Thank you millercarbon

Early this year when I built my first M101 Supernova power cable I was really excited. At the time I had Nordost Odin2 to compare. Odin2 is incredibly fast and detailed power cable. One can wonder what the new Odin Gold does. Anyway, when I listened to Supernova I was not losing any speed or detail and yet I was getting bigger soundstage and more relaxed presentation. I have never imagined that I would be able to build a power cable competing with the best of the big brand. So MONEOONE was born. And this is where millercarbon comes in. Chuck was very skeptical about DIY and I needed someone like that to use the cables first and verify the quality. Chuck was so excited about the cables that he had to tell the world immediately what he heard. Fast forward, the first official review of M101 Supernova was published today.


Chuck was spot on with his assessment of the cable performance and instrumental in helping me with starting the business. I will continue working with him in the future because his assessment is precise and his advice is honest and thorough to the best of his knowledge.

Thank you Chuck.

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Oh oh the haters and doubters are going to jump all over this. Not only have you praised MC but the cable doubters will join the free for all .

Oh boy another thread about a Millercarbon !   Yahoo!  We are on a roll. How did we manage to survive without him!   

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FWIW, the OP just listed a pair of IC's for 8K and a power cord for 2K. Better hurry before they are gone!

Swat, splat, repeat. Swat, splat, repeat.

"when I built my first M101 Supernova power cable"

I’m glad to see this American business model work and the business is growing.

Never easy to start a new company..

My best wishes to you OP and those that helped.. Well done.


I wonder what millercarbon’s cut of the massive profit will be?


This site can get pretty slimy sometimes.

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Thanks Lubos, appreciate it. Always happy to help. There was a dealer Stewart Marcantoni who helped and mentored me back when I was getting started, and helped Caelin Gabriel back when he was building his first Shunyata power cords. Lucky me, to be sort of following in his footsteps. 

I ran that review through Goolag translate. Here are some of the key bits:

M101 (or Messier 101 or Pinwheel) is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major, whose name was used by a physicist with a doctorate from Freie Universität Bayern and the University of Michigan, Lubomír Dostál from Boston, when he decided to make power cables for audio sets. He then chose the name Supernova for his flagship product in accordance with his penchant for astrophysics.
In a talk on his website, Mr. Dostál says that from the position of a physicist-researcher, he was fascinated by the paradox that the effect of power cables is not properly explained in any serious literature, so he decided to examine it, not finding a correlation between measured parameters of wires and by how it ultimately affects the sound characteristics of the set.
Also of interest is the original approach to the production of cabling - each piece is manufactured by Dostál itself, using a skeleton printed on a 3D printer. The result is a rather unusual look for the Supernova model, although you could come across a similar technology and design, for example, with the top models of the InAkustik brand.

The basic structural element is a kind of "backbone", composed of disks and bridges, a total of 187 individual elements for a two-meter model. Tinned copper wires pass through the fixing points in this structure, and the sixteen wires are twisted so that they rotate every four inches. Thanks to this method, the conductors are practically suspended in the air, or at least 90% of their surface. Due to manual production, it must be a proper job.
The outer braid of the cable is made of Techflex Flexo material and you can choose from a relatively wide range of designs, subtle and radiant designs.

Katie Melua's "Never Felt Less Like Dancing" ("Ketevan" | 2013 | Dramatico | DRAMCD0095) suddenly felt more diverse bass after switching to Supernova cables, especially with DSC1, the effect was very clear. For example, in the lower positions of the singer's piano, a longer reverberation can be heard and the events are more rough. The tones then seem to be formed more freely, smoother, not with such a (in direct comparison slightly technicalist) effort for drama as Nordost has, especially with a beautifully rich timbre, the character of the electronics and the recording stand out more. The usually relatively dominant bass component also seems to have calmed down and become more absorbed in reproduction, becoming a more natural part of it.

In Tallis's "Gloria" ("The Complete Works" | 2004 | Brilliant | 93612), performed by Alistair Dixon and Chaplle du Roi, the sound of the standard opened up compared to our standard Nordosts, making the sound more settled and yet more airy and open. Each of the vocalists was given a little more space, but as if a touch of velvet and kindness touched their voices, they softened and did not look as forward as with Nordost. In general, however, there was a more delicate presentation, with an even more pronounced ability to organize the recording, including small nudes.

Cymbals make a clearer, more concrete impression, they have "more metal", so to speak. The impact of the mallet is clearer, more ringing, but it does not overwhelm the rest of the instruments, it is not about pulling the heights in volume, but rather in energy and accuracy, which turns into a sense of correctness and ineffective obviousness.Compared to Nordost, Supernova at the end of "Ben's Farm in Vermont" (David Chesky | "The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc" | 2014 | Chesky Records | JD361) seemed calmer, somewhat less urgent, but again it feels that after all the time the composition graduates somehow more authentic, quieter passages are quieter and at the same time more intelligible, the bubbling energy flows more smoothly and in a more controlled way than with Heimdall 2. The final rise of the orchestra is much more confident “.
Every aspect of reproduction, such as the details and subtler nuances in "Fuori il danaro!" Of Puccini's "La Bohéma" (Solti / LSO / John Alldis Choir | 1988 | BMG | 74321 39496 2), seemed less urgent, at the same time, it was unquestionable that there was more information, more reverberation, and that the organization of reproduction was a clear step better, because even in more crowded moments nothing is lost; reinforced the basic character of each component.

