The Worst Room...

Who has the worst room/space for their system(s)? Mine are far from ideal. How about yours?
When I read about the rooms some members have I feel very fortunate. Some have troublesome "L" shaped rooms, or basement rooms with low ceilings.
For others, the problem is that they can only place their system in the family living room, which dictates non-ideal speaker placement and tensions with the wife/husband, as well as restrictions on when you can listen because of competing television viewing.
I feel very fortunate because even though my current listening room is fairly small compared to my previous home, it is only 13' x 11' x 9', it is all mine, and I can place things wherever I want. Besides that, the acoustics are very good.
I have a garage.  Right now it is filled with saws, benches, tools, drills, grill,  computers and a tent for spraying finish.  The speakers are 7 ft off the ground.  I recently created FIR filters using REW and rePhase for use in hqplayer.  Really fine-tuned the sound.  Someday, I will have a proper listening room.  
my second system is in my wood shop, covered with saw dust. nothing better then building something while listening to some favorite tunes. 
My room is small and really bad. However, with acoustic panels and also software DSP (for digital only) via Convolution files (running on ROON Server). I have floor standers in the room and they sound excellent. 

I have a photo of the office room in my virtual system.
Surprisingly I have had really nice sounding systems in what most would consider terrible rooms. You can't always judge a book by it's cover. 
I have 6 rooms covered by 4 systems and 8 pair of speakers (one spare pair).

My best room is my moderately large L shaped room. Not just any speakers work well there but the Ohm Walshes in there were hand picked for it.

One is a big open unfinished area in the basement. Forget about the room acoustics. It is what it is and only used on occasion. My old personally refurbed Ohm Ls do duty in there mostly during table tennis matches.

Another is a big open family room/kitchen area. Again Ohm Walsh to the rescue.

Then 2 12x12s. One with Kef ls50 metas and sub is not bad. Not the best but not bad. The KEFs are superb in there. The other my wife’s 12x12 acoustically challenged sunroom. Vanatoo Transparent One Encores are as much speaker as that room can handle.

My newest is the screened in outdoor porch with vaulted roof and wall mounted Polk Atrium 8 s. Only a few listens so far but prettty good. A very unique room acoustically. The Polks are outdoor speakers and have a little extra in the bass which comes in handy outdoors where there is no bass reinforcement from room acoustics.

The Ohm Walsh appear to be a great solution for this issue. I’ve read many of your posts over the years regarding these speakers. Once a used set becomes available in a location somewhat near here....
 My room is by far my weakest link, but I really don't have much in the way of options. Drives me a bit crazy knowing there is so much more potential, but until those dopes learn how to pick Lotto numbers better it is what I have.
My room is actually very good. 15.5 x 26 and is a dedicated space. Only used for listening to music. And yes, I do feel fortunate to have this space and credit my wife for being very understanding while house shopping 15 years ago.

IMHO, the worst room is usually an open floor plan with very  high ceilings. Our living room is an example of that and I gave up trying to get anything to sound good in there.



Yes, my advice to anyone with a challenging room looking for the fast track to good sound: pick up a suitable pair of Ohm Walsh however you can, maybe do a little tweaking with placement, and max them out with the best stuff you can throw at them upstream. Then just relax and enjoy the music. If you still feel the urge to dabble, then I would challenge you to try and see if you can truly do any better from there. Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. I will tell you that most any tweak of any consequence upstream has a very good chance of being heard, so that is good news for dabblers. I’ve dabbled with wires, power, etc., all the usual culprits and most every change of significance can be clearly heard once things are set up well to start with. At least with 2nd generation models (early-mid 90s) or newer. Maybe not so much originals that first came out in the very early 80s anymore ( I had a pair for 30 years that were still ticking), though perhaps if refurbed.
I am lucky because i did home remodels so i got to pick the house with the room i wanted to put my system in.