what happened to power cord review

Back on 6/17/01 there was a post by Lcat about doing a power cord shoot out. Does anyone know what the results were?. I've been waiting for the results to help me make an informed decision before i buy some power cords.
I read in some other thread that it never materialized. Although, we could be talking about two different groups trying to do shoot outs.

I cannot tell you what happened to the review but there have been plenty of powercord reviews.

I will give you some general characteristics of powercords and maybe that will help you decide what your system needs.
Realize that everybody is now making powercords because they have been hot for the last 3 years.

Mixing different brands of powercords is usually sonically more rewarding than using just one brand.

An odd thing about powercords is that the longer they are the better they sound but they get much too costly plus where would you stick all the excess?

Shunyata powersnakes have made a huge splash on the market for a company now only 3 years old. Caelin Gabreil the owner is fanatical about R&D and will never put a product on the market till he has extensively exhausted all possible avenues to make it as good as possible. That is why after 3 years no speaker cables nor interconnects although I have had many excellent prototypes here at the store.

The strength of the powersnakes is that I consider them from top to bottom the most consistent powercord. What I mean by that is that they will enhance what your system sounds like in every direction without changing it as dramatically as some other cables. Depending on what you are seeking that can be the perfect solution or not resolve what you seek at all. I consider the King Cobra V2 the best digital powercord although it has some tuff competition at less money.

The Synergistic powercords - Once you get beyond the Master coupler that softens the top end these are the KINGS of Transparency. Put a Designer reference on your digital and you will get information that you never knew existed, put the DR Square on an amp and lookout. Again this can be just what your system needs but if you already have tremendous transparency these are not the cords they can take your system over the top.

Audio Magic has recently had some very good reviews and these are the masters of delicacy and finesse with good speed. The Clairvoyant on digital can be intoxicating especially if your system is a touch harsh.

Electraglide - super fast and dynamic cables. The Fat Man is unbelieveable on amps giving them a very large full bodied sound. Beware putting too many in a system - - the full bodied sound overdone can make your system sound slow and fat - - audio is like everything in life all things in moderation. Too much of a good thing and the magic just goes away. All the Electraglide cables are impressive but the three standouts are the Referenceglide, the fat boy and the fat man.

Nordost El Dorado powercord is very fast but can be on the bright side. If your system is overly warm this might be the shot of performance that it needs.

There are many other powercords out on the market but i do not feel comfortable talking about the lines that I do not carry. I am constantly having companies send me powercords to evaluate since I have found that powercords have a larger overall effect on a system than any other cables. In actuality I would not have responded to this forum except that it looked like no one else was going to and I hope the information is helpful.
Well,since we no longer have the voting system I'll give you both my thumbs up for an excellent post; indeed !! Nothing like some "yahoo" telling you one cable does it all.
Could you comment a little more on which power chords are the best bang for the buck. I can't afford $500-1000 a pop upgrades but don't want to miss a really good chord at $250


Audiotomb, the Absolute Power Cord is pound for pound the undisputed king of power cords. Only $49.95 at www.gttgroup.com
Psychicanimal, thanks for recommending the Absolute power cord, which for $50 I ordered on faith.

Of my half dozen moderately priced PCs, the BMI Eel has been best in my system; haven't heard the Whale. But over the weekend I bought a used Sony SCD-777ES player and my Eel, which I brought along, was to my ears bested on the seller's system only by his more expensive Electraglide Fatboy.

Any other experiences with these and other PCs?

While it's only been a few days, I'm completely happy with the 777's SACD playback. For CD playback, I'm using an outboard Monarchy DAC but the 777 alone is very close. The only negative thing so far isn't the 777's long loading time but a 12 db or so drop in output compared to my Theta/Monarchy combo.
If you look at my previous postings on the Absolute PC you'll find the scientific explanation as to why it works.
I agree with Bill's explanation. It makes a lot of sense to me. No need to spend thousands...

Bill Parish is an extremely knowledgeable High End dealer and I trust him. He could have put a fancy outer sheath on his cord and charge a lot more. He chose not to.

I own three Absolute Power Cords. I am going to have the third one hardwired in my low output MC preamp per Bill's suggestion.

