Which amp would you go with

Ok the room is 13 ft wide.  Listening area is 10ft from speakers 2 ch system. The floorstanders I will be running are Tannoy XT6F.  The source is Oppo 105 as preamp.  Pretty simple setup.  The only thing not purchased yet is Amp and/or sub (if needed).  Around $1000 give or take is the budget. The short list in order of preference is.

https://www.arcam.co.uk/products,HDA,Integrated-Amplifier,SA20.htmI think this will pair best with the Tannoys and Oppo
https://www.rega.co.uk/elex-r.htmlI think this is probably the most regarded on the list.  Most expensive too

https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=VISV500Great reviews, but Im a bit skeptical and would need some persuading from someone who owns this.

and the fallback option


The Musical Fidelity.
Or a Croft Integrated. There's a non- phono version too. Upgrade it's tube(s) to Telefunkens and have an almost "Shindo-level" amp.
The Arcam has both phono and digital inputs. Do you need those?

The Rega has Phono only I believe, no digital.

The Vincent is a hybrid design having a tube preamp stage and has digital input which is stated as for CD playback. Not sure the entire meaning of that, other than likely PCM only. I once owned the Vincent SV 226 hybrid and thought it to be great. Wish I never sold it. The SV500 has the lowest wattage rating at 50wpc. AA does have a return policy.

I believe the Music Fidelity is line level only providing neither phono or digital inputs. The price as offered by Upscale makes it a good deal. Seems to be a very robust amp for the price. 

It comes down to what features you need and how each best interacts with your speakers to provide the experience you wish for. All are reasonable options.
Thank you for the replys.   I dont need phono or digital outs or a DAC. The Musical Fidelity has everything needed at this time and Is the smart buy.
The others are perceived upgrades, particularly the Arcam in its pairing with the XT6F according to others.
The Vincent has the lowest power rating but its hybrid tube/SS design  should allow lower power usage to get the same volume so I thought the 50w would be plenty for the 90db sensitivity of the Tannoys.  I might be wrong there and Id prefer to pair a British amp with these speakers.  The Vincents dont get a lot a coverage but the people that have them love them.   The gentleman I purchased the Oppo from recommended Vincent but I dont know exactly what he was running in his system.
I will also look into the Croft Integrated.

The smart buy is an integrated. Variable out is no substitute for a pre-amp. Separates make no sense below the mega-buck cost no object level. Which you ain't. No purchase is forever. A separate power amp ties you into a weak position by limiting future options. The right integrated will sound better now, and pay big dividends later when you go to upgrade. Which you will.
I had the Musical Fidelity M3 which is basically the
M2si and it's a fine amp. The build quality on it is
excellent and it's more powerful than the numbers
would suggest. 
Well I am going to have to chime in on this one as I have the Vincent SV-500.

I have had it for about a little over half a year so far and love it. Connected to Martin Logan Motion 40’s and since they are 4 ohm speakers, the Vincent (according to their specs) should be pushing close to 80 wpc. Also connected to it is a Questyle DAC CMA 400i, Denon Universal Bluray Player for CD playback and a Denon dpf-300 TT with a SimAudio 110lp v2, Denon Cassette Deck.

All I can say is that I am loving everything. When I first got it I was afraid it would not have enough power for Logan’s but wow, I do not even need to turn up the volume very high to get good music to my ears.

I really wanted the big brother, SV-237MK but it was out of my budget and so took a chance on the SV-500.

I recently added a Isotek Evo3 Sirius Conditioner and High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 to the system plus Audioquest Power Cables to the Vincent and Dac. I feel it has definitely added some impact overall, deeper bass and bigger sound-stage (holy crap, am I talking audiophile language now, haha).

Anyways, I can vouch for this Integrated but I am sure the other one’s you are considering are awesome too. I do not feel the need to do any tube rolling as I am quite content with my setup so far.

The only other thing I want to upgrade eventually is my TT and upgrade to a dedicated CD Player or Transport.

So that has been my experience.
If you're open to second hand, consider a Vincent SV 237 (not the MK).  I picked one up recently for just a little over $1K and am very happy with it. Other integrateds I've owned include the Peachtree Grand X1, Peachtree Nova 300, Heed Elixir, and Audio Research VSi55. Only the ARC is as good in terms of sound quality. 
I just recently acquired an Arcam sr250 which I believe has a very similar if not the same internal amplifier as the SA20 integrated. It does a great job with my Revel F208 towers. The class G Arcams are heavily class A weighted (the first 20 watts on my SR250) and its apparent. 

I have never heard Rega or Vincent amps but I love my Rega turntable and I previously had a Vincent phono stage that was great for the price point. The Vincent phono stage sounded and felt like it should have been much more expensive. 

Just my two cents. Good luck on your quest!
I heard the Musical Fidelity with some Focal speakers (1028 BE and Aria 948’s) a few years ago and it had a decent punch. I almost purchased it but the dealer here at the time was let’s say not impressive. I would consider that integrated with my setup had I not gone with separates. 
Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3. Huge power headroom and detail. Best $1000 amp and reviews support this. 
I would save up your money for a few years and wait.  $1,000 certainly will not buy you much.  
I would save up your money for a few years and wait.  $1,000 certainly will not buy you much.  
Among those choices, for sure, Arcam. Love their amp signature, closest I've heard to Ayre.


mesch said it best

If I were in your position, preferred Brit and didn't want to overspend moving "up the ladder", I'd jump on the Creek M2si from Upscale. If there is a better value I am ignorant.
If you have floor space a coupla Dayton SUB-1000s, stategically placed would get your room pretty flat to 30Hz. Either with mucho work or DSP. You are down 6dB @38Hz now. There is a lot of music down there.
Add a pair of Morrow cables and you are hitting your $1000.
Good luck.
I gotta enjoy blooming bliss now. After 45 years of trying I've hit Nirvana with my "~$5000 plus a FPGA" system. You CAN get there from here.

Or you can go way over budget for features you don't need.
Given that every music track has an optimum listening volume level, the M2si will push those Tannoys past it every time.
BTW my 1976 10" cabinet style speakers go 28-30k Hz ±6dB anechoic.
Close to that in my room checked with a Loftech and a UMIK-1.
I paid $240 for them. They have contact paper boxes and every centavo went into the SQ.
They feature tweeters like Wilson used in the first WAMM circa ’82.
They still sound great in my AV system with only one pair of foam surround replacements.

Buy only what you need, spend only what you have to and have fun.

Not familiar with your Speakers, but I set up a Vincent SV-500 for my eldest Brother. Sounds very nice. I personally own a number of Vincent Components and most Punch way above their Price Point.
Thanks for all the responses.  I have not purchased yet but I plan on buying the Musical Fidelity M2si from Upscale.  The Vincents are something I will probably keep my eye on.  Everyone that has them loves them.  The Arcam SA 20 would probably match or even exceed the M2si but not at the price difference.
@fuzztone.  Agree on adding a  sub.  What Morrow cable do you recommend?
I have a Vincent in my office setup     A really good unit and cost effective.  Surprisingly the 50 watts are plenty in my 13 by 16 office.  My main system has monoblocks at 500wpc  so I like power but in that room size the Vincent integrated sounds really good and the hybrid design warms things up just a touch, speakers in the office are custom made VanLs and in the office I primarily stream tidal.