System Pictures - Should Owner be there too?

I always enjoy looking at some of the systems here. Some are far beyond an obsession as far as I can see, and I've been jealous of many. Screw the owner's wife (pun intended), I covet his system!
What I've rarely seen in these shots is the system owner. OK, I suspect that's probably for the better, and I'll regret the day I mention this, but in the grand scheme of things, should we want to include a picture of the proud owner so we get to know each other a little better?
Or maybe we can see that the lucky owner of that beautiful system is ugly as sin, so now we know why he wastes all his time and money obsessing with his electronic toy.
So - what do you think - should owner's picture tweaking something on his system become the norm? Who'll be the first?
Good post!

If you look carefully at my system, the pic of the rack shows a photo of my girl and I, however only I am visible due to the angle of the shot and sun reflection. I certainly qualify as "ugly as sin". :-O


Paul :-)
Would it be OK to substitute my wife and son, as they are the "pretty ones," compared to me ?
If you look carefully at my system, the pic of the rack shows a photo of my girl and I, however only I am visible due to the angle of the shot and sun reflection.

If you pull up the pics of my SET amp on my original system page (SET for Good), and you turn you laptop upside down and kind of squint and try to focus a bit beyond the screen you will be able to see the weeping Madona in the reflections in the 300B tube! Every once in a while I actually have to blot up a salty tear left below the tube! Line forms to the left folks!

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Hey, not all of us are pale! Or old? Or overweight? Or bald? Or even white!? Oops, I don't resemble that statement, sorry!
There are 3 pics of me smattered around my system page including one where I'm chugging a pitcher of lager. What more could you want LOL.

Of course I have a hat on in all of them so as not to give anyone a heart attack.
You can see ugly people anywhere, but wouldn't you rather look at a pair of curly maple Avalon Eidolons bathed in the glow of a pair of mega-buck valve amps. Why detract from the pure beauty of audio nirvana?
I can vouche for Sonofnorway, Jafox, Drubin, Usblues, Jadem6, Highendmmoe, Copperbop - who I've all done in-person transactions with...

I am happy to report that 100% of them had opposable thumbs, and only 2-3 prehensile tails in the lot.
I guess I was wondering if there was a relation between systems and owners like you sometimes see with pets.
Do horn afficianado's tend to have round, protruding heads? Do 2 watt SET owners have nerdy thick rimmed black glasses? Are all 400 watt monoblock owners manly men?
Just wondering.
Check out Click on friends systems. He gives bios of everyone including pictures of the owners.This is one of my favorite sites
Why the use of a moniker for a screen name?
I think it's for the same reason no one includes their mug shots in with their system pictures.
The wish to remain anynomous.
im all for pic's of the systems owner,ive been dying to know who has the biggest beard,elizebeth or raquel ?

The(y) wish to remain anynomous.

God save us from the unwashed masses of the Internet. I hear you can get the clap online too. It's a wonder the bulk of the population of the world hasn't gone blind with all those porn sites.

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I have 600W Pass monoblocks and am still proud to be called a girly-man! (I let my wife and kids do all the heavy lifting around the house...yes, including the amps.)

Marco, for a second there I misread "porn" as "horn" and expected some new insights on your Lascala. Also, I did get the clap on line. Lost both pinky fingers and have annoying tufts of hair growing on my palms. (Sister Mary Frances Karate was right after all, wasn't she?)

Pixs are nice...but how about just the armpits?

The way this thread is progressing it could evolve into one of those naked hirsute contortionist galleries on
wait...what were we talking about again? go to and you'll get a good idea of what i look like.