U2 live. Music realism


All of that money to play horrible music. Anyway, over computer speakers it sounds like everything else on youtube.

YT video of a setup playing a live U2 concert...meh.

Nothing heard that a $5K setup can't do.

The owner has that in one speaker cable.



Brutal  crowd up in here...

U2 caught my attention for a brief moment-with "I will Follow" from the 1980 "Boy" album. Tapped out after hearing  it 20/day on the radio.

Then Bono had to start opening his mouth with his "opinion" on things. Now "celebrity" views are gospel for the sheep.

Fortunately when Bono got to the point of making us puke, the band finally fell out of favor and disappeared. He should get a job at the UN.

Only U2 songs that are even remotely good in my opinion are Sunday Bloody Sunday and One.  

U2's first album was exciting, raw, very good.

They descended from there.

I do like the Tomorrow (Common Ground Version) version by Bono and Adam Clayton.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday of course.

And Pride (in the name of love) from Rattle and Hum.

Not one of my favourites, War, The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby stand out for me. They are very good live though.

I like their first 3 albums the best, but I've got nothing but respect for Bono and I'm so glad he's out there...  

The conservative posters on this forum never fail to reveal their ignorance.  Please name a band since 1980 that's produced more astounding music, or compares as live performers. 


Oh, ok, so if you don't like U2, you're automatically a conservative? That makes sense.

ding, ding, ding. @kb54 wins the most ignorant post of the day. 

Since 1980???  So that was the last time you went to a concert? Or the last year you turned on your stereo. 

I'm always very enthusiastic to learn what suggestions celebrities, musicians and other Elites have for new directions in public policy and international diplomacy.

Bono knows this.

Did see U2 on tour in 1992 with Big Audio Dynamite and Public Enemy. Glad I went and Big Audio Dynamite was the highlight of the concert.

Bono is a great humanitarian as is Bob Geldof their music is not my thing. 

Now I am going to listen to The The and Radiohead. 





Yes.  U2 are crap.

A circulating story.  On-stage at a Glasgow gig between numbers Bono starts clapping his hands slowly and announces in his rough-edged Dublin brogue 'Every time I clap my hands, a child dies'.

The lightning fast Glasgow response: 'Then stop f%$*ing clapping...'

@kb54 + 1 Though I don't agree with them being as important as you do, that's all about personal taste... I saw them several times during the 'Boy' to 'War' period, and those were superb live shows with great music....

I don’t care if it’s Bono, Ted Nugent or Carlos Santana, I pay my money to hear the music and not to hear them speaking from a soapbox!

Somehow there exist some CDs that I bitterly regret having in my collection and I wish for some kind fairy to whisk them away while I am sleeping.. 

U2, along with Adele, Springsteen, and one Robert Plant solo which has no redeeming features.

My favorite band of all-time.  I suspect I don't agree with the politics of 99% of the artists I listen to.  Doesn't mean I cant enjoy their music.  I'm sure it sounds great in person  with the equipment u have !

I don’t understand why anyone posts a video online of any system playing any music. A $500 or $1M system will sound the same. It would be cooler to have narrated tour of the room/system/library.

U2: Bad is a great tune. We’ve seen them live twice - both were fantastic shows (Elevation-Tampa and Vertigo-Boston). Joshua Tree was a great album. But I don’t listen to them as much as I used to for whatever reason.

I thought their tribute to 9/11 in Tampa during the song New York was moving (emotional/bit of a downer moment but cool nonetheless) and Bono opening his jacket to show the American Flag lining was a pretty awesome. In Boston, bringing the girl onstage from the audience and lying down next to her singing was also very cool.

@macg19 agreed, silly to upload these videos I am listening through an IPad. All sounds like crap to me. 

@noske Use them as coasters. I’ve never been a Springsteen fan but I watched Western Stars on a plane earlier this year and subsequently bought the record (the live one). It’s unexpectedly uplifting & infectious. The recording in the barn sounds really good.

@juanmanuelfangioii LOL. The B&O speakers in my laptop don't help at all. This one actually hurt my ears. 

@macg19 - the first few times I saw U2, starting in the late 70's, he'd always bring a little girl up from the audience and do a song carrying her on his shoulders. I don't know whether it was the same little girl or not! 

I'm as big a fan as many....and have to say U2 recordings are inferior once you start down the rabbit hole we all find ourselves in.  Which is surprising considering Brian Eno had a hand in some of their best efforts.  

As to this recording I'll admit that live and in person this song pops far more than you think it might.....this doesn't do it justice.