The most natural sound in the world.

That link led me to a silly cartoon and something about an elephant. What were you trying to show?


Wow! That is some system you have there. Are those Goebel speakers you are sitting by in the pic? 

I'm sure that it sounds good, but all youtube videos sound about the same. 

The most natural sound in the world is a fart. It simply comes out naturally.

I suspect that your room, which is not the most esthetical is any way very good in an acoustic standpoint for these speakers... 😊

Actually my room is quite terrible with a lot of challenges.

My system is all about extreme grounding, mechanical isolation, and great electrical parameters.

OP The most natural sound in the world.

You mean "The most natural reproduction audio sound in the world."

Indeed, your system sounds great. No flaw to mention and many things are excellent. Congrats and thank you for a great music! Please post more videos of your favorite music and more people to follow here.

This is my take on same music. I envy the bass of your system the most with beautiful voice and rhythm. Maybe I want to add another sub-woofer. Though my system seems less fog/veil between my ears and speakers. Alex/Wavetouch

Original music.

Despite the obvious limitations of listening to music via YouTube there is a very nice natural tone and presentation that I can hear. BTW a wonderful interpretation of that jazz classic by Louis and Ella. Just lovely.



I listened to this on your channel. Really captures the tone and feel of Sonny Rollin’s tenor saxophone. That drummer is on point for sure and realistically captured. That drumming reminds me of Ed Blackwell although I am certain that isn’t him on this recording.

Tripoint Audio presents Sonny Rollins a night at the “village vanguard”



       I will record again for further improvement in tone and texture. Lot of changes.

Man that initial trumpet just about to pierce my ear drums!  The vocal of Ella and Louis sure are great though.

Wake up guys! You're listening to a youtube video over computer speakers!  When will you stop making appraisals of systems with this junk?

This is absurd, no way to get any realistic impression of what that system in that room actually sounds like. It's more like a mirage. Perfect for youtube but nothing else imo.

Come on!!

Of course we have acknowledged it’s a YouTube video with its sonic limitations noted. Yes we get that!!!

Nontheless I can hear and appreciate the qualities I alluded to above. Mr. Armstrong and Miss Fitzgerald sound quite good regardless of the circumstances. Mr. Peterson on piano sounding quite fine as well. If others find this silly and a waste of time, OK that’s your prerogative and call. I get what @himiguel is doing under these compromised conditions. Can we just lighten up a bit sometimes?


himiguel  OP

Thank you for the great music and sound!

Could you record and post below music? Nils (this song) will be unbelievable with your system.

First Time Ever I Saw your face (Nils Lofgren) Live recording with my system. Alex/Wavetouch

Sorry @charles1dad. You and I are often in agreement about many things, but this is a bridge too far. Think about it. I admit that I have also listened to many systems over the year on youtube, and that's the very reason that I know that it can't be trusted, because usually, they all sound good!

As an aside, I really find the OP's attitude a turn off. He presents his system and his methods as the best and only way to do things which is silly. There are many roads to the destination, and to say for instance, that grounding is more important than, or a substitute for room acoustics seems to be really off.


As an aside, I really find the OP’s attitude a turn off. He presents his system and his methods as the best and only way to do things which is silly. There are many roads to the destination


I definitely agree that there are many roads to a destination and have often expressed that perspective on this forum. I’ve made it pretty clear that I realize the blatant compromises listening via video/YouTube (how could one not concede this?). Despite these shortcomings I can hear distinct sonic/musical differences via this flawed approach. That’s my only point

There is an entire section on the WBF devoted to videos of audio components and systems. I get it. Everyone knows that listening to these presentations in person is a far superior experience. However some listeners do find worthwhile value with video clips (And certainly some do not).

For those who find this whole exercise/endeavor foolish and a waste of time, OK I understand. Just ignore and don’t participate.


"For those who find this whole exercise/endeavor foolish and a waste of time, OK I understand. Just ignore and don’t participate."


 I don’t think that a differing opinion should disqualify a member from expressing same. As I said, I have listened to quite a few of these videos out of curiosity, and still do, but I just don’t believe that it’s a medium suitable for judging subtle differences in grounding devices, tube types etc.

I remember how jaysaudiolab used to do it every day when he was on audiogon. Anyway, I certainly don’t want to cause hard feelings about it with you or anyone else.


Hi John,

In no way does this discussion cause hard feelings. As you mentioned earlier we far more often tend to agree than not. I was not suggesting that anyone who disagrees with my perspective can’t offer an opposing opinion. Not at all. I just meant if people find it silly or unproductive they can just choose not to listen to the videos. That’s all I meant. 



Thanks Alex. I ordered the Nils Lofgren cd today, as I don’t have a server.  I will record it in the future and post it.

Regarding grounding I’m only here to express my personal experience. Yes, grounding for me is more profound than room acoustics. The removal of noise from the system completely changed the way a loudspeaker interacts with the room. Not here to argue with anyone regarding this subject. This is my experience from listening to some of the best systems around the world.

Yes, room acoustics are very important. Grounding is even more critical, makes or breaks the experience for me. Results will vary for some depending on the complexity of their grounding scheme. 

Order of importance from my experience.

1- Grounding  

2- AC ( most AC filters suck the life of the music)

3- Mechanical isolation 

4- than room ( do not get the first three correct, no music even if the room is great)

I will get a lot of heat for my statement, but hearing is believing.


I will get a lot of heat for my statement, but hearing is believing.

No need for any “heat”. 

We can only share what our actual experiences have yielded. It is going to no doubt vary from from one individual’s outcome to another’s results. Personally AC power quality and grounding have demonstrated their high degree of impact. I’m fortunate to have good room acoustics so it hasn’t been a major issue in “my” case.


Who needs all that? Sounds awesome on my phone! 😉 I never really understood the concept of trying to hear a system on my system though.

Any recording of anything, be it YT or a similar medium, is always going to be 'shaded' by your equipment and your environment.  Best option is to listen with headphones, to at least, eliminate the latter.  Even better IRL, but...not practical. ;)

It's a nice gesture for the OP to share his obviously nice kit with us, tho'....and a willingness to 'take a request' or 2...👍😃

It's a holiday weekend, after all....*G*

Enjoy, J

Grounding is the issue at hand.

TriPoint makes very pricey devices.

I am considering the new Shunyata Altiara which is reasonably priced.

Only concerned about how to connect it  to my components.

Only my TT has a dedicated ground post.

For my integrated and my DAC, do I connect to unused inputs?

Has anyone used the new Shunyata?


Another nice recording. I hear the improvement.

Thank you for sharing!


Wow. This new video sounds much better (smoother, clear, more real) than last recording. Nice work! Alex/Wavetouch


Thanks Alex. Working on part 4

The Nils Lofgren live recording is very compromised in my system.

I can record if you like.


Which is the most natural sound in the world? Do you know anything better?Alex/WTA

Original music

Wavetouch audio (source: WT modded Oppo BDP-95)

Wilson Alexandria XLF, CH Precision, dCS Vivaldi One

YG Sonja 2.3

Harbeth 40.3, Accuphase E800

Mark Levinson 23, dCS Debussy