Where to put your best power cable?

If you had power cables of varying quality that were large guage and the amplifier was plugged directly into the wall socket and components into the power distributor, would you put  the best one on the source, amplifier or the power distribution unit? 


I would try it both ways and let your ears decide. No way without listening is anyone here going to know. Probably best keeping your amp plugged directly to the wall and not your power distributor. Depending on what you PD is, you might try your other components direct to the wall as well. If you have say a PS Audio Power Plant then I would suggest the amp first, but even a PS Audio unit benefits with a quality cord. Fact is power cords do make a difference if your system is revealing or to that level.

Us it on your Power amp to wall, dedicated line if possible. I learn that on my own system.

put it on the power distribution unit and buy cables that are OCC single Crystal copper which is the best wire for audio proven now for over 50 years.

Your results will vary depending on your components, the AC within your area, and your home wiring. I wish one answer would be correct but as you can see from the above comments results vary and you should experiment to see what works best in your situation.

There is no pattern, it depends on many things.

I used to have my best pc on power amp but now it is connected to the power distributor. And that after swapping pc's in the system. 

You have to experiment and be patient.

Those who I trust emphatically say source first. Of course, when I finally jumped into the higher ended power cord fray, ta da, I got them for my mono amps first. Then preamp, then sources. The exact opposite of what is recommended…..so….don’t listen to me 😁

Several posts above state "where the PC makes the most difference" - which is the best approach

This can be the source or the main amp

  • many amps tend to have a heavy duty transformer/power supply, so adding a good power cables may not make too much difference
    • the better the power supply then a significantly better power cables will be required in order to hear a difference
  • many sources have a crappy litle power supply, so adding a good power cdables will improve things significantly
    • in this case a lower quality power cables will make a noticeable improvement
  • and of course the reverse may also be true

So figure out the quality of the power supplies in your gear and make an educated assessment

Take a look at Zavfino power cables, they are extremely good


Regards - Steve

@williewonka Do you have a recommendation on which Zavfino option is best for a source like a streamer?

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@christianb5s4 ...

The FINA as suggested by @lak is a good option

But for a few bucks more, I would go for the MAJESTIC, simply becasue I could try/use it on any other component, like the amp, to see how it responds.

Personally...I like all my power cables the same gauge, so I don’t have to remember which cable is what gauge

But if you want to save the money, then the FINA would also be my suggestion

I would not go for the ATLANTIC because it is OFC, which is not quite as dynamic as OCC - but it is a very good entry level cable.

Regards - Steve


Thanks Steve and lak. I'd be willing to give it a shot, it's for my streamer (Lumin U1 w/ X1 PSU) and the other cable I've shortlisted is the Shunyata Venom v14NR.

I have found that sometimes the 14 gauge will sound a bit better on front-end components as opposed to a larger gauge wire.


I have found that sometimes the 14 gauge will sound a bit better on front-end components as opposed to a larger gauge wire.

This is may be due to variations in the materials and geometry used in each of the cables - for example

  • the insulations may be thicker on heavier gauage wires
    • the spacing of the wires will then be different
    • this could impact very slightly on clarity and details
  • Type of insulation may vary
    • this could also impact clarity and details
  • type of connectors may vary
    • On the IEC end - there may be differences in the amount of grip applied - affecting dynamics
    • On the mains end - the flatness of the pins could also impact dynamic perofrmance

I have made cables that are identical in most respects (connectors, insulations and geometry), the only difference being the gauge of the wire used for the live conductor and found no difference between the sound quality of either cable when used on source components

I think it would also depend very much on the components the cable is being used on and the brand of the cable - a word used often here - Synergy!

But I think there is no real hard and fast rule here - it really depends on the differences in the design and implementation of the cables in question and the component it is connected too.

Sorry to muddy the waters - but when it comes to cables, different brands can vary their construction approach considerably between product lines - in this case, the cables gauge.

Perhaps a question about these cables on the Zavfino thread might provide a better insight

Regards - Steve