Who is the sexiest female vocalist?

Who has the most sultry voice? Who is oral Viagra? Who captures passion and sexual energy best?
Yes, Diana Krall, but I gotta admit I've always had this "thing" for Stevie Nicks...
Stevie even overweight is a good choice but Jennifer Warnes-
the Hunter is the one.
Hi Dds_hifi; Nice thread. I would agree with Diana Krall for today, but from some years ago, I would nominate Roberta Flack singing "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"-- this song leaves me nearly breathless-- and it's over 5 minutes long. It's on the Atlantic label, and titled "Softly with these Songs, the Best of Roberta Flack".

Shirley Horn, "Ultimate" on the Verve label is easily one of the best also, and IMO has the best and purest voice of these three. Ms Horn was nominated by Diana Krall to be one of the Ultimate jazz artists. Cheers. Craig
I think Margo Timmons of the Cowboy Junkies has a sultry voice, but Christy Barron singing "This Must be Love" off the Steppin CD always turns my wife on which turns ME on!
My picks:

Betty Roche on the Bethlehem Records release of Porgy and Bess. Especially on the song "Summertime".

Diana Krall "Love Songs" (already mentioned by Mgl23)

While I don't care much for her stuff, Julie London could give a 90 year old man a rise on some of her songs.

Hmm, I'm sure there's others. I'd better get back to the "Honey Do list" ...
presuming that sexual orientation or reputation are not criteria, my choices for this category are annie difranco and sinead o'connor (esp. "sacrifice" from two rooms). among those now gone sirens, it would be hard to exclude edith piaf. -kelly
I have been into the high-end...esp. with Jazz and female vocals since 1969. Believe it's best to share several and, hopefully, you will have a chance to try some...and form your own likes.
1. Helen Merrill..esp. "You'd be so nice to come home to"
2. Rosanne Cash...esp. "Somewhere in the Stars".
3. Julia Fordham...esp. Her 1st 3 CD's
4. Sarah Vaughn...almost anything.
5. Billie Holiday..."Songs for Distingue Lovers".
6. Shirley Horn...the last 3 or 4 releases.
And,..Rosie Clooney, Ms. Krall, Ella F., Valerie Carter, most any female doing the songs of Cole Porter or Johnny Mercer...and others..see the above posts...or the ones to follow.
As a closing,,,..I think that female vocals and Jazz lead where you want to go.
P.S. ..did I mention June Christy?
I saw Bonnie Raitt last summer at Jones Beach, Long Island, N.Y.. The sun setting over the ocean behind the stage, singing "I Can't Make You Love Me", I was hooked.
Nico. Call me strange but she does it for me. Also Chan Marshall from 'cat power.' definitely call me strange. WAIT! What was I thinking: Milla Jovovich! from 'The Divine Comedy' - gawd!
Kate Bush, Jennifer Warnes, and maybe not sexy, but makes me crazy-happy due to her spirit, Bjork.
albertporter, agreed on kate bush. man, my list keeps growing. i love 'em all. dont want to hijack this thread but i wonder who heterosexual men would list as male vocalist 'aural viagra.'
(01). Toni Braxton (I got all three of her CD's..... Damn...... I am sorry she recently got married..... No, in fact, I'M HEARTBROKEN).

(02). The long haired babe who singed vocals for Fleetwood Mac.

(03). Sheena Easton.


(04). Olivia Newton John (back in her heyday).

Enough said......

Kubla, by chance I picked an old record of Frankie Boy last night and man, what a voice--so my vote for male Viagra goes to Sinatra....female...Betty Holiday and that by a margin. Cheers to all,
Sinatra? i gotta agree with you there detlof and add tom waits. but let's keep this under out hats.
SHHH Kubla, right...defenitely Tom Waits as well....how could I have forgotten...Bwana was not there....Big cheers to you!PSSSSS
These are all good choices and I have most of them. Of course, Lucinda Williams breaths sexy......one of the summer cottagers here in Malagash gave me some old vinyl left over from a yard sale.....among the scratched, worn albums was a copy of Jo Stafford....I cleaned it and put it on. Then I had to play it again....as much as I love the modern day jazz divas, Jo showed how to make herself an extension of whatever she was singing...style, grace, talent...I was awed....the same way when I heard a Patsy Cline album for the first time....makes you feel very humble in their presence.....cheers, Bluenose
i'm surprised no one mentioned rebecca pidgeon. i also have to agree with the cowboy junkies.
Speaking of Sirens... In "oh Brother Where Art Thou" the trio by Allison Kraus is pretty amazing. I havn't bought her albums yet- but it was really very very sexy. and I managed to get the perfect speakers for a sexy woman's voice.. AP Virgos. (Thats what actually sold me on them!)
My vote goes to Nina Simone, she can sing it all, the blues, jazz, broadway, pop and folk. She has a deep catalog of lps and cds to choose from.
I think everyone's forgot Holly Cole's "Temptation". Charles was right with Toni Braxton and if you've never heard Ella Fitzgerald (The Best of the Song Books-yellow)
sing "Bewitched,Bothered, and Bewildered"...there are others, but I think I'll play Ella right now.
Kelly Flint. I love her voice and she's a dead ringer for my wife, the sexiest women I know!
I dont know if you meant Shelby Flint, but you made me think of her. And, maybe more of that seductive quality in the voice, in line with the focus of this thread, her sister Allison Moorer.