Dr. Dostál's Supernova cables are an interesting achievement because they build on a relatively complex production concept and at the same time show what can still be handled by still innovative 3D printing technology, however in high-end luxury classes like this the material used might look like a little better. But it is quite important that, although the cables are already properly expensive, they seem to match the competition of "big brands" from a similar price category. Their basic characteristic is a kind of calming, cultivating and civilizing the sound of the set, the performance with them becomes much less conspicuous, but still richer in dynamic contrasts or subtle shades. However, a certain inconspicuousness of the reproduction requires a little patience, there is no dramatic wow effect, but an adult, unforced obviousness, which therefore requires a little time to "adjust". But believe me it will be time well invested…

funny my recollection was hyperbolic wow….from MC , must have missed the “ small nudes “ calming effect.

A question for the good Dr; Are you a measure and listen guy ? Congrats on the review and creating something new. We built some of the first 3D printed parts in aerospace two decades ago….good to see it gaining more of a foothold in audio…

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Congrats on your cables.

IMO, cables are so system dependent for example, in our listening room we have Class A tube mono blocks, VTL mono blocks and VAC mono blocks.  Each of the amps need adjustment in specific areas to bring out the best so what may work on one does work as well with the other.

Good luck.

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Funny the article mentions InAkustik, because that is exactly what I thought when I saw the photo of said new cable.


If you purchase an A’Gon ad is it OK to mention (wax it/the items) in the forums?



I flagged this thread earlier today due the OP's ads mentioned in an earlier post on this thread. 

ok, I’m going to have to be a warning/downer here. I took a look at this cable and the design definitely makes total sense, especially with the copper wires being 99% in free air. However, this cable is never going to pass UL certification. All it would take is rubbing against the techflex which will frey (which is extremely easy). and all of a sudden, you have exposed "live" wires which are definitely a fire hazard inside a house.  Any sharp object can just pierce through the holes in the techflex and make contact with live wires as well. I can definitely see that the performance of this cable would be exceptional because there is absolutely no restriction from any wire insulation, but anyone who uses this should do at their own risk.

Once again, I’m very sorry for stating a negative point of view here.

SUGGESTION: if you could thread the entire assembly through a thick walled PTFE tube, it would solve the problems.  It would like pass UL certification at that point, but there's the big expense of getting tested/certified for legit purposes.  The last section of cable that connects to IEC/male plugs need to be covered with a durable material as well.

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More power cables……Uuugghh!

Lets not even consider the power available to the house circuits.  Don’t need to!! These cables will fix it!


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Very interesting wire configuration, kind of looks like a Synergistic high end speaker cable they market. In theory it should sound exceptional and from what MC says in his review, they do. But as others have pointed out, getting it certified for home use could be a problem with its lack of shielding. I’m sure that could be overcome as it seems like a promising new cable design. Good luck in your endeavors.

The Thank you Note is nice, but how’s the sales of M101 Supernova !?? .. Without decent output the thank you note is no more than marketing move. 

Why is this a fire hazard? I assume the conductors are covered in a slightly oversized clear Teflon tube…..right? At least this is another layer of protection. I doubt the copper conductors are naked.  They would oxidize.  

'M' One 'O' One.

Thanks, @thecarpathian.  I have trouble understanding young people these days.

Why is this a fire hazard? I assume the conductors are covered in a slightly oversized clear Teflon tube…..right? At least this is another layer of protection. I doubt the copper conductors are naked. They would oxidize.

Nope, they are naked bare copper wires. At least the outer wires are tinned. The central wire does not looked tinned. They are threaded through plastic discs to allow them to sit in "free air" without touching each-other. However, he just slips over a single techflex coating and calls it a "finished cable". This is explained in both description as well as seen in the product pictures.

Sounds like the sort of *Quality* product MC would *enthuse* about

I believe I have also seen millercarbon recommend to people to take out the fuses from their equipment and substitute a hard solid copper bar/wire (i.e. no fuse).


Way up towards the top of the page I posted review excerpts translated into English. Literally the first sentence of the review explains the name, that M101 is the Pinwheel Galaxy, etc. Literally every day around here is a reading comprehension test. Literally every day, total fail after total fail. Looking at the rest of what they post one can only say, no wonder.



Literally, like, um, you know are words that teenagers/ young adults major on that’s overtaken the English language. Um and you know are now rare to hear these days were as like can be used 7 times in one sentence. Literally can be used three times in one post🥸


I am literally dying of laughter. 🙉🙈🙊

Reminds me of junior high.

Chuck, you can't consider it a reading comprehension test when nothing is read.

More crap for the gullible and/or stupid to get involved with let’s move on! Ignore the puff pastry ideas jamed to and promoted by Bloated please like me I’m important somebody’s. 
Cheers all




you can't consider it a reading comprehension test when nothing is read.

Good point.