What is Paypal charging you?

Paypal is presently charging me a 4.05% fee on transactions, up from 3.95% just yesterday. They keep bumping their percentage fee up on me - it started out at 2.9%.

Unfortunately, the fine print gives them the right to charge whatever they want, so my only recourse is to stop using them.

Just curious - what are the rest of ya'll getting charged?
They are charging me .029% plus .30 cents on each transaction which puts it well over 4%.For instance A Total including shipping of $10 x .029=.29 cents plus .30 per transaction= .59 cents which is .059% of $10 total....A $20 Total charge= .044%,A $100 total=.032%.So it depends on Total amount as to % charged.My rate has been unchanged for some time.Most here including myself charge .029 or .03% for using Paypal and are losing $ on smaller sales.If you are selling on Ebay and add in ALL of their charges plus Paypal, expenses get really high[Total around $2.25 for selling a $15 Cd or Dvd].Hope this helps.JD
I like the way paypal works, but I only use bank accts. (no cc) to pay or recieve payment and it's free!
If you go with the basic membership, and cash only, you dont get charged. It's the upgraded levels and the credit card transactions where you get dinged.

That is the only way around the fee, which they must be
able to change without notice.
Then why do some sellers here on A'gon charge 3% without the disclaimer that it only applies if you use CCs?
(Please notice that I wrote, "some.")
Paypal eChecks take a few days, but flat fee of $5!! Big savings on big ticket items like Soundlabs.
That disclaimer would only need to apply if the seller has a PayPal Personal account. If they have an upgraded account, they see the fee even if no CC is involved.
I'm a Paypal Verified Premier member for years and get charged for every Transaction.Over a hundred in the last few weeks.Also,I can't tell where the funds come from when paid.[Bank or CC].I prefer money orders[Saves me $$'s] but 99% of my customers use Paypal.JD
Drubin is absolutely right. When you have upgraded account they will charge the same. It doesn't matter cash/credit card.
And note that you can end up with an upgraded account without even knowing it. I thought I just had a personal account but I have something else and am charged 3% plus 30 cents on any and every transaction. Anybody know how you can "downgrade" your account once they've upgraded it?
They suck, dont' use them. It's not a matter of if you will get shafted by them (paypal), but a matter of when.

Speaking from experience, to the tune of $500+

Log on to your account, then click on,"help" @ the top right corner.

Under catagories click on, "Getting started",
Click on, Premeir & Business,
Scroll down the column of questions in the right hand column untill you see,"Can I downgrade my account?" it's
near the bottom of the list of questions.

And then just follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page.

P.S. With the personel account,(basic), you are limited to
Transactions of $1,000. or less. So with sales above that you, or your buyer's, will have to divide the $ into two or more payments depending on the amount.
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Could you maintain two accounts, one for free transactions and the other for when credit cards or higher limits are involved?
Not only that some of us may find paypal fees a little high but speaking to their customer service reps is totally useless. I for once was so rudely treated and had my account locked up for quite some time just because CSR supervisor decided to "punish" me for my transaction error. Paypal should revise their customer service attidutes and conduct business better.
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Wow Elizabeth, it's really nice of your comments. FYI I've been a Paypal member for 5 years and been through like a few hundred transactions. Sure not all are perfect to the way we wanted it to be but there's always one bad transaction that some folks like to voice out.

Secondly I am a registered Audiogon member with all nice transaction feedbacks. Should you bother to know more? Not neccessarily to let you know right? So what if Paypal read my true ID here and retaliate me as I'm currently an active member (some money holding in paypal). Hey, they did it once. Think I got better things to do.

Lastly I work 2 jobs as a customer service rep for 15 years, enough experience to deal with all sort of irrate customers day in day out. Always been trained to help customers out no matter what.
their customer service is just plain non-existent. You can't email them, they don't publish their phone numbers, .. in short, they suck out loud. Anyone who hasn't gotten screwed yet is living in a state of denial. It WILL happen, and you will change your tune once it does. I'd love to see them get sued/go bankrupt/get legistlated out of existence.

If we had a decent banking system in the USA, intstantaneous inter-bank transfers from account to account could easily happen, done directly by consumers at no cost. This would hopefully put scumbags like paypal out of existence immediately. Look at Europe's bank system as an example - they have had this ability for years. Our bank system sucks and is a joke by comparison.

Golly, lcklcc, if you are a registered member, why then aren't you posting under your member ID instead of an email address?
Ed sawyer... Where have you been looking? PayPal DOES publish their customer service number right on their web site under HELP. 1-888-221-1161.
Hmm. that's new. It used to be they published nothing of their phone #. Must have gotten too many people complaining. I gave up on them over a year ago - good riddance. I bet they still don't let you email them directly, must go through their inane useless webforms...

Go to HELP...The number is indeed posted. They have been very helpful with all my questions.