I can think of lots of others but I'm just plugging away here for the C&W gang (all 4 of us).
No Paulwp, Kelly from Dave's True Story. Talk about the dumbest name for a band!
Oh good, Jadem. Shelby's a good singer, but her sister's voice is more in keeping with the subject of this thread. I dont know about any of these new bands (ie, the last 20 years or so).
Carley Simon. I don't know why, the looks, the voice. She just does it for me. Doug
Stevie Nicks is the longer haired blonde with Fleetwood Mac (re: Chaskell above). BTW: Her new solo release "Trouble In Shangrila" is a must-have for Stevie fans.
Also Chrissy Hynde of Pretenders fame - what a voice, mmmmm!
Bob_bundus, when I think of sexy vocals I can never forget Chrissy Hynde tellin us how she will use her arms, her legs, her fingers....and her imagination to..........well you know. What a voice! What was the name of that song???????
Bob, you are a prince. I had it on vinyl, but no turntable now. I too love the early Stevie Nicks, but I feel she has lost a little something with age. Maybe I am too picky.
Lately I have been listening to Rebecca Pidgeon and Patty Larkin, but more for their music then their sexuality.
Has anybody heard of Christy Baron? I read a review that her last album "Steppin" was just way too sexy.
So, a few hundred dollars later and I'm half way through the list of recommendations. Thanks very much! I've bought CD's from roughly half of the artists recommended above. So far, here is my list of favorites:

1) Diana Krall - yes, she's not classical jazz, but she is classically sexy. And, her CD covers are enjoyable to look at. I'm a fan.

2) Eva Cassidy - I just found out she died in 1997. How sad. She really had great voice. I'm going to buy all of her CD's.

3) Sara K - You need to be in the right mood for her, but if you are she'll get the juices flowing. And, Chesky does a great job of recording. They sound great on my Harbeths.

4) Jennifer Warnes - Another great one. At times, she sounds a lot like Linda Ronstadt (sp?) without the cocaine and Gov. Brown, which is a good thing on all three accounts. I'll get all her CD's.

5) Beth Orton (sp?) from the best female CD thread - Two tracks from her Central Reservation CD are terrifically sensual. She's a keeper.

6) Sade - Yes, I know, it's polarizing, but her Love Rock CD is definitely a CD for a romantic evening. If this can't facilitate ... well, you know, what ever you hoping for ... nothing can.

7) Christy Baron - Another good one from Chesky, I'm quickly collecting every CD he's recorded.

I also bought Holly Cole's Temptation CD. I love her voice, although some of the strung out lyrics didn't work for me. So, I'm going to try another album.

And, yes Stevie Nicks and Chrissy Hynde have to be a heart throbber for any young boy growing up in the 70's...

I'm still looking for more recommendations, so if you have anything, recommend away, I'm buying.

Thanks to everyone. This has been great fun!
Eva Cassidy: Do not buy "No Boundaries" I'd read in this forum it was not an approved release by the family. I accidently picked it up instead of the ones recommended and almost immediately threw it out the car window. I am so turned off I don't think I'll be able to buy another one (I'll get over it).

Holly Cole: "Don't Smoke in Bed" is a keeper but her latest one has her doing the Betty Boop thing, a turn off for me.

Can you comment how Christy Baron sounds? I can't get any of her stuff up here in Canada and would appreciate your comments before I order it.

Thank you,

Coincidently, I was just listening to the Christy Baron CD, Steppin. I like it. She sounds a little like Sara K. (also Chesky), but with more attitude. She takes some typical cover songs (e.g. "Thieves in the Temple," "This Must Be Love") and makes them pretty sultry. The only thing that is a little funky is the recording itself, and this may not bother you ... I got over once I stopped listening for it. But, unlike a lot of Chesky material, some of the songs were edited in a way that shifts instruments from the right to left channel - as if the instrument is flying across the room. I'm not a big fan of this type of manipulation (other than 60's rock where it sort of fits the larger motif), but I got over it. In fact, I just popped the CD back into the player and I really do like it. She is sultry!