as they are the most efficient, thus easy to achieve large volume levels with tube amps.

Less efficient speakers, you will probably want to change to a SS solid state amp, or a hybrid, part tube/ss power stage.

 Why are the speakers going to be 7 feet off the floor?  Seems to add some wrinkle to the equation...

Mid monos are nice amps. The height off the floor is very odd. I'm down with the suggestions here.

There's a FB group for Quicksilver with nice people. You might poke them, too.


Mid Monos are great amps. I've used mine with Heresy II, III , Forte IV , also some low efficiency speakers.    All with great results.    

The way the way the room is configured don’t leave many options. Here is a picture.  There is no space in the left side floor. Only option is in the left side cabinetry.  I could probable put a left speak in that cabinetry and mount the right speaker to the wall. 

I wish I could keep the existing corner horns but they are massive. 

@stanleylocke - thanks for those suggestions.  For reference, That would probably the largest floor speakers my area could accommodate (and my wife). 


@hilde45 - Thanks for the info! I’ll check out that FB group. 

I wish the room had a better configuration for the left side speaker.  To the left off picture is the entryway and front door. 

@elliottbnewcombjr - the existing cornerhorns are huge. I don’t space for them.  They are Klipschorn kb w0

The picture reminds me of that insurance commercial with the guy who is trying to give advice to young people who are turning into their parents. Does a gathering room really need a sign that says "Gathering Room"? No!

@roxy54 🤣🤣🤣 tell me about it. We just moved in and plan to remove it. As you can imagine, the garden has a sign saying garden too.  Have you seen the McFarlands on YouTube? 


Now that I see your space, it is a dilemma, I suggest true bookcase speakers (not small monitors called bookcase these days) horizontal on those shelves, keeping all drivers at same height, as low as can be achieved.

How DEEP are those shelves ____?

My office speakers, 3 way, 10" woofers (a lot more bass than typical small speakers with 6-1/2 inch woofers.


Ideally located at seated ear height like mine, but you have higher shelves. Depth needs to fit a shelf, height not too high for a shelf space (you have no height restrictions), and you do not want ports, if so front only

Mine are vintage AR-2ax’s restored quite easily, or buy some already restored by someone else. Everything needed is readily available.



Local Pickup Only, you could use UPS Pack and Ship, seller simply drops them off, unpackaged, UPS packs and ships, they responsibile for any damage. I have used UPS successfully a few times.

They have level controls for tweeter and mid volume control relative to each other and the woofer, which will be an asset in your use.

You can put a small block under the rear edge, angling them down a bit, for better sound ’down there’ and alter the reflection off the ceiling, avoiding strong secondary waves and eventual rear wall waves.

Of course, any new speaker that can be used horizontally can be likewise used, but most do NOT have level controls, a true asset of the AR-2ax’s and likely a benefit in your space/high location.


@elliottbnewcombjr - thanks for the info. The shelves are 20” wide and 27” deep.  All internal shelves are removable but the center divider is not, so 20” width is a hard constraint.  

Did you mean 27" wide and 20" deep?

Also, what is the height?





AR-2ax horizontal a no go, 24" wide, if vertiga’ 24" height, angled down a small amount would work, perhaps woofer at top, tweeter and mid below.

these Wharfedales, 3 way 8" woofer, without the stand would fit vertically also height spec must be wrong: maybe 20-3/8" high, might just fit horizontally if remove bottom spacers, have seller give true measurement without the plinth.

rear ports, but 27" depth helps, or stuff them. My ports are stuffed here, were open in prior location.


If the stated cabinet dimensions are off (as they appear to be per the photo supplied) the contemporary Klipsch Hersey, used or B-Stock) might be an option towards the top of your price range .

I'm drawing a blank on other, fairly easy to drive, sealed back designs that would do well with the size of the room.



@dekay - unfortunately the dimensions are correct. The photo angle distorts. The width is just enough to fit the counterpoint preamp which is 19”w. 

the cabinets were custom built by the prior own. It’s likely I can cut out the center divider on the left side, so I would have 41” width. 

when I get home later today I’ll check. 

I assume it’s much preferable to orient the speakers horizontally so if I have 41” width, my options open up quite a bit?

If this has been addressed, I apologize. Can you mount the TV above the "Gathering Room" sign, freeing up that section behind where the TV is now. Reconfigure the left side built-in shelves (I did it in a built-in cabinet when I bought my house) so a speaker will fit. If so, a set of used Klipsch Heresy with a sub or Dynaudio would be butter in that space.


My 2 cents, if you can afford to keep them and have room to store them or have a storage unit, KEEP THOSE KHORNS! One day you might have a room that they will fit in, and those speakers are magical.

@allenf1963 - I do have space to store them. And I do love them.  You’ve convinced me to hang on to them  :) didn’t take much  

We watch the TV in this room a lot. If it were mounted above the sign (which has since been removed!) it would be too high for viewing.  

i do have space to the right of the TV for the Heresy’s  would 12’ apart be too far for them?


Well I have the mid Mono Amps and use the New KLH 5 speakers to more than sufficient volume but my room is not as large as yours. The KLH speakers are rated at 90db efficiency so I would recommend you look at the efficiency rating of speakers and try to get something 90db or higher. You can find a used pair of them for under $2000 and are really good bang for the buck and would fit in your space I suspect.

