What components are a good value in used market?

I just got old JBL L-series and I like the sound even compared to expensive modern speakers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are good sounding units in used market that are quite affordable. What other components are good ones to hunt down (under $1000) ?
naim audio components hold their value well,sound great and
are supported by the company totally.
Not to support flippancy, but Driver basically correct. Buying on the used market becomes an art. Part of it is timing and part is research. Forums like this, audioreview.com, friends and exposure to various components all come into play. I live in remote Montana so listening before I buy is a challenge. There is 1 high-end dealer here and a couple of chain stores. I rely on internet info and I use the phone extensively ( I'm pretty good at distinguishing between manufacturers who are honest and helpful and those who are just full of themselves and thier products). Just like everyone else, I've bought products I thought were a good deal only to find out it wasn't really what I hoping for. Look around, ask around and DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you buy. Good luck.
This is more of a response to your thread title;not the actual question of the thread. Having been at this site for 4/5 years I feel one of the best used-values would be the CJ 11a. They seem to be selling for the same price after all this time. Being able to "turn" a piece for what 'cha paid years latter is what I call "good-value". (and then some) So many things are worth only 1/2 --of what you paid, months latter.
To answer Tweak1, I am always looking for good values in hifi - I set up systems for friends who do not want to pay the modern Hifi prices.

I was pleasantly surprised to find products like Old marantz 2270 receiver ($200), McIntosh 2105 amp ($500), parasound amps, and LiteOn Lvd 2002 (as a Cd player).

I agree with the comments by Mt10425. Selection of audio gear is often a matter of personal taste, and preferences may differ. "Value" is an elastic term reflecting condition as well as price, how well a component matches with one's existing equipment and musical tastes, and what price range one considers realistic. For moderate-priced redbook CD players, original Rega Planet, Music Hall MM-25, Arcam 7SE, NAD C521, or Cambridge Audio D500 might be considered good value. For integrated amps, NAD C340 or C350, Creek 4330 or Audio Refinement Complete might be considered good value. Good luck finding what you want.
Yamaha from late 70's and very early 80's. Especially receivers, amps, pre amps, tuners. No snob appeal now so they are especially a steal today. Internal components and engineering were world class.
I'm really surprised that no one mentioned that many fine turntables that some people are hawking here for under a grand. Such examples include the VPI hw-19 (and hw-19jr) and Linn Sondek lp12 rigs that in some cases are being offered complete with tonearm and phono cartridge for in the $700-$1500 range. Considering that the Linn Sondek turntable alone originally went for well over $1000 (maybe even $2000) and has spent (and maybe still does) much time in Stereophile's class A, there's no package deal out there that represents a better value in pure musical terms. Resale value is another matter alltogether, but if they were easy to sell then they wouldn't be so easy to buy, would they?

Another example of how used analog rigs (when accurately condition graded by reputable sellers) are such a steal: I originally paid about $1500 for my entry-level VPI HW-19jr turntable package ($600 for table+$300 for Audioquest tonearm+$600-700 for Benz Micro Glider phono cartridge) and a year later another $200 for a Cardas Hexlink 5c tonearm cable (on clearance).
Now I see my table being offered for as little as $500-700, in some cases including the VPI upgraded, 6 lb lead ring impregnated, acrylic turntable platter - for that same price! Some would argue that being able to find such a deal is the result of such a rig no longer representing a good sonic value given how far digital has come, but I think that's hogwash! There's no used player out there for $500-700+$300 phono preamp (except for possibly a used sony dvd/sacd player playing *certain* sacds) that can reproduce jazz and rock as well as my Vpi hw-19jr rig even as it currently stands! Classical music may be a different matter, but I would argue that most redbook players in that range, while offering cleaner highs in chamber and orchestra than my vpi, still have the same jitter and otherwise derived harshness or lack of harmonic structure that converted or caused many to stay with analog in the first place. Sure there are tube solutions, and ways of masking the limitations of 16/44, but these usually come at the price of losing depth and detail so they're only deceptively more refined musically. I can only imagine how much better an originally $4000-5000 mostly (or fully) maxed VPI or Linn rig now selling for under $1500 used would sound playing my classical vinyl compared to even my originally $4000 MSRP Linn Ikemi redbook player!

(Dang. Now why, on the eve of sending my Sony 9000es to a modder, did I have to go and walk myself through an argument leading to the conclusion that SACD is *not* the best value right now?)

I just bought a pair of Spica TC-60s ($350), an Adcom GFP-555 preamp ($100), and two Adcom GFA-5200 power amps ($100 each) and consider all of these world-class bargains. Bought a Mission 700as subwoofer five years ago for $150 and would similarly consider that a steal except that the amp died months later. Still, it's a superb sub for moderate-volume 2-channel listening and worth the $200 I've put into it for repairs. I expect all but the sub to hold their value well.
Are you referring to speakers only in the 70's?
I'm not sure what your asking?
Dalquist DQ-10
Quad ELS Speakers
Acoustat Model 2+2,s
Pyramid Met 7's
Vandersteen Model 2's
Spica 50's
Thanks for all the posts - I will definitely take these advices and hunt them down.

I have seem my amp the Sonic Frontiers SFS 80 go for about 1K, retail in its day, 2795. Had mine for about 12 yrars, only problem is that I had to change the fuse, along with the tubes. Excellent Tubey sound, tight bass, good imaging when properly matched
The best value is Phono Cartridges, for goor reason, they are very high risk. You have to trust people and their descriptions. I bought a Koetsu Rosewood Signature virtually new for $1500, but you have to be brave.
Secondly, cables of all sorts are cheap 2nd hand. Useful as the only way to test them is over time in your own system. Sell them on if you don't like them. I just bought an Audience power chord less than half price, not only great sound, but sorted a transformer hum in my integrated amp. Why it did, I don't know, just a nice bonus.
I think anything considered a classic is a value because you will never lose money and in fact some of the "classics" are appreciating.. example: Threshold 400a
Yamaha MX-1 or MX-2 power amplifier is must hear product on used market. Better than tube warmness with plenty of detail and power. These easily kick ass some high cost Krell amps.
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As Tvad suggests above, there are many components that represent good (or even exceptional) value on the used market.

I am currently building a small, relatively inexpensive system in my current home in Lisbon, Portugal, and am already very happy with my first two acquisitions: a Tandberg TR-1049P receiver (around $200 with recent service), and Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers (around $300 locally).

And yes, tweaks can be very important.