Where is Cary Audio?

I know Cary Audio is not the flavor of the month these days, but where are the current systems w/ Cary Audio gear?

Their products have stood still since DJH retired, but heck their amps and cdp should show up in vintage systems like other high-end brands. I’ve always had a fondness for their amps and cdp’s having owned 3 of their entry products in the past. I periodically look on ebay to see what might show up in my budget, but it seems like they’ve vanished off the face of the earth.

I'm just wondering.
I've had a pair of Cary SLM-100 amps, in my system, since the late 90's.    WBT RCAs and 5 ways, HEXFREDs, Vishay metal film resistors (all that- very early on), Duelund cast PIO/Cu coupling caps, Clarity Cap CSAs in B+ circuit and, of course, every other capacitor in both amps has been replaced or upgraded, over the past few years.     With the tubes I've chosen (NOS GE and Sylvania 6550s, and lately: Gold Lion KT88, Russkie re-pops, usually: bottom-gettered Tung-Sol Round Plates, Ken-Rad and Sylvania 6SN7 types): I've never had a bit of the distortion and colorations, that those ignorant of the clarity/purity tube amps can produce complain about.     Synergistic Tesla Apex for signal and Zu Mother PCs (finally) were the icing on the cake.      No intention of ever parting with them.                                                                                                         I can think of two reasons for there not being a lot of them for sale; Cary was never a huge company and those that own them feel as I do about mine.
I totally agree with you Rodman. I have an early hybrid 2300A. About 80WPC. Great sounding amp. I worked at a local shop and we were a dealer. There are so many Cary products I'd love to find. I had one of their modified Phillips CD decks, essentially they reworked the output section, great sounding piece. I hope one day to add the 100's and or an SLI 80. 
@doyle3433-    I owned a Cary Rocket 88, before the 100s.    Bought the 100s, based on the Rocket's sound signature.    My only regret is that mine aren't the SLAM-100s.     I just love having lots of headroom.       When I wanted to upgrade from my California Audio Labs Delta/Alpha 24/96 CD pieces (hated it, when they sold out), I was seriously considering the Cary CD303/300.     Found a practically NOS, BAT VK-D5 and bought it, only because it uses the 6922 and I'm especially fond of the early Siemens CCa (no regrets there, either).         YEP: Dennis designed some great stuff!      Enjoy your journey and hope you find your amps!
Currently using and keeping a Cary SLP-05 preamp. It has a very special sound that gets the most out of your amplifier and speakers.
The SLP 98L preamp is also excellent.  
I tried the solid state power amp SA 200.2 but it wasnt for me.
The SLP-05 has given my system the best sound I have ever heard.
Playing my Cary SLP-98 upgraded preamp with other mono amps at least 2-3 times a week.  Regretfully resold all of my Cary prior amps (SLI-80, CAD 280SA-V12R, SA-200.2ES) to try other local builders. The preamp matches well with many other amps I've found.

@mjcmt  if you feel passionate about it, send a note or call in to owner Billy Wright of Cary Audio.  With dealers closing they chose the route of also offering a competing direct-to-consumer Web Store, and moved to online using Facebook, Instagram and others for collaboration. Hard to say how well that's worked for their dealer network.  Might be good for them to hear from you, and let the know your thoughts or concerns. Best of Luck.
I had been a big Cary fan but moved on.  They seem to have stagnated since DH left.

I had the SLP 98 then 05.

I also had the Cary 306/200, then 306 SACD.

Also had the big bad 211FE monoblocks.

My brother now has the 211FE so we still have some Cary left in the family.

I would like the 805AE some day.
My main amps for the past 20 years have been Cary 805's (two of them) and a VAC 70/70 (dual mono blocks on a single chassis), quad-amped into Cabasse Baltic-Stromboli speakers (VACs driving the Stromboli subwoofers, Carys driving the Baltic three-ways)  I love both Cary and VAC, and have been a big Cary fan for as long as I've owned them.  Given that all four amps are 300b tubed, the overall sound has that gorgeous warm lushness you'd expect and that you can listen to for hours on end without any hint of fatigue (and a total of 240 watts driving the speakers when you want them loud).

I don't know much about all the recent product line, but I do know that the company is very responsive and great to work with.  If you're worried about a recent degradation in the product line, keep you eye out for the older pieces. Cary is happy to refurbish them to as-new quality if they need it.  The only challenge is....  they're great products and those of us lucky enough to own them generally aren't willing to give them up.

Had Cary Audio sl 80 signature for 3 years. And it was upgraded to F1 signature. Amazing integrated amp and a tube rollers dream. Or should I say, a great entree into the possibilities  of how tubes influence the signature sound. I just sold it, but for the money, it was one of the best decisions I  made in my journey for getting closer to "live sound". 
If it was a good piece why should they get rid of it i would not relinquish a good piece especially the twenty five year old cary stuff.
If you look at their product lineup the best gear is still the one's designed by Dennis Had. Also if you search on line the affordable AES/six pack tube amps. The biggest disaster Cary ran into was getting into Home Theater. The processor was a disaster. Countless HDMI problems. It really hurt their reputation. At least they got smart and exited HT.
Still have my SLI-50, which I bought new in the 90’s.

Can’t seem to part with it. Have gone through many tubes over the years, countless hours of use. Did a full recap recently using better quality caps, replaced power/selector switches. Works like a charm!

Only regret is having traded in my Counterpoint 5.1 and MC240 to get it. Should have kept those… 

Electronic Audio Supply, Cary's sister company and personal project of DH made some fine budget gear too.
...this is my first response or comment, ever to this forum...

I have three systems in house, two of which have Cary  products which handle the digital end:

A 306/200 CD Player


A DMS-500 DAC/Network player

I am not inclined to part ways with them, only upgrade...to better Cary units in their respective processes, a 306 SACD (or Pro), which is hard to find, and the new DMS 700, which I will continue to save for.
Whichever I get first the "old" will be moved to that system, which presently has the Sony HAP  Z1ES, which I am inclined to retain as well.

The sound relayed by the Cary units is, fantastic, and their interface to operation is straightforward and easy. I am relatively surprised at the lack of following/mention within various postings on Audiogon, but that's ok...it seems I am not that alone in the love of Cary products designed to continue to entertain our quest for better sound in our systems, further supported by people's unwillingness to also give them up.

Thank you for listening...

(Audio Shifting and Drifting, as to Rush, Red Barchetta)

@audiosd-    Welcome to the forum.     Hope you can see through the endemic, inane arguments.       Their are many informed/experienced here and much valuable info to glean, if you can bear it.        Enjoy the journey!  
@luxmancl38, "was getting into Home Theater. The processor was a disaster".

Very true. Same occurred with B&K Components following the integrated HT trend at that time, and it put them out of business. Could not recover. The industry and platform was constantly changing at the time, unable to keep up, Dobly Pro Logic, then Dolby Digital, then 7.2, 9.2, blah....software and firmware glitches, not their core competency. It sounded pretty good though for what it was at the time.  Reflecting back, a big 2.2 ch system was better even for home theater.  

In the past 4-5 years there have been some others good designers within Cary who came up with some nice components not doing too bad, like the SLI-100 KT150 amp. A colleague worked on that design project. I would like to demo the newer CAD-805RS monos some day to see how good they might be in comparison to some of my other mono amps.