Consider that the space you plan to put those speakers dictate a rectangular speaker to fit on the shelf. That eliminates "tower shaped" floor standing speakers. Try to get  speakers that have at least 10 inch woofers. If you place those speakers up where you have indicated, you will not have as much bass as if you had the speakers on the floor and closer to the corners of the room. Recommendations for JBL and Klipsch are worthwhile as they are generally efficient. Something to consider is the Mid Mono amps put out 40 watts with the EL34 tubes. However, you can also use 6550 or KT88 tubes in the amps and with those tubes you will get 10 more watts of output and those tubes will have better bass than the El 34s but with less pleasing midrange.


A poster suggested AR2x speakers and had posted a picture. I had those speakers back in the day. They are not that efficient and would not be the ideal match for your amps IMHO.

Finally consider that most tweeters in speakers are fairly directional and it is generally best if your ears are at the same level as the tweeters. Since your speakers will be up high, and you will probably be sitting in a chair with your head much lower, you will need to find something to prop under the back of the speakers to angle them downwards to get the treble to sound decent.

If you consider mounting the TV to the wall above the fireplace, you could have speakers on the floor and that would open up many more speaker choices and better speaker placement and Jerry, Bob, and the rest of the Band would play on much better. BTW, the Grateful Dead’s wall of sound, designed by Owsley, was all tube amps and JBL speakers.

@zalick -- Glad I twisted your arm 😆.  Those KHorns will come into use for you in the future, I'm sure!


i do have space to the right of the TV for the Heresy’s would 12’ apart be too far for them?

To answer your question -- I don't think that would be too far apart.  Other members can chime in.  It isn't ideal, but you have to work with the hand dealt you.  You can experiment with speaker angling and toe-in.


Regarding the TV, will tell you, in my den, I have a 55" Samsung The Frame mounted above my fireplace mantle (gas logs, not used) and the viewing is not an issue.  The two leather theater chairs are about 8 to 9 feet in front of the fireplace.  I wanted a 65" which would have easily fit, but my wife won the argument (she pointed out I have a Man Cave in the lowest level with an 8 speaker surround sound and an 85" Diamond Vision TV).  So don't count out moving the TV.  To get a feeling of how it would look, I made a cardboard cutout in the dimensions of my TV and taped it to the fireplace above the mantle.  Then we sat in our chairs to see if we had to strain our necks to watch TV.  We didn't.  Had The Frame installed, freed up an entire built-in bookshelf on the right side of the room, and I now have my Dennis Had tube amp, preamp, CD Transport, DAC, Bluesound Streamer, Turntable, and Phono Preamp utilizing the space instead of a TV.


Good luck!

Build a front panel or box and use IN-WALL Speakers

These Focals, 17-1/4 wide would fit sideways in a Panel or box in the existing recesses.

dual 5" woofers, tweeter pivots, two level controls




My quicksilver silver 90s were originally paired with Vandersteen 2ce and it was a nice pairing. You should try to get to a dealer and give them a listen. 

I own QS Mid Monos with NOS Tesla EL34s. My Zu Dirty Weekends sound great paired with them so I might look at the smaller footprint Zu DSWs. 

Another vote for JBL or Klispch.  The current JBL, LS100’s can be had for@$2000 and the Klispch Hersey lV’s for a bit more.  Although you might want a sub with the Heresy’s.  Darn it, the spell check keeps changing the name.

All the best.

Klipsch….wonder why room surfaces are included in the naming convention for 2 models….. low risk, since you like K horns…. easy get Heresy load on shelves, bass up, tweeter down

Echo in Portland can probably help ya move the K’s


I have a pair of QS Minimite Monoblocks purchased new in 2006. I use mine with a vintage pair of KEF Reference Series Model 101 speakers which are a great pairing.  

OP...I have been enjoying a pair of Quicksilver mid monos for several years. Mine are driving a pair of old Audio Note UK AZ-Threes from the early 2000s, nice combo.

Since Fred’s Sound of Music hipped you to the Quicksilvers maybe ask them to recommend some speakers that would mate well and fit your unusual room requirements

And....Another vote to Keep the K Horns as some day you may have room for them and you might regret selling them....

Hi there... 

A fellow Portlander here.  If you haven't talked to the good folks at Echo Audio yet I highly recommend reaching out.  They always offer good value for trade in gear and their sales staff are some of the best I've ever dealt with.  Very honest and helpful. 

Also, if you're ever interested in linking up with the local audio community here in town, the Portland Audio Club has monthly meetups.  Feel free to DM if it's something you might want to check out.


The picture reminds me of that insurance commercial with the guy who is trying to give advice to young people who are turning into their parents. Does a gathering room really need a sign that says "Gathering Room"? No!

@roxy54 HA!  I agree with @allenf1963 that you strongly consider mounting the TV above the fireplace — that empty white space is practically begging you to do it.  I have several friends who’ve done this and it actually works very well. 

Even if you don’t mount the TV there appears to be space on either side of the fireplace for stand mounted or small floorstanding speakers, and this placement will give you much superior sound than putting speakers in a bookshelf box or having them 7’ high.  Here are a pair that’d sound fantastic with your electronics, and as they’re black they’d largely blend into the wood frame of the fireplace. 

You could also get these unobtrusive stands on the cheap that’d be great for this application, and you can even load the thick pillar with sand for added weight and better sound…



I’d definitely do something like this and just another idea to chew on FWIW.  Best of luck in finding a workable solution.

Not exactly on point, but I have a pair of Forte iv's powered by Quicksilver horn monos.

Plenty of power and the highs sound live with no harsh high end. Manages the 12 inch woofers with ease.

My thought is that the mid monos would be a lot of power for higher sensitivity speakers.