I like 'homemade' stuff. I am experimenting with Carol 16 ga silver plated OFC speaker wire I bought at a clearance in Home Depot ($10 for 25 ft!). I hardwired an Audio Control 502 EQ and it's sounding REALLY clear in my system. Read the scientific explanation and you'll understand why the Absolute beats the Voodoo...
I've ownedthe Shunyata Sidewinder, the Synergistic AC Master Coupler, and the Voodoo Mana, and the Voodoo is superior to the others in several ways on my system. What makes the Absolute better than these three? I tried the Absolute, but it just sounded like stock 12/3 SJO cord. What do you base your opinion on?
I decided to go with the Virtual Dynamics Power cord.
Apparently they have special pricing for the next few months to increase product familiarity in the marketplace.
I tried the Absolute as well, and like Recurb, I must say it sounded like stock.

Waiting for a couple of VD cords, see how those turn out.

Psychanimal, Norm Luttbeg loves the Absolute power cords as well and know his big thing in listening is leading edge and imagine this is your bias as well as the cords sure are not special here at all being bettered by the "Wonderful" cord from Parasound, the Asylum cord and all the aftermarket cords we had lying around......To each his own, but let's just say that your listening biases must be different than ours here.....Yes, I build power cords commercially, but getting really tired of seeing posts on the Absolute as I just don't think most will hear it as a bargain......

Bob Crump
Bob: From my experience "most" people are satisfied with the Absolute PC and I know a handful of people (personaly) who have replaced more expensive cords with it (in the $150-$500 price range). This of course does not say much for the $500 PC. I have three of the cords and have not experienced any of the faults (grain, etc.) that you noted in an earlier post on the subject and have used them in a variety of different setups and applications over the past eight months. If you tested a single unit, I would suggest picking up another for evaluation as there may be a QC problem with the one that was used. I would expect such fluctuations in something that "might" only cost $5 (including labor and transportation) to manufacture and which also has soldered connections. My take on the Absolute is that it has average bass response for PC's in the under $250 or so price range and that the HF's are a bit softer than the norm (not unlike the HT Pro 11 in this area). The midrange is open and clear. I do not use them in key area's (only because I have better cords for this), but feel that they still offer a lot of bang for the buck. I once tried them "solo" in my better setup (on the DAC, transport and amp/with volume pot) which is a good way to audition PC's if you happen to have enough of them to make the stretch. I have not yet, but may try the Asylum cord as I will soon need a couple of inexpensive matched PC's for a pair of phono preamps that I will run as dual mono's. I suspect that these 20+ year old phono preamps may be based on one of your designs (whether you got paid for it or not:-).
Bob: Sorry, I meant Jon Curl on the phono preamps (I get you guys mixed up).
I just purchased my 2nd CPCC Model 11, and the sound is wonderful. Blacker background, great bass dynamics, and more inner detail. I sold my synergistic master coupler, and I am now thinking of selling my Shunyata sidewinder gold and getting a 3rd CPCC 11 or even the next one up,
the top gun for about 500. At $280 for the Model 11, it is a very versital cord for amps and front-end gear. David Blair of CPCC is on to something. TAS golden ear awards.
Check it out. You won't be sorry!!!!
Dekay, a friend bought a couple of them and we did some listening right out of the box, with two weeks break-in and with six weeks break-in and both sounded alike and not to either my friend's or my liking, but to each his own....I think you would like the Asylum cord a bit better as it does stage and depth considerably better than the absolute as does the Parasound "Wonderful" cord that came with the HCA-3500.....The Wonderful cord was about $30 as I recall and the Asylum cord is $65 or thereabouts.....As I mentioned Norm liked the Absolute cord so well he replaced cords retailing for up to 2k with them, but think he has a different set of priorities.....My friend sold the Absolutes BTW....Oh, yes my partner, John Curl, has designed a number of phono stages in the past thirty years.....
I've been using Virtual Dynamics Power 2 cords for two weeks now, and greatly prefer them over the Absolute Power Cords. To be honest, I never heard much of a difference between the Absolute PCs and stock cords, but the VDs have really opened up the sound. Blacker background, more dynamic, and the soundstaging is astounding.

The three Power 2s are on my transport, DAC and preamp. I'm using an Acoustic Zen Tsunami on my amp. I plan on doing some switcheroos to see what, if any, the effects are. Initially, when I installed the AZ with the Absolutes it had a mellowing effect on the sound. Very pleasant. But swapping out the Absolutes for the VDs just brought everything to life. If you feel like trying the Virtual Dynamics, Rick has a 14 day trial policy. Good luck!

Dekay. Great to see you posting with regularity again!
I just received 2 Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cords today. Plugged one in (into one of my DIP's), WOW, instant improvement. Volume went up, noise went down, bass tightened. And that's brand new. I'm waiting until I get 'used to it' to plug the other one in (I think I'll put it in the pre first). The Absolute Cord is going to end up on my computer as soon as I get enough cords to replace all the stock ones, what a disappointment that was after all the hype.

