Tube Amp recommendations to drive Klipsch Forte III

Looking for a good tube amp to pair with Klipsch Forte IIIs. I like my DAC/pre-amp. But I'm open to Integrated.  
An Art Audio Carissa made my original forte’s sound outstanding.


Luxman MQ88U C tube amp. My dealer uses it with the Klipsch Heritage speakers. Works great w/the Hersey's to the K-Horns.
I'm driving my Forte III's with a Leben CS-300xs and it's crazy good.  The Forte III's are not the last word in detail but they are fun.  I actually have a MQ-88uC in my primary system and haven't trying pairing it with the Forte III's yet.  I can see how it would work well.  Perhaps a weekend experiment ;-)  I will report back on this thread if I get around to trying it out.
The VTA amps are impressive and compete with a lot gear that costs much more. Less expensive yet in kit form.

Willsenton integrated amps are getting a lot of love these days for awesome performance for not a ton of money.
At a very reasonable cost the Luxman SQ N150 would pair well with your Klipsch Forte III.
I have heard the SQN150 with Forte III and they sound great together. Only 10 watts I believe but 10 REALLY good sounding watts. Probably a good fit for small to medium room. I am currently using a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps with my Forte IV which are 40 watts and can use just about and EL34 or 6L6 variant. Maybe check out their 20 w EL84 integrated

I also have Mike’s headphone amp and its killer. They are a huge value for the money
Any of the Octave Amps would deliver to those big boys. I presently have the V70 Class A driving Spatial M3 Sapphires and it is sheer bliss.
The V70se or V80se are just incredible amps as well. If you are not familiar with them. Good Luck!
I have driven my Klipsch Quartets with both a Grommes PHI-26 (6 watt) and a Decware Mini Torii ( 4 watt) tube amps.  Both sound great.
How good?  You got a price range?  Power requirement?  Features like remote volume control?
I recommend having pre-out/main in to allow for future options, especially if wanting to move the bass frequencies away from the tube amp via a crossover (separate or in a sub), and return everything above low bass to the tube amp.

I assumed (hah) and discovered my Luxman SQ-N150 does not have that.

I also think staying in the 30/45 wpc range leaves future options that the 10 wpc amps cannot handle.

Vintage: lately I think: pre-arrange: buy and ship directly to Audio Classics (or your chosen firm) for an overhaul before you get it. That total cost is lower than a lot of new equipment that lacks so many features I find valuable.

Remote source switching is not needed IMO, but remote volume and remote balance is essential for me, so I run non-remote stuff thru Chase RLC-1 remote line controller. This one is a good price, has the remote (definitely needed), and free 60 day return

What currently available add-on can give remote control to vintage equipment?

Quicksilver mid monos are very good, hard to beat at the price.  The latest version has separate bias for each tube.  Pair them with QS preamp for an awesome combo 
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum iii is an excellent sounding match with the Forte Iii. They really wake up with more power than the typical tube amp and the Rogue gets it done with its 100 Watts per channel.  
Tunes up extraordinarily well with some NOS 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes too.  
Back in the late 80's I had Klipsch Forte's.  Great speaker's but during those years I could not afford a proper amp. Years later, I'm retired and recently moved to Cabin in the mountains.  My current system will soon be sold and I'm looking for speakers to go with an old Jolida JD-1000a and the Forte's are high on my list.  The Jolida is a EL-34 based integrated amp which based on my old acoustic memory would be a great match with the Fortes.  The amp has plenty of power to drive the conventional driver and the EL-34's to smooth out them horn drivers.  Jolida has had a name change of name to Black Ice.  Same great owners and product.
Music Reference RM-10 Mk.2.

Now there's an amp I'd love to add to the stable someday!
Just tried pairing my Luxman MQ-88uC with my Forte III's.  There's no magic to be had here.  I tried the 4,8, and 16 ohm posts....sounded best on 8 ohms as expected, but after 45 minutes of trying I couldn't wait to get the Leben back in.  The Leben CS-300xs has oodles more synergy with the Forte III's.  I will keep my Luxman amp paired with the O/96's, where it obviously thrives.
Just another reminder of how real audio system /components synergy is. I’ve read posts where some scoff at the idea of synergy and believe if a audio product is good it should fit systems universally. This is not the case. It is not that simple. BTW, how is the Leben with the Devore Orangutans?

Totally agree on synergy! Just because something looks like a good match on paper that's certainly no guarantee - and the converse is often true as well.  You just have to try - and trust your ears, not the specs.

The Leben CS-300xs and DeVore O/96's are a well-chronicled effective pairing and sound excellent in my system/room.  The duo produce a rich, impactful and textured tone, if not a bit forward-sounding as influenced by the EL84-driven Leben.  The Leben gives up some detail, finesse, holographic imaging, and agility to the Luxman MQ-88uC and it doesn't quite produce the large and weighty 3D soundstage that my LM805ia provides - but it's a really fun amp with a lot of slam and overall great pairing with the O's.

Interestingly I'd say I nearly enjoy listening to the Leben through the Forte III's as much as through the O/96's.  The Forte III's mainly don't image as well and are not as resolving on detail - as one would expect.  So far I haven't heard a better pairing with the Forte III's than the Leben.
Thanks @three_easy_payments,
Given your success with the el 84 Leben , I strongly suspect that the el 84  Luxman SQ N150 would be a very good match for the Forte III.
You didn’t mention that I saw what you want to spend? Cayin stuff is great for the money and sounded good on multiple speakers I had including Klipsch. 
@charles1dad   Did you see the 2019 Stereophile review of the Luxman SQ-N150?  Ken Micallef really liked the pairing with Forte III's, in fact in some ways better than his O/93's.  The DNA looks similar to the Leben for sure with possibly a little less drive due to 5 fewer watts - and possibly transformer quality (tough to say).  But talk about value - $2,795 and it comes with MM/MC phono?  This could make a lot of Forte III owners happy I'm sure.  It did sound like MC carts performed appreciably better using a SUT instead of the onboard MC stage - not surprising at this price point.
No, I was not aware of this review.  Thanks for providing the link.
Sometimes amplifier builders will sacrifice a bit of output power to place the operational point in the so called "sweet spot" for a given tube.  Whatever may be the case both,  the Leben CS 300 and Luxman SQ N150 would be exceptionally good choices.