That's great Killerpiglet! Instantly? Wow. Actually, I didn't like the Virtual Dynamics when I first installed them. They were rough and congested. But after burning them in for a couple weeks I was completely floored. The same improvements you noted. There must be something to Rick's approach about mechanical versus electrical correction.
Gunbei, I noticed the same thing as you... Grainy and congested in the highs at first.. After a few weeks they were liberated :) Very open and smooth now. Who needs a Power Plant with these cables????
Buck, it makes me wonder what improvements Rick's more expensive cables and cords might yield. Hmmm.
I was replacing a stock (computer type) cord so there was plenty of room for improvement. I'd imagine most of the improvement came from reduced RFI.
I would expect it/they will sound better over time. I'm glad to see that has been others' experiences. Which specific models have you gentlemen tried?
Something to look forward to.

How much are the VD PC's? I just picked up four more pieces of vintage tube gear and all of the power cords need to be replaced (I wouldn't plug a lamp in with these old cords). I will require an additional 9 or 10 PC's eventually for various projects, as all of the gear will be used either by us or by friends/family (time to start looking for 14/16 gage stock Belden's in the thrift shops:-).
Gunbei: I am sorry to hear that the Absolute's did not perform well in your setup (we know that Bob's rig is not up to task, hell I read somewhere that he uses welding equipment in it:-), but you have a nice system.
Hi Dekay!

From what I remember the prices for power cords are as follows:
Basic - $30
Power 3 - $50
Power 2 - $125
Power 1 - $200
Audition - $200
Reference - $375

These are the intro prices until he does the full launch, which may be in a few months. Rick has some ads on Audiogon right now. Check this out David:


You might want to give him a call. He'll explain what his approach to design and construction is. He's very enthusiastic and friendly. Here is a quote from one of his ads:

"DYNAMIC FILTERING is simply the best AC cleaning system and distortion removal device you will find. Audition Complete Cable Package will increase volume levels as well as deliver a ultra black backdrop to the sound stage. Instruments will start to fill your listening room with the lingering sounds of a live performance and newfound tonality will soothe your ears the sound stage will grow in size an transparency imaging is pinpoint accurate."

This pretty much somes up what I experienced, and that's with only three Power 2 cords. I don't know how changing power cords or cables can result in noticeably increased volume with blacker backgrounds, but that is exactly what I heard. When I spoke with Rick in December he never mentioned the Audition series, so I don't know where it fits into his overall product line. Even though I'm really enjoying my system right now, I'm curious as to what a full switch to Virtual Dynamics [oops, I almost typed VD] might yield.

I have the Audition on my Digital and the Power 3's on the rest. The Audition rules. Curious to hear if anybody compared the Audition to the Reference. Anybody???
I wondered about this shootout, too, but in the meantime learned a lot from Bob C et al about PCs, and then decided to make my own dedicated lines AND PCs from Belden 83802 (12AWG tinned 7x22 twisted pair and braided ground in Teflon only).
Bought 100' spool and a few ACME outlets and voila.
I'll get another 100' spool if anybody wants a few feet for DIY PCs and dedicated lines.
Only $2.50/ft + shipping. I'll be the goat and cut and pack this if you guys show enough interest. The improvement in my system compared to Romex and Harm Tech AC11 was quite noticeable: cleaner sound with better dynamics, especially at lower sound levels. Sweeter, yet no loss of detail. Hard to explain. Just can't justify megabucks for PCs, although I still chase too-expensive interconnects for flavoring....
Hey guys,
I have been looking for pc's the last few weeks. All the talk of these VIrtual Dynamics pc's got me interested. I just ordered a set of signatures. Should be here next weekend. I'll post the results when i get them.
Hey guys, another update :) Just ordered some Reference IC's, spkr cables and jumper cables from Rick. Will keep you posted on what they do to my mostly Cardas cabled system. All the best, Eric.
Hey! I just discovered that my name has been taken in vain! I must say that Bob has not grossly misrepresented me, however. I must add, however, that I think the Absolutes are greatly improved by cryogenic treatment. I would not state as absolutely as Bob would have me saying that the Absolute beats everything. I still use Omega Mikros on my phono, where I think Lloyd Walker is right that they work best. I have not heard the Eichmans, the Siltech Gen. 5, the Elrod ribbons, the Jena Labs, Bob's newest, or the Nordost Eldorados. I should also add that the Absolutes are being used down stream of two Sound Applications-one